27 April, 2009

America's Next Top Model 12 - Carmen Miranda

current song: Warrior's Dance by Prodigy

contestants arrive in Sao Paulo... huge city. I will win the Mega Millions. I will currency to travel to Brazil. girls greeted by hottie Fernanda Motta... host of Brazil's Next Top Model. ANTM becomes the Amazing Race. girls race around city. pit stop = some garden where they're greeted by 'the girl from Ipanema'... who gives them keys to their apartment. Fo and Natalie came in 1st... they win slippers w/ crystals.

contestants learn capoeira. they battle each other. Celia kicks Aminat in the head. challenge = perform what they learn at a shoot while looking fierce. Fo kicks ass and wins. she gets 50% more shots for the next shoot, which means one girl will have 50% less. she chooses Teyona. Fo: I'm still pissed Teyona didn't pick me when she won last week's challenge.

for this week's challenge girls pose as Carmen Miranda. to me she looks like a tranny. girls get all dolled. Sutan: this looks like a Saturday night for me. I liked Allison's photo best. pic from cwtv.com.

during panel Tyra's like: which one of you will be rotten fruit? boooo! hisss! judges like Allison's pic best. Aminat and hottie Natalie in bottom. Natalie eliminated. I thought it should have been Aminat... but she creates more drama. more drama = higher ratings.

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