18 May, 2009

AVP Riverside - Branagh/Youngs

current song: Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas

watching AVP for several seasons... strange not seeing Kerri and Misty in the finals. Kerri's expecting a baby boy... hmmm... perhaps she gave birth already. Misty's still recovering from her injury. will they ever team up again?

I hoped Misty and Kerri would be pregnant and give birth at the same time. hottie Holly McPeak mentioned that Kerri will team up w/ Rachel Wacholder, who just gave birth... and they will be in sync.

love April Ross and her cute pudge. w/ vball players being lean... April's beach vball's equivalent of a muffin top. April = mini-muffin top. love her. she and teammate Jennifer Kessey... the current goddess of the beach... still seek their 1st AVP title. they lost in the finals to spacer bronzed Branagh and Youngs in straight sets.

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