21 May, 2009

Americal Idol 8 - Kris Allen

current song: Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi Vs Crookers on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

I already found out Kris won before show aired here while at the beach this afternoon. I decided to get my nationalism on... join this great country... and actually watch the finale. glad I did. it's like for 2 hours... forget about everything... just watch Idol and think of nothing else.

in attendance... hottie Janice Dickinson. love her. also spotted Kimberly Locke.

top 13 started off by singing So What by Pink. kinda cheesy... but who cares?... everybody's havin' a good time.

last season's winner David Cook sang his new single. didn't watch last season at all... 1st time seeing him perform. one thing I like about the contestants... no auto-tune. David can sing. not bad.

Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds sang a duet. why couldn't Lil get her funk on during the competition?

Anoop Dogg and Alexis Grace performed I'm Yours w/ Jason Mraz. I honestly thought Kris would have sang this song during the finals.

Kris then sang w/ Keith Urban. don't know any of his songs. as I've written before... Kris' like a regular dude we can all sing the national anthem w/. liked their performance.

Idol girls butchered Glamorous by Fergie. Fergie butchered her own song as well. awful live. Black Eyed Peas then sang Boom Boom Pow... current #1 single on both sides of the Atlantic. they definitely employ auto-tune. love performance though. rewind.

a blond Cyndi Lauper and Allison sang a duet. rewind. shout out to Cyndi: close your books when on stage.

Danny Gokey performed w/ Lionel Richie. love Gokey's blue-eyed soulful voice... but can't stand Lionel Richie's music. fast forward.

Adam Wentz... in full on Ashlee Simpson punk/rock wannabe mode... performed a medley w/ KISS. stark contrast w/ Kris' performance. beer vs champagne budget.

Santana and finalists... hmmm... cheesy... but again... who cares?... they're all havin' a good time. Steve Martin kicked ass playin' his banjo.

Rod Stewart kicked ass too. what I like about older performers like him, Cyndi... and even Lionel Richie... they can actually sing... no auto-tune in use. everyone's havin' a good time... even Janice Dickinson... she's dancin' and singin' along.

Kris and Adam then sang We Are The Champions by Queen. love Queen.

Simon: to both of you... each brilliant... nice people... both should be proud of what achieved... future is yours.

after close to 100 million votes... hundreds from me... Kris declared winner. will his debut song will be next week's #1 single?

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