28 November, 2009

Stanford - Pac-10 Volleyball Champions

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#6 Stanford automatically qualifies for the NCAAs and should represent the Pac-10 well in the tournament. its 5 set victory over rival #11 California in the Big Spike will be televised on Sunday. one last chance to see hotties Hana Cutura and Carli Lloyd on TV.

when the Golden Bears visited the islands... went to its match against #3 Hawaii... met hotties Hana and Carli. mmmmm. I told goddess Hana: good luck in the conference. aaaah.

will 8 Pac-10 teams make it to the NCAAs? who knows about Washington State? Cougars won its 1st match in the 2nd half of conference play against cellar dweller Oregon State. WSU does have victories over ranked conference foes earlier in the season. now... did Washington State get worse over the season... or did Pac-10 rivals get better?

who the frell knows? in its last conference match... # 4 Washington lost in 5 sets to #18 Oregon. crazy Pac-10 vball season. since Stanford won the conference title will voters make it the highest ranked Pac-10 team nationally? or will UW remain the highest ranked conference team considering the head to head match ups?

if 8 teams do make it to the NCAAs... will the committee spread teams throughout the bracket... or will committee make Pac-10 teams cannibalize each other... eliminating each other out of the tournament? will have to wait until Sunday.

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