29 November, 2009

The Big Spike: #6 Stanford 3 - #11 California 2

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hotties Carli Lloyd and Hana Cutura along w/ the Golden Bears almost swept Stanford. up 2 sets... ahead 22-17 and still ahead at 23-20 late in the 3rd set... Cal couldn't close out the match. poor hotties. Stanford went on to win the next 3 sets... decimating Cal 15-4 in the final set. amazing match.

an amazing 8 Pac-10 teams made it to the NCAAs w/ Arizona State and Oregon State being the only conference schools left out. please remember to click ads by Google. need to earn extra currency to attend the NCAA vball finals one solar day.

looking at the bracket... all 8 Pac-10 teams spread across this great country. earliest possible match between 2 league foes would be in the 3rd round between #8 seed UCLA and #9 seed Cal.

match ups look interesting. will the a Pac-10 school win the national title? will I be able to write my 1st entry about a Pac-10 vball championship? if seedings hold... 5 Pac-10 teams will make it to the round of 16.

early possible Pac-10/big 12 match ups. hopefully Washington State eliminates nebraska and then iowa state. hopefully Arizona eliminates texas a&m and then texas.

mesmerized by the bracket. should be exciting post season.

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