25 May, 2009

AVP Houston - Kessy/Ross

current song: We Are The People by Empire Of The Sun

Kessy and hottie mini-muffin top April Ross won their 1st AVP title. they defeated Branagh and Youngs... who also looks like she has a mini-muffin top... in 3 sets.

love mini-muffin April... her array of shots... her kick ass jump serve w/ her cute little grunt... her passing stance w/ her arms in the air lookin' like Shiva... her blocking and defense. she also showed off her coin slot this afternoon.

Branagh and EY didn't show off their coin slots... but their bikini bottom uniform had their names. how cute.

also found out hottie Holly McPeak retired. she earned over $1.5 million in 18 seasons domestically. damn.

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