14 May, 2009

American Idol 8 - Top 3

current song: Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition on Hot 93.9 FM

single released in 1984. UK #1 25 cycles ago... The Reflex by Duran Duran.

each contestant sang 2 songs... a choice by the judges and a choice of their own.

Paula wanted Danny Gokey to sing Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D'Arby. oh no... what has Paula done? reminds me of Jasmine Trias' season when Paula chose an awful song for her to sing... painful performance... Jasmine eliminated. Gokey's gonna get his groove on. listened... not watched his performance. sounded ok. I personally like Wishing Well. Simon: I have to remind these 2 girls this is a singing show... I have to agree w/ Kara, your dancing looked desperate... vocally good... what's w/ the sax?... Paula on the right track... but she chose the wrong song... I would have picked Sign Your Name.

Randy and Kara chose Apologize by One Republic for Kris to sing. don't care for this song... loved Kris' performance. as I've written before... he sings like a regular dude. the country would be able to sing the national anthem along w/ him. Simon: Paula, how can you say that he sang a bum note and yet say that you're proud of him?... you don't make any sense Paula... Kara, how can you choose a song for him and blame him for doing that song?... if you wanted him to play the guitar, then you should have let him... overall a competent version of the original.

Adam Lambert Wentz sang One by U2... one of Simon's fave songs. Simon had to get permission from his buddy Bono for Adam to perform the single. I personally never cared for this song. Adam in full pseudo-punk wannabe Ashlee Simpson mode. fast forward. Simon: I may sound biased... but brilliant song choice... my point?... find a great artist... find a great song... brilliant performance... Adam, if you're not in the finals it's a big upset.

Danny picked a ballad. fast forward. Simon: love the song... call your performance a vocal master class.

Kris chose Heartless by Kanye West. song actually grew on me due to high rotation on a lot of the radio stations here. looked forward to hearing this song w/out auto-tune. Kris kicked ass. Simon: thought lame song choice for your 1st performance... I had written you out of this competition... that has all changed after this performance. Kris did kick ass. actually watched his performance 3x.

Adam chose Cryin' by Aerosmith. liked his cover version. Simon: I'm not gonna suck up like the other 3... it's easy to assume that you'll sail into the finals next week... this show's about finding a star... vote for Adam.

overall I liked both of Kris' performances best this week... and he's one of my initial final 4 picks from the start of the top 13.

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