27 December, 2009

Emerald Bowl: #24 USC 24 - Boston College 13

current song: Telephone by Lady Gaga on da bomb 102.7 fm

listened to game on car radio going to beach. Boston College scored TD. what? no score from announcer. hopin' USC ahead. missed PAT. USC leading 14-6. whew.

after I got my swam on... listened to game again. start of 2nd half. 1st USC play... Barkley interception... BC possession. what the frell? will Pac-10 start bowl season 0-3? BC fumble... USC possession. whew.

earlier in week... #16 Oregon State owned by #15 BYU 44-20 and Cal lost 37-27 to #23 Utah. thought of Pac-10 vball. like football... amazing, awesome, wild conference season... squads cannibalizing one another. either deep conference or average teams beating each other up. 8 Pac-10 vball teams invited to NCAAs. disastrous results. no conference team made it to the final four for the 1st time since the mid-90s.

watched parts of 4th quarter. BC possession. BC QB threw incomplete pass after incomplete pass. USC interception. next play... Barkley threw deep pass to one of his receivers covered by 3 BC defenders. amazing throw... amazing catch.

as of this writing... no plans to watch other Pac-10 teams in their bowl games other than Rose Bowl. would rather spend time at beach. I will win the Mega Millions.

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