17 May, 2009

AVP Riverside - Dalhausser/Rogers

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1st televised match I've watched this young season. players look pale... no spacer bronze. 1st set went to Gibb/Rosenthal 21-17.

after commercial break... interview w/ Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings. they're expecting a baby boy. I seriously need to work out to get my lean beach vball bod rather than look like Kerri's twin.

loathe tape delayed matches. after another commercial break... 2nd set halfway done. either Gibb/Rosenthal swept in overtime... or match went 3 sets. at set point thin beast had a monster block.

3rd set and match went to Dalhausser/Rogers. combination of Gibb/Rosenthal errors... and several blocks by thin beast.

Todd Rogers wins his 50th AVP title. he and thin beast split $24K for winning the tournament.

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