01 June, 2009

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 47 - Cardio 0

current song: Beggin' by Madcon

w/ all the exercise I did last month... my eternal battle only improved by 4 dranks? an improvement = an improvement. I've enjoyed my ghetto -athlons. completed a triathlon this afternoon.

for June... to earn a drank... I need to burn off at least 328 calories (down 4% from 342 calories in May)... on cardio machines at the gym. for fun outdoor activities... I need to swim/run 32 minutes on even and 33 minutes on odd solar days. walking not included to earn dranks.

final 30 solar days to complete Spartakiad 5. Spartakiad 6 - Chicago... will begin as soon as I reach Phoenix (from San Francisco) via exercise.

w/ the NBA Finals (go LA!) starting this week I know my dranks count will go up drastically... but this will be counterattacked w/ my all out exercise blitzkrieg to complete my -athlons. I will start out the month on a positive note by completing a quadrathlon tomorrow.

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