21 June, 2009

Whale Wars 2 - As Bad As Our Bark

current song: Underdog by Kasabian

Steve Irwin surrounded by ice... wind changes direction... ice shifts... ship makes it out. now crew has to find an outlet to open ocean. communications officer Van Horn explains ice charts. next shift must be vigilant to navigate ship to open ocean. Peter B in charge. they're frelled. he's like: no way am I relyin' on ice charts and machines... I got my eyes. sure enough they miss the path.

once again Peter B frells up. he must really be captain Paul's bitch. helicopter pilot looks for an opening. ship backtracks. open ocean. whew. crew sees minke whales surfacing and spouting. they're all excited.

vessel spotted on radar. crew plans to launch gemini boat. gemini has radar that can help crew navigate in dense fog. problem... radar doesn't work... no boat launch. crew vigilant. they come across the Kaiko Maru... a Japanese spotter/research vessel.

Steve Irwin in pursuit. Japanese national on board ship for communication purposes. she hides her identity for fear of retribution to her family back in Japan. she explains that the Japanese view Sea Shepherd crew as terrorists. captain Paul maneuvers his ship close to the spotter/research vessel. crew of volunteers/pirates throw stank bombs. they're all excited. Japanese relay to press they have been attacked by terrorists.

hottie Jane Taylor... w/ her peacekeeper background... wants to implement a plan when it comes time to launch the delta or gemini boats. Peter B gives her a hard time. he's like: I'm soooo anti-military. what?! what a hypocrite. Steve Irwin filled w/ technology developed and 1st used by peacekeeper vessels.

hottie Jane Taylor doesn't wanna deal w/ Peter B's cuntitude. I wouldn't too. she walks away. she presents her plan to captain Paul. he loves it. meeting called... Peter B does not attend. basically crew will follow what Jane suggests. Peter B: I have to listen to the captain... I'm just a guy in the (bare)background. that's right bitch.

Steve Irwin low on fuel and supplies. ship intercepts message... one of the Japanese whalers/researchers fell overboard. Steve Irwin heads toward area. crew sees Japanese whaling/research vessel's spotlight on looking for missing member.

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The Night Scribe said...

The show is great! I would love to join the crew for their new adventure as a Video journalist to do a documentary.