28 June, 2009

Whale Wars 2 - Yum Yum, Eat Crow

current song: Let's Start Again by Blazin' Squad

Steve Irwin comes across the entire Japanese whaling/research fleet searching for one of its whalers/researchers who fell overboard. Steve Irwin low on fuel... needs to head back to port soon... the volunteers/terrorists have an opportunity to strike at their enemy.

the volunteers/terrorists say that their clients are the whales. I assume they would strike. what does captain Paul decide to do? he decides to offer help to their clients' enemy. in my opinion... if they really cared about the whales... they would have attacked the Japanese fleet. weak.

the Japanese respond: no thank you... we do not need assistance from eco-terrorists. you go Japan! the US does not deal w/ terrorists... why should the Japanese?

Steve Irwin heads back to port. on the radar a Japanese vessel follows them... volunteers/terrorists dumb struck. helicopter takes to air... sees Steve Irwin being followed by harpoon/research vessel Yushin Maru #3. captain Paul orders crew to launch Gemini and delta boats... throw stank bombs.

helicopter pilot watches the harpoon/research vessel. he notices its crew preparing for Sea Shepherd attack. rather than hide inside the ship and avoid stank bombs... the Japanese protected their ship by erecting a net that covered the entire top. rather than the stank bombs exploding on deck... the stank bombs would bounce off the net. inflatable boats still in pursuit. Yushin Maru #3 makes a u-turn... and outruns the inflatables.

bug eyed. in my opinion... the Japanese basically ran a drill in what to do in case of an attack. they must watch the show. now in order to stop the Japanese... the Sea Shepherds' only option would be to ram into the processing/research vessel.

attack aborted. volunteers/terrorists head back to Steve Irwin. Molly hits her head. bug eyed. possible concussion. thought of Natasha Richardson. Molly immediately sees the ship's doctor... she's okay. whew.

on its way back to port... Steve Irwin encounters rough water. since its low on fuel... ship lighter... more tossin' n turnin'. one crew member slipped... knocked her head... needs stitches near her eye. doctor sews up wound. during the time procedure shown on air... I didn't breathe.

Steve Irwin docks. some volunteers/terrorists decide not to go back sea... including captain Paul's bitch Peter B. hottie Jane Taylor: I'm not seeing him goodbye. a lot of the crew glad Peter B's gone. I wonder if they had a party.

captain Paul receives an envelope w/ a mysterious white powder. ship quarantined.

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