04 May, 2009

Amazing Race 14 - Beijing, China

current song: Something Is Squeezing My Skull by Morrissey

teams continue to race. Jen's cryin' in the cab cuz she believes she and her sister's eliminated. Phil: you're still racing. Kisha: shut the frell up. teams make their way to a street... search among the shops for a Travelocity gnome.

teams find their gnomes... proceed to an area where they pick up a bicycle... ride past the Forbidden City. pic from wikipedia.org. Tammy & Victor amazed at the Chinese military goosesteppin' all over the place. Kisha & Jen runnin' to get their bikes. Luke, already on his bike... almost runs over them.

detour... Beijing opera or Chinese waiter. in Beijing opera teams go to an opera house... dress each other up in full costume (like the male and female models next to them)... go on stage... bow to some dude, who will give them their next clue. in Chinese waiter teams go to a restaurant... take orders from Mandarin speaking customers... repeat order to chef. if correct chef will prepare meal and then give next clue.

Tammy & Victor choose Chinese waiter. Tammy: if we can't do this task... mom and dad will kill us. Victor: it'd be very shameful. food ordered... fish, noodles, fried chicken, beef, and spare ribs. mmmmm! all other teams chose Beijing opera. Kisha: Jen, you be the gentleman... I've never been a princess in my whole life... here's my chance. Kisha ends up lookin' like one of the Mai T(h)ai trannies. Luke makes his mom look tranny as well. Margie: I look like a drag queen.

Tammy & Victor finish relatively quickly. u-turn ahead. Tammy: we can't beat Kisha & Jen in a foot race to the finish. they write an apology. Kisha & Jen disgusted by their u-turn. they're off to the restaurant... they have a hard time. they're like: we're black... we're not Chinese.

for the roadblock teams go to a street market where 1 team member must eat 4 fried Chinese delicacies... grasshopper, larva, scorpion and starfish. Victor kicks ass. he and his sister arrive 1st at the pit stop... the Bird's Nest. pic from wikipedia.org. they win a trip to the Galapagos Islands. awesome. Margie & Luke finish 2nd.

Kisha & Jen at the street vendor before NFL cheerleaders. Jen's eating bits and pieces... drinkin' lots of water to digest. she finishes... they get a cab. Jaime & Cara last to complete roadblock. Jen drank so much water that she had to pee like a mofo. bathroom break costly. she should have just pissed while running to the pit stop. Jaime & Cara arrived a few seconds before them.

for the finale the Race ends in my home state. the 3 remaining teams I liked from the 1st ep. Margie & Luke lived in Hawaii. perhaps this will give them an advantage. I do want Tammy & Victor to win. one time for the Asians!

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