13 May, 2009

24 (Day 7) - 05:00 to 06:00

current song: Walk This Way by Aerosmith on KPOI 105.9 FM

bitch battle between Chloe and Janis... but they work well together to save America.

hostile bad ass wants morphine to kill pain in his stabbed neck. Jack: gimme info... you'll get morphine. hostile claims to not know a thing. Jack puts pressure on hostile's neck. hostile cooperates. love it when Jack does that.

hostile calls Tony... techies locate Tony. Jack's in pursuit... he rams his vehicle into Tony's. Tony's captured. federales basically saved DC from being exposed to pathogen.

group has back up plan to free Tony. either free Tony or Jack's hottie daughter Kim's gonna die. as I've written each week... would love to be an extra on 24. Jack has security watching over Kim until she boards her plane. security dude got choked to death in the bathroom.

and what's up w/ hottie Olivia? basically she's frelled. chief of staff's room has recording device of whatever's said in room. device biometrically turned on and off by her nemesis Kanin.

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