18 October, 2009

Nip/Tuck - Premiere

current song: White Sandy Beach of Hawaii by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole on island 98.5 FM

Rose McGowan guest starts as Teddy... Sean's girlfriend. she basically = gold digger. wants his currency. she's like: I'm being forward... but if we were ever to get married... I would sign a pre-nup. Sean: I would never ask you that. Teddy: will you marry me? they hug. he looks worried. she looks pleased.

poor Liz. Christian wants a divorce. since everything's under her name... she wants half of everything. in an argument, Christian: stop being a drama queen Liz... I found your G spot... calm down. Liz: you know what would calm me down?... your boat... I'm gonna par-tay... make it into a dyke bar... gonna turn it into the Lez Boat. witty.

lez Liz hired blind divorce attorney played by Barry Bostwick. Christian's attorney played by Wayne Knight from Seinfeld fame. Christian goes to Bostwick's office for quick solution. Bostwick agrees... only if Christian masturbates and describes his jerk off session in detail. now... does Knight's character have a fetish too?

Mario Lopez returns as plastic surgeon Hamoui. basically Hamoui has a niche market... vaginal reconstruction. during consult he strips for the ladies. I assume he recreates them as well.

boys enlist Kimber's help to produce commercial. corny. rewind. couple comes in for consult. wife's va-jay-jay fine. hubby wants Homoui's abs rather than the boys' pudge.

Matt painful to watch as a mime. at one point mimes amused me. found them entertaining. now they vex me. his dads plan to kick him out. Matt has no currency. he goes to a store to buy small cup of coffee. instead he robs it w/ his mime gun.

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