07 June, 2009

AVP Atlanta - Branagh/Youngs

current song: That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings on Power 104.3 FM

1st time seeing DeNecochea & Dodd in action. DeNecochea stands 6'4" tall... she's 41 cycles... she's the hot mamma of 2 kids... and she has a 6 pack. damn. Dodd has her own catering business. she gave hottie Holly a big jar of cookies for her birthday. Holly: they were soooo good I didn't wanna share them w/ anyone... ate 'em all myself.

DeNecochea & Dodd won the 1st set 21-19. crucial error in the 2nd set. ahead 19-18... DeNecochea served the ball out. score 19 all. EY getting in shape... no mini-muffin top on display. perhaps Dodd should have given her some cookies. EY serves... ball tickles tape... lands on opponents' side... point... Branagh & EY ahead 20-19. EY serves for the set... Dodd hitting error costs her and DeNecochea 2nd set.

after commercial break Branagh & EY ahead 12-8 in the 3rd set. basically they scored the last points of the game... winning 3rd set 15-8.

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