01 January, 2010

Rose Bowl: #8 Ohio State 26 - #7 Oregon 17

current song: Celebration by Madonna

as far as watching Ohio State... I only looked forward to the band playing script Ohio... w/ band leader and tuba player goose-stepping to dot the i. I will win the Mega Millions. I will be rich and famous from winning the lotto. then perhaps that will let me be an honorary i dotter.

did ABC televise script Ohio? if so... I missed it. I did witness Ohio State dominate the Pac-10 champion. disgusting. 2 similar opponents this season. Oregon won against Purdue and USC. Ohio State lost to both. I thought: no problem then... Oregon will win. announcers predicted Oregon victory. disgusting loss.

like volleyball... amazing conference season... disastrous post season. in vball... 8 Pac-10 teams made the NCAAs. 0 reached the final four for the 1st time in cycles. in football... 7 Pac-10 teams made bowl season. only 2 victories. disgusting. Pac-10 ended the decade w/ 2 losses. Pac-10 start this decade w/ 1 loss. disgusting.

what a way to start the cycle... to start the decade. what the frell happened? I'm off to the beach. gotta wash off the funk. hopefully I won't be swimming in funk.

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