03 June, 2009

Washington - NCAA Softball Champions

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Washington, which placed 2nd in the regular season Pac-10 conference standings... becomes the 5th Pac-10 school (out of 8 league institutions that sponsor the sport)... to win a national softball title. 4th in a row for the Pac-10... and 21st overall for the conference.

UW's 1st softball title reminds me of UW's 1st vball title. each team played on the road for the duration of the postseason... each team faced a #1 ranked opponent announcers expected to win... Husky fans in purple in the stands... players' hot mommas in the stands cheering on their daughters... each team sweeping its higher ranked opponent to win the national championship. awesome.

a lot of cute softball players. loved watching goddess Stacey Nelson of Florida pitch w/ the wind blowing her blond hair.

Washington's Danielle Lawrie kicked ass. w/ 1 out and her team ahead 3-2 in the top of the 7th inning... 2 Florida players on base... she struck out the last 2 batters. awesome. fist pump from Lawrie... dawg pile.

Washington's softball win makes it 11 national titles so far this athletic season for the Pac-10... most of any conference.

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