20 June, 2009


current song: New Divide by Linkin Park

sister and several friends of ours went to Sorabol for lunch. according to my blog... last time sister in town... week of 12.06.08.

I ordered the meat jun. portion now 1 piece of sliced beef. it must have been some time since I last ate at Sorabol because it used to be 2 pieces of sliced beef. same price of $8.50... but less food.

Sorabol's adapted to changes in the market... changes in prices. I then thought about the state's financial situation. governor Lingle's furlough plan makes fiscal sense to me. private sector employees have suffered. if state run as a private or publicly traded company... it would have cut the pay of or layed off some of its employees. for the state workers facing a pay cut... a job is better than no job... adjust finances like everyone else in the private sector. we'll see what happens.

anyway... sister ordered the bulgogi... again portion not as generous. someone ordered one of the combos... again portion not as generous. another friend ordered the soon dubu chi-ke... that looked good.

sides pretty generous. kim chee especially good... tasted sweet. kept asking for more.

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