25 October, 2009

Nip/Tuck - Enigma

current song: Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

Sean almost ODs on sleeping pills. Christian performs ghetto stomach pump. he shoves bong tube down Sean's throat... pours coffee pot filled w/ salt water into tube... Sean vomits. rewind.

psychotic devil worshipping son of liberal parents in consult. birth name Jared. goes by Enigma. I'm thinkin: this is like a story I read in People where liberal parents killed by their devil worshipping daughter. sure enough at the end of this ep Enigma kills parents and himself. dark ep.

McGowan breaks engagement. Sean... who still can't sleep... hangs out at a coffee shop. he meets a psycho woman. she takes him to a hospital. they're people watching in the waiting room. she sits spread eagle. she lets Sean finger her while he talks medical dirrtay to her. she gets off. she then stabs herself in the arm w/ a fork. they get pain killers.

later in the ep Sean recreates w/ psycho woman. she's like: it's your turn to get stabbed... the thigh's a good place. Sean wants to leave. he's like: we're just a couple of crazies on the rebound. psycho woman: is that all I am to you? I'm yellin': why you turnin' your back to her? she stabs him in thigh.

Sean's in a hospital room waiting for doctor. nurse gives him painkillers. he stitches stab wound himself. rewind. he sees psycho woman spread eagle in waiting room getting fingered by stranger. Sean leaves.

Rose McGowan = bad ass. Sean fired her... tells her to pick up engagement ring and severance check in his office. she looks through files. memorizes Sean's medical/malpractice insurance policy number.

Christian wants to make mold of his cock. make currency on side. he asks Kimber for help. Liz and Kimber exchange words. I thought they were gonna kiss and make out.

funny scene in bathroom. Christian takin' a leak... Lopez stands next to him... unzips... dick plops into urinal. he's like: I hate when that happens... damn the water's cold.

high sales for recreation dildo. Kimber tells Christian it's a mold of Lopez's tool. Christian's ego deflated. Liz drops suit.

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