20 July, 2009

Whale Wars - The Unintimidatables

current song: Wearing My Rolex by Wiley

anthrax? please. if anthrax... wouldn't authorities who boarded Steve Irwin be more careful and wear bio-suits? please.

hottie Jane Taylor: I can't say 'hello' to Peter Brown... why would I say 'goodbye'? hot. rewind several times.

captain Paul's boyfriend Peter B... after 27 cycles... has decided not to aid in the efforts/eco-terrorism. Peter H stands at attention. he's now captain Paul's 1st mate.

new volunteers/eco-terrorists. one newbie... Damien... born in Dubai. is he another trust fund baby... who doesn't have to worry about currency? how lucky.

Steve Irwin goes out to sea. what happens? ship loses power. ship adrift. ship engineers/eco-terrorists kick ass. they fix the main power generator.

Steve Irwin flies under Dutch flag. Dutch not pleased crew/eco-terrorists threw stank bombs from Steve Irwin's deck. crew/eco-terrorists instructed not to do this anymore. they can... however... throw stank bombs from their inflatables.

captain Paul's new boyfriend/1st mate Peter H gets a tip. how do they get their tips? how can they trust these tips? wouldn't the Japanese hire someone to give false information? perhaps they'll do that next season. anyway... Peter H finds out Japanese have new weapon... long range acoustic device or LRAD.

captain Paul: Japanese see what we do... then they counteract. love the show... but depending on one's point of view... show helps/hinders the efforts of the volunteers/eco-terrorists or whalers/researchers.

LRADs can emit sounds of 150+ decibels... louder than a jet engine. vessels employ LRADs to protect themselves from piracy.

LRADs change things. crew/eco-terrorists on the inflatables now how t.o contend w/ that as well.

Dubai Damien spots the Nisshin Maru processing/research vessel. Steve Irwin in pursuit. 2 harpoon/research vessels come to defend the Nisshin Maru. Steve Irwin crew/eco-terrorists don't know what to think cuz in past hunting/research seasons... harpoon/research vessels would stay clear of the Steve Irwin. not so this time.

whales seen breachin' and spoutin'. Steve Irwin energized. forget about the LRADs... they're gonna save whales.

one harpoon/research vessel zig zags in front of the Steve Irwin. ship may be deploying its own propeller fouler to frell up the Steve Irwin.

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