18 May, 2010

24 (Day 8) - 13:00 to 14:00

current song: Propane Nightmares by Pendulum

rewind last hour's recap of Russian operatives killed in department store several times.

rewind shot of Pavel's guts on floor several times.

hottest extra = press secretary announcing Logan's involvement w/ peace treaty.

coolest scene = Jack capturing Logan. Logan's vehicle enters tunnel... Jack starts shooting... all vehicles come to a stop. fear in Logan's eyes. he's like: that's Jack Bauer... he's comin' after me! secret service (SS) dude: don't worry sir... this vehicle's bulletproof. Jack already took out 2 SS men... 1 SS in driver seat. Jack shoots windshield 4x. he then kicks windshield... puts tear gas through narrow opening... covers opening w/ kick ass boot. Logan exits vehicle. rewind several times. how could the SS fail? Logan then sings like a bird... names names. not shown... but Jack kills several Russian higher ups at the UN.

coolest extras = people running out of tunnel.

Chloe = hot. still wearin' her chiffon... still tyrin' to help Jack.

Joe Moore's like: we've got cover ups covering cover ups covering cover ups.

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