02 June, 2009

AVP Huntington Beach - Dalhausser/Rogers

current song: Said It All by Take That

Thin Beast and the Professor fastest team to earn $1 million. achieved in 49 matches. of course prize money larger than before.

commenting on their place in history, Kiraly: they're the best w/ today's current game and format. makes sense. would players today be able to play grueling side out vball matches on a larger court? who knows?

methodical win by Dalhausser & Rogers. in the 2nd set... at 13-13... the Thin Beast took over. he blocked balls, touched spikes allowing Rogers to dig the balls, killed balls w/ authoritay, served aces. awesome. they won the 2nd set 21-17. swept Gibb & Rosenthal.

highlight of the match... ball spiked off the Thin Beast's head... flying into the stands.

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