12 November, 2009

Nip/Tuck - Abigail Sullivan

current song: You Should Have Known by Laura White

pianist Abigail Sullivan absorbed twin while in mother's womb. twin... or what's left of her... on Abigail's left shoulder. gross. she's like: oh look, you can see her partially formed leg. gross. the boys remove absorbed twin. remains thrown away in hazmat bin. Abigail wants to see what removed from her. gross. prior to her performance she cuts open her healing shoulder. she wants to put the partially formed twin's hand back into her body so they can play the piano together. gross.

hottie Rose McGowan's character Teddy killed by psycho. Sean meets psycho. psycho tells Sean that Teddy tried to bride him to spare her life. she told psycho she planned to kill her husband and kids. killing children a no no. he kills Teddy.

Sean finds out truth about Teddy. she's basically a serial killer. she marries guys... kills them off... gets inheritance. please remember to click ads by Google. Nip/Tuck gets all KDrama where character commits suicide by going out to sea. Sean's at the beach... gets nekkid... swims into awesome Pacific. yesterday Pacific resembled aquarium w/ fish shit floating all around. frelllin' gross.

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