11 May, 2010

24 (Day 8) - 12:00 to 13:00

current song: Watercolour by Pendulum

recap... Jack shoots Walsh... not once... but twice. rewind.

Chloe = hot. still wearin' her chiffon. kinda hot... kinda sexy. she questions Pillar. hot. Pillar bad mouths Jack. Chloe angry. kinda cute. Chloe gets Arlo to help her. thought he'd rat her out. nope. Chloe figures out Pillar and his hot assistant in on the cover up. when are you comin' to Hawaii Mary Lynn?... when are we gonna get our tan on?

blond hottie Meredith Reed makes another appearance. hot. Jack calls her... says he has conspiracy evidence. he's like: I helped clear your name... I need your help to clear my name. he uses her as bait.

coolest extras = Russian operatives at department store.

coolest killings = Russian operatives at department store. Pillar and his hot assistant watched everything from security cameras. scene reminded me of Bourne Ultimatum. rewind several times.

coolest scene = Jack torturing Pavel. Pavel: I killed your bitch. Jack goes off. punches Pavel like crayzay. Pavel won't talk... won't give names... spits in Jack's face. Pavel has cuts in his torso... Jack shoots some liquid into wounds... Pavel screams in pain. Pavel still not talkin'. Jack then blow torches Pavel's skin. still not talkin'. rewind several times.

Jack's like: damn... this isn't workin'. he notices Pavel's phone doesn't have SIM card. Pavel swallowed it. Jack guts him... finds SIM card. I'm thinkin': how can it work after being exposed to bodily fluids?

SIM card ok... phone works... Jack reaches Logan's office.

KHON anchor Joe Moore: doctor Bauer has left the building after completing surgery.

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