20 May, 2009

American Idol 8 - Finale

current song: I Know You Want Me by Pitbull

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Adam Lambert Wentz covered Mad World by Tears For Fears. when he 1st sang this song I liked his performance best that week... only because every other contestant sang ballads and they sucked ass. Adam not only in Ashlee Simpson punk wannabe mode... but also tryin' to be goth w/ the coat and smoke effects. fast forward. Simon: always thought that this was your best performance... maybe it's the coat... overly theatrical... little Phantom of the Opera. immediately thought of Rhydian.

Kris Allen better in the 1st round. haunting. sang w/ passion. Simon: to be honest I wasn't sure if America made the right choice last week... I take it all back after this performance.

2nd round... Adam sang a song I have not heard. sounded good. I don't feel his passion... he likes to scream and look passionate. not bad though. Simon: all I can say is that you're 100% back in the game.

Kris covered What's Going On by Marvin Gaye. this song I know. Kris showin' off his ski-zills... played piano earlier... now the guitar. he does remind me of Jack Johnson. he kicked ass. rewind. thought 2nd round went to Kris as well. Simon: love the song... but being honest... it looked like 3 friends strumming to Marvin Gaye... too laid back for a night like this... round 2 a million percent Adam.

Kara co-wrote the winner's single. I have a feeling she wrote it specifically for Adam to win. totally generic formulaic rubbish. would love to have just fast forward to Simon's comments... but I had to listen to each contestant sing crap. Adam sang it well. Simon: I won't judge you on the song... I'll judge you throughout the season... best original talent ever on the show... whole idea is to find the next worldwide star... w/ all my heart, found that in you.

Kris painful to watch. he sounded off from the beginning. Kara definitely co-wrote the song w/ Adam in mind. again... painful to watch. Kris seemed to struggle w/ the high notes... voice cracked a few times. Simon: highlight your 1st song... watching you throughout competition and how you've grown... incredible... mom & dad must be very proud of you... you deserve to stand on that stage tonight.

Kris deserves to win. would love to see judges stunned in silence.

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