15 November, 2009

Pac-10 Volleyball: #4 Washington 3 - #6 UCLA 0

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prior to watching this televised match... watched online very little of #12 California's 4 set victory over visiting #16 Oregon. please remember to click ads by Google. need to earn currency to pay online subscription.

former Bruin setter, hottie Nellie Spicer... who now plays for the national team... made an appearance. love her. towards end of match announcers commented on current Bruin setter Lauren Cook, a hottie in the making. she seemed to dink the ball more frequently. announcers: I don't like that... it's like she doesn't have confidence in her hitters... she can get away w/ dinks in high school... not in the Pac-10. poor baby.

amazing offense and amazing defense on display. Paul Sunderland: the House of Pancakes must be open. boooo! hisss!

watched UW's Jill Collymore in action. wicked jump serve. clocked at 60 mph. when at the service line... teammates in front row have hands on back of their heads to protect themselves. Collymore very consistent w/ her serves. awesome.

surprised UW served tough. towards end of 2nd set UW registered 7 service errors vs 3 aces. I thought coach McLaughlin stressed error free vball. UCLA out of system a lot of times in the match... but hottie in the making setter Cook forced her middle and right side hitters to attack until late in the match when she started dinking.

shocking revelation in between matches. UW dances to miley cyrus' party in the USA. cringe. what ever happened to taste?

local girl Tamari Miyashiro digging machine as usual. her team's match against #25 Washington State will be televised next week.

like football... wild conference season. at the end of this weekend... 3 teams tied at 11-4 atop Pac-10 standings. 4 conference losses... as of this writing... will be most for Pac-10 champion.

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