06 July, 2009

Roger Federer - Wimbledon Champion

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Roger Federer won his 6th Wimbledon and 15th overall major titles. amazing. he reminds me of friend uber-hottie Steffi Graf... winning major titles at a prolific rate. they're also both kick ass 1 hand backhanders.

how's Andy Roddick? I recorded this match. w/ Roddick's record against Federer at 2-18... I assumed that he would have lost in 3 sets. as soon as I got up... looked online. 5 sets? 5th set 16-14? damn.

after I watching Roddick win the 1st set 7-5... forwarded to the 2nd set tie breaker. Roddick up 6-2... 4 set points. Roddick frellin' choked. Federer earned... won... 6 points in a row to claim the set. prior to start of the 3rd set, McEnroe: Roddick requested a bathroom break. I'm thinkin: I too would feel like shittin' in my pants. poor guy.

fast forward to the 3rd set tie breaker. Federer up 5-2. did he choke? nah... he won the set.

fast forward to 14-14 in the final set. Federer looked fresh... like the start of the match. what surprised me though... so did Roddick. normally when I watch Roddick he's all drippin' in sweat... even his cap's drenched and drippin'... but he too looked fresh. he must be in better condition.

would have been awesome for an American to have won Wimbledon... but love those 1 hand backhanders.

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