05 July, 2009

Margarita's Beach Bar

current song: Blame It by Jamie Foxx on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

friend Aria and I chillaxed... got our drank on... at Margarita's. good choice for the 4th. lots of people at Ala Moana beach for the fireworks show... bar relatively empty. love it... didn't have to deal w/ crowds.

we got there at 18:50... just in time for happy hour... which would end at 19:00. even though relatively empty... service = uberslow... didn't get our dranks until happy hour ended.

the bar has a couple dart boards and a couple pool tables. again since establishment relatively empty... I felt like we had the place to ourselves... well at least that area tonight. one big family occupied several tables in the dining section... single men sittin' on the stools at the bar talkin' story w/ the hottie blondie bartenders... tourists outside chillaxin' under the umbrellas.

dranks special = margarita. either Aria and I have become light weight drinkers... or dranks = uberstrong. margarita did its job.

the place has lots of tv screens... serves what looks to be ono food... and also has a jazz room. we would have stayed there longer... but we didn't want to get stuck in traffic leaving the Ala Moana area after the fireworks show. we did see some of the aerials on the freeway.

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