20 July, 2009

Whale Wars - With A Hook

current song: Put Your Hands Up For Detroit by Fedde Le Grand

Steve Irwin chases Nisshin Maru. Japanese processing/research vessel less than 1.5 miles away. crew/eco-terrorists get ready to launch inflatables. exciting.

Steve Irwin in middle of triangle... Nisshin Maru straight ahead... 2 harpoon/research vessels behind. exciting.

captain Paul's plan... attack Nisshin Maru w/ stank bombs and attack 1 harpoon/research vessel w/ prop fouler. huh? it would make more sense to stank up the harpoon/research vessel cuz then the whales can't be processed/researched. it would also make sense to frell up the Nisshin Maru's propellers. plan goes on.

helicopter pilot Chris gathers info. impressed w/ Nisshin Maru's defenses. vessel covered w/ protective netting. vessel also has more powerful water cannons. and yet captain Paul still wants to throw stank bombs? stank bombs will just bounce off net. Nisshin Maru also has an LRAD. but who cares? delta boat in pursuit.

gemini inflatable in pursuit of a harpoon/research ship. oh... captain Paul's code of attack = Tora! Tora! Tora! I thought this to be funny. this code = deploy prop fouler. but crew/eco-terrorists on gemini take this as go ahead to throw stank bombs. some stank bombs land on vessel.

captain Paul's pissed cuz gemini didn't do what they're supposed to do. so now they try to deploy prop fouler. I have to admit that these volunteers/eco-terrorists = idiots. instead of going in front of the harpoon/research vessel and deploying the prop fouler... they release it while they're parallel to the ship. what happens? nothing.

gemini now has to look for prop fouler. they have a hard time finding it. why? floaters attached to prop fouler = white. it blends in w/ the ice. why not make floaters red or some other color that would stand out?

meanwhile delta inflatable at Nisshin Maru. hard time landing stank bombs on vessel. water cannons powerful. animal planet camera guy got hosed... bleeding from his eyes. delta heads back to Steve Irwin. camera guy sees ship medic. he's okay. whew.

gemini goes for a 2nd attack. this time they're thinking. they do go in front of the harpoon/research vessel... deploy the prop fouler. they and I think it to be a success. vessel stops... not cuz prop fouler worked... but to haul it out of the water and perhaps use it against the Steve Irwin.

then the Japanese whalers/researchers start throwing metal nuggets at the gemini. Steve Irwin crew/eco-terrorists: we're so peaceful... how can they throw things at us? gimme a break. Japanese whalers/researchers could be targeting the gemini inflatable much like how volunteers/eco-terrorists target stank bombs at Japanese vessel. if it so happens a metal nugget hit a person then so be it... can't have it both ways.

Steve Irwin crew/eco-terrorists = vegans. gimme a break. are they animal-centric? how dare they disregard plants. plants superior to animals. plants inhabited planet long before whales or human beings. plants provide humans w/ oxygen... coffee... cigarettes... medical drugs.

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