15 June, 2009

Whale Wars 2 - The Flexibility Of Steel

current song: I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson

Peter B clueless in steering vessel. captain Paul to the rescue... he navigates ship safely and brings calm to everyone on the bridge.

Sea Shepherd makes its way to the previous location of the whale processing/research vessel Nisshin Maru... and its nowhere to be seen. crew of volunteers/pirates spot harpoon/research vessel Yushin Maru #2.

Yushin Maru... instead of changing its course... goes about its business. Sea Shepherd crew shocked. the 2 vessels on collision course. captain Paul wants to hit Yushin Maru w/ stank bombs... launch the delta boats.

I assume from last season the volunteers/pirates learned their lesson and perhaps practiced launching the crafts back at port. nope. they have a hard time getting the craft into the water. Yushin Maru speeding away.

when delta boat finally launched... crew heads in the opposite direction of Yushin Maru. whoops. Sea Shepherd loses sight of delta boat. to make matters worse crew on delta boat is not in communication w/ the Sea Shepherd. didn't any of these volunteers/pirates watch last season? everyone on the ship fears for the worse. delta boat returns. captain Paul scolds them.

weather worsens. captain Paul spots a huge ice sheet... wants to ship to remain behind its protective cover. hottie cutie former peacekeeper bad ass Jane Taylor: most mariners would stay clear of any ice. captain Paul should have listened to her. next morning the ship's surrounded by ice. they're frelled.

although they're frelled there doesn't seem to be a sense of panic. at this point I'm wondering if Animal Planet and its production crew are on a nearby ice breaker safely recording all the action. if an ice berg punctures the hull of the Sea Shepherd then its crew of volunteers/pirates will be rescued by the unseen Animal Planet ice breaker vessel.

2 crew members sent down to the ship... to watch for any cracks in the hull. Animal Planet camera man: I'm gonna head on top... I'll just leave my camera here to record the action. crew member: frell!

seriously... what can the 2 guys do if ice punctures the hull?

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