06 July, 2009

AVP Brooklyn - DeNecochea/Dodd

current song: I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson

AVP finally on NBC. get to see my favorite announcer... Chris Marlowe... in action. he teamed up w/ Paul Sunderland. Marlowe: glad to have you back Paul... it's been so long... do you remember volleyball at all? Sunderland: sure do... still more knowledgeable than you.

top players overseas. hottie mini-muffin tops April Ross and Jenn Kessy won the 2009 Swatch FIVB World Beach Championship. Sunderland: all the other teams have taken advantage of some of the top teams not being here. Marlowe: let's talk about them young guns... no... I'm not talkin' about Paul Sunderland's arms... I'm talkin' about Fopma and Hochevar.

1st time seeing Fopma and Hochevar in action. 2nd time watching DeNecochea and Dodd. when I 1st saw DeNecochea... amazed at her abs... considering she's 41 cycles and is a mother of 2. I prefer mini-muffin tops. DeNecochea and Dodd oldest team to win an AVP title w/ a combined age of 76+ cycles. amazing.

friend Kerri Walsh called in. she announced that she and hottie Rachel Wacholder will team up for Hermosa Beach. 1 month away.

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