22 April, 2009

Exercise from Honolulu to San Francisco = 2391 Miles

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my exercise journey from Honolulu to San Francisco began on 07.11.08. it 1st started out as a walking challenge. I bought myself a kick ass GDR blue Sportline pedometer. then I thought: walk 2,391 miles? cray-zay.

I decided to include all forms of exercise... walking, swimming, running, biking, rowing... to get my miles. I gave myself 1 cycle to complete this challenge... to reach San Francisco by 07.11.09. easy date to remember... all odd numbers. realized my goal 80 solar days ahead of schedule. I kicked ass.

I only needed 6.94 miles to reach the city. here's how I did it this afternoon. at the beach parking lot my pedometer read 4.80 miles... 2.14 miles to go. got my aquatic on. 0.63 mile estimated swimming distance... 1.51 miles to go. scheduled to run 37+ minutes to earn a drank. I officially ran into San Francisco. totally awesome.

I decided to pick a major city in the next time zone... chose Phoenix as the next destination. looked online for the distance. got several numbers... took an average. easy number to remember... 678 miles. Heil Health!

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