01 November, 2009

Nip/Tuck - Leeches

current song: Resurection by PPK

guest stars Mario Lopez and Rose McGowan showin' their cycles. either that or blame it on HDTV. love their characters.

Mike's in love w/ Kimber. Kimber's in love w/ Christian. she shouts out Christian's name when she and Mike recreate. Mike asks Christian for help. Kimber confesses to Christian: Mike's too perfect... I'm waiting for him to pee on me, ask me to wear handcuffs, pull out a dildo... I gotta keep him in check by not puttin' out too much.

hetero male transvestite in consult. he wants the boys to create a mask for him to disguise himself while out and about. he and his wife own a clothing store that targets the transvestite market.

Christian has idea... tells Mike that Kimber gets off if Mike dressed as a woman. Lopez = handsome woman. Kimber loves it. they recreate. Mike buys himself more bras, panties, and outfits.

love Rose McGowan as a psycho.

socialite in consult. plans to get various procedures done. wants to use leeches to help speed up recovery process. she recognizes Teddy... calls her Dixie. while in recovery leeches doin' their thang. Teddy puts on the mask created for the transvestite... injects socialite w/ heparin to thin out her blood... puts more leeches on her. at 1st I wondered why Teddy spoke in her regular voice. wouldn't socialite recognize it? didn't matter. socialite killed.

Sean decided to leave everything to his 2 youngest kids. nothin' for new wife Teddy. does she plan to kill the kids?

Annie has Rapunzel syndrome. she eats pulls out and eats her hair. body cannot digest human hair. Sean operates... pulls out hairball. gross. rewind.

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