24 June, 2009

Lunch Wagons & Siam Garden

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Lunch Wagons
sister craved a plate lunch. she looked online and found out... according to best of Honolulu 2008... best lunch wagon = You Hungry. never tried the food there. she came to downtown at 12:30... kinda late... I assume most of the popular meals would have been sold out. we walked up to the corner of Alakea and Beretania streets. steak and garlic shrimp sold out. damn... wanted to try that. I wonder if that's their specialty. I wonder how the mac salad tastes.

I personally like Tommy's lunch wagon. walked back down Alakea and headed to Mililani street. wanted to order the garlic chicken plate... but sold out. lots of the good stuff sold out. since I need to gain weight I ordered the hamburger steak. not sure if Tommy sold his lunch wagon biz. hamburger steak so so. mac salad so so. big serving of kim chee. mmmmm.

sister and co-workers ordered garlic chicken plates from Nick's lunch wagon. chicken and the mac salad looked ono.

Siam Garden
sister treated family to dinner. 1st time eating there. I thought the place would be empty... but damn... customers seated at every table. short waiting line too.

spring rolls ono. not into wrapping them in lettuce. none of us did. what a waste of lettuce. pork in the sweet crispy noodles tasted funky. ordered stir friend ong choy w/ beef. beef tasted funky. yellow curry w/ chicken = ono.

plan to go there again to try the pad thai.

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