25 May, 2010

24: Series Finale - 14:00 to 15:00

current song: I Like by Keri Hilson

coolest scene = Pillar stitching Jack's gut wound while Jack points gun to his head. rewind.

Taylor = hot. orders Dalia around. that's right Dalia... listen to the most powerful leader in the world. Taylor: if you don't sign the accord... I'll disclose that your country planned to detonate a radioactive device in my country... I will be forced to retaliate w/ the full force of the American peacekeepers... your country will not recover for decades. love our peacekeepers.

Chloe = hot. packin’ gun. too bad she wore jacket to cover up her nerdy, yet kinda sexy, chiffon outfit.

most touching scene = Chloe and Jack. Jack: what are you doin' here? Chloe: you're my friend. awwww. rewind. he then choke holds her... renders her unconscious... handcuffs her to railing.

coolest extra = none.

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