08 January, 2010

Outrigger Hotels Invitational: #1 USC 3 - #5 Penn State 0

current song: Now You're Gone - Basshunter

explosive. love men's vball. totally different from the women's game. frell the long rallies. pass... set... kill. good enough for me. kills from all areas of the court.

Penn State does have a #11 for the men's team. kick ass player Will Price. why the fascination w/ #11? during the women's semifinals match between Penn State and Hawaii... friend Sheila wondered why and thought it cool that #11 Megan Hodge had a pause sign while all the other players had numbers on her jersey... though Price's #11 doesn't look like a pause symbol cuz of the font.

more matches this weekend. awesome. please click ads by Google. need to earn currency to actually attend matches.

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