26 June, 2009

Pac-10: 11 NCAA Championships in 2008-2009

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the Pac-10... conference of champions... won 11 NCAA titles during the 2008-2009 athletic season. the 2nd cycle in a row of 10+ national championships. the Pac-10 is the only conference to ever win 10+ titles during a season... the 6th time it has achieved this.

the league has less members and earns less revenue... than say the acc and big 10... or big 12 and sec. basically the Pac-10 produced more w/ less. if the Pac-10 launches its own network... more currency for the league. imagine what the Pac-10 can do w/ more resources.

since I started this blog 2 titles have eluded the Pac-10... men's and women's vball. Stanford women runner up the past 2 seasons... USC men runner up this season.

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