19 October, 2009

Amazing Race 15 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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clue instructs teams to go to Persian Gulf... find the world's tallest building... go to its 124th floor... get next clue. Burj Dubai... pic from wikipedia.org... twice as tall as Empire State Building.
Lance & Keri frustrated w/ Race. Lance: gotta lot of non-refundable deposits for our wedding.... I gotta go through w/ it. how romantic for Keri.

aerial shots of Dubai. city looks imposing. Burj Dubai immense skyscraper. on 124th floor teams in the clouds. thought of Star Wars... thought of skyscrapers on Coruscant.

only 1 fast forward for this Race. Meghan & Cheyne go for it. they head to the Dubai Autodrome... 1 team member... Cheyne... must drive 100+ mph around the track in less than 45 seconds. he completes fast forward... they're driven to pit stop in Maserati. they win a trip to Jamaica.

other teams... still competing... given Audis to drive themselves to Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. desert looks beautiful.

for roadblock they need to 'beat the desert heat'. Phil: 1 team member needs to drink in the landscape. boooo! hisss! team member given ladle and water bag... need to search for buried urns in the dunes... some empty... some filled w/ water... fill container w/ enough water... return bag to Bedouin and his camel for next clue. Ericka: I would melt... chocolate melts in the sun. saucy.

teams race to Ski Dubai. poker gals created their own car problem. Maria reversed into a pole... kept reversing... pole punctured radiator. she's like: oh no!... I'm an Asian female driver.

detour at Ski Dubai. either build a snowman or find a snowman. in build... teams need to build a snowman before it melted. in find... teams ride a ski lift to the top... sled down... dig through mountain of snow to find tiny toy snowman. no witty remarks from Phil. Sam & Dan get their flame on. they're screamin' worse than Ericka down the slope.

temp outside 120 degrees. Ski Dubai needs to be chilled at -2 degrees to make it a comfortable 20 degrees inside. insane.

Lance & Keri: we're directionally challenged. interesting dynamic. Lance drives... Keri's bad w/ directions. how bad? no footage shown of her reading any maps. since Lance can't look at a map and the roads at the same time, why not switch places?

at pit stop... local welcomes them to Dubai. Lance: thank you... we've seen lots of it. true that. Lance: me and Keri are so different... thank god!... I can't marry myself.

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