29 April, 2009

American Idol 8 - Jamie Foxx?!?!?

current song: La La Land by Demi Lovato

$2.299 per gallon for unleaded gas at Costco.

Kris Allen... slow song... fast forward. Simon: I'm not at all enthusiastic as the other 3 (judges)... safe... nice... but not incredible... I don't get the felling that you can win this competition.

Allison Iraheta... slow song... fast forward. Simon: do you think you can win at this stage? Allison: I think we all can win. doesn't she watch ANTM? she should have said: frell yeah I'm gonna win! Simon: I don't feel that belief in you... great performance... you may be overshadowed by the other personalities... you may be in trouble.

Matt Giraud. he's still in the competition? slow song... fast forward. Simon: I disagree w/ Randy. why listen to the other judges anyway? I don't. listen to what Simon says. boooo! hisss! Simon: for me you're the only believable one I heard tonight... you love this muzik... thought I heard a little Nat King Cole... brilliant.

Danny Gokey. like his voice. listened to his performance for several seconds. fast forward to Simon. he's like: you got swagger... you got confidence... you proved your vocals... arrangement superb... outstanding.

Adam Lambert Simpson-Wentz. slow song. about to fast forward... but mesmerized by Nazi performance. Simon: Randy complaining you're theatrical is like saying a cow moos. again... only listen to what Simon says. he adds: you want to win... you bring it each week... best entrance by far.

fav performance this week by Adam.

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