30 October, 2009

WAC Volleyball: #3 Hawaii 3 - Fresno State 1

current song: Down by Jay Sean

1st nationally televised match for Hawaii this season. Aneli... in demure voice... introduced team. love her. rewind several times. at end... while flashing shaka signs... she's like: GO BOWS! team wore black uniforms. not able to see her muffin top. black = slimming.

Fresno State's Gera sisters = muffin tops. damn.

Mafua ran predictable offense. set after set to left outside hitters. she better get her back set on during NCAAs.

libero Ka‘aihue almost received six pack. monster kill by Fresno State player. kill looked more dramatic than it really was because Ka‘aihue off balance and so of course she fell. still... rewind several times.

Kaufman's cuntitude on display.

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