22 October, 2009

America's Next Top Model 13 - Kim Kardashian

current song: Papillon by Editors

blond hotties Erin and Rae practice their signature walk. Nicole wants to get wild. she and blondies have hair tossing battle. Rae: Nicole's comin' outta her shell.

girls meet up w/ The Insider's Lara Spencer and comedian ANT. mock interview practice. Lara: ANT will play an actress... or actor... depending how s/he's feeling.

Nicole worries. ANT goes on and on and on. Nicole mum. cricket sounds in background.

interview challenge. girls have 2 minutes to interview Melrose Place actress Jessica Lowndes. better her than that tranny lookin' actress who used to guest star on Nip/Tuck. Laura blacks out. she curses. in control room, Spencer: c'mon baby... keep goin'. poor Laura. Nicole asks Lowndes: have you had kids? poor Nicole.

Erin wins competition. she and 2 friends... Jennifer and Rae... will have beauty shot and story featured in upcoming Seventeen mag. Sundai = bitter.

CoverGirl commercial challenge. love Nicole's work ethic. she frelled up earlier. she stays up late so she can kick glutes. is Nicole hapa? is she part Korean? love her.

Nigel commercial director. Nicole did well. she listened to and followed directions. she smized the entire time. torn between Jennifer's and Nicole's commercials. Jennifer = smooth delivery. Nicole = smize.

Kim Kardashian guest judge? please.

when Tyra stands on her platform handing out photos... and w/ the shawty shorties looking up at her... give impression Tyra = 10 feet tall.

Rae eliminated. I predicted her to be in the final 3 based on this cycle's 1st shoot. Nicole and Laura still in the competition. in the 1st shoot... Jennifer's pic in profile... wasn't too sure about her. I predict her to be in the finals. one time for the Asians.

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