14 June, 2009

Whale Wars 2 - Premiere

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surprising 2nd season... must have done well in the ratings for show to be renewed. premiere opens w/ statement that no whales died under the watch of the Sea Shepherd. ich don't tink so.

I assumed Peter Hammarstedt to be a trust fund kid. how else can one volunteer for months and yet survive these economic times? recently he did jail time in Canada protesting the killing of seal pups. anyway... he's only 23 cycles... and is earning a degree.

hottie Jane Taylor served the peacekeepers for 6 cycles. she's cute. a contrast to last season's Kim McCoy and her annoying cuntitude. another cutie on board this season... cutie muffin top Emily.

in this ep... gyroscope acts up, ship rockin' like crazy... volunteers practice throwing stank bombs... on its way to Antarctica ship heads into a massive Australian sized storm... crew gets sea sickness.

Luke Van Horn's the new communications officer. he improved the ship's radar w/ a gadget that can boost its range by 400 miles. from what I understand the gadget can track communication signals. why did Animal Planet air this? for the next whaling (Sea Shepherd viewpoint) or research (Japanese viewpoint) season... wouldn't the Japanese employ gadgets to counteract Van Horn's gadget?

Van Horn's gadget works. ship follows strong signal. helicopter takes off... heads toward signal... spots Nisshin Maru in record time. Nisshin Maru behind ice bergs... Sea Shepherd has thin hull. 1 safe route to Nisshin Maru. 2 ice bergs serve as markers for safe passage... ship needs to make a right at 1st ice berg... then its clear waters.

ship passes 2nd ice berg. whoops. rather than turn around and make a left... captain wants to head straight to Nissin Maru. what an idiot. speaking of idiot... there's Peter Brown at the steering wheel. Peter B: whoever doesn't need to be here... please get out... you guys are foggin' up the glass... someone tell me where to go. Van Horn's yelling out numbers. Peter B: just tell me where to go... those numbers don't do me any good... just tell me where to go. Van Horn: Peter can't translate 270... if it's north, south, east or west... I thought it's a prerequisite.

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