25 May, 2009

AVP Houston - Dalhausser/Rogers

current song: Red by Daniel Merriweather

1st televised match this season I've seen w/ local boy Sean Scott. he and his teammate John Hyden got decimated in straight sets by the thin beast and the professor. Dalhausser should be on dancing w/ the stars... he's be the ballroom beast.

highlight of the match... ball spiked off the head of the thin beast... cap and sunglasses sent flyin'. announcers mentioned that's how other teams can win... hit the ball off Dalhausser's head and make in angry... make him lose focus... basically get into his head. boooo! hisss!

w/ their victory... Dalhausser and Rogers earned over $1 million on the domestic tour. amazing. Kiraly and Steffes lead everyone else w/ over $2.9 million in earnings. amazing.

Mike Whitmarsh up there as well. surprised to read online that he committed suicide. what the frell?

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