24 October, 2009

Wahine Volleyball: #3 Hawaii 3 - BYUH 0

current song: Pencil Full Of Lead by Paolo Nutini

Hawaii played terribly against division 2 team BYUH. at the end of 2 sets... BYUH scored 25 points... 12 of those points from UH service errors. never bothered to watch last set.

UH wore pink shirts... breast cancer awareness month. Aneli looked hot w/ her tight pink uniform. thought of muffin w/ pink frosting. mmmmm.

entertaining to watch bipolar Kaufman. when she kills w/ authoritay... she's all smiles. when she hits into the net... she's all frelled. at 1 point she served into the net. primal shout heard in background. too bad her scream not aired.

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