27 April, 2009

Amazing Race 14 - Beijing, China

current song: Untouchable by Girls Aloud

Kisha & Jen 1st to get clue, which instructs them to fly to Beijing. pic from wikipedia.org. Luke: I'm done talking to them... we're gonna kick their ass. both teams arrive at the airport. Margie & Luke purchasing tickets... Jen asks another agent if she could help her and her sister... agent doesn't. Kisha & Jen: you don't speak English?... why is it that the Chinese always give us a dumb look? Margie & Luke can't purchase tickets at the counter... they all have to go to another. Kisha & Jen get to the other counter 1st. Margie: aren't we supposed to stand in line the order we came?

Tammy & Victor arrive. they get their Mandarin on. to the agents: we're in a race against these foreigners... please put us closest to the front... please seat the other teams in the back of the plane. Chinese agents: good luck. Tammy: if we don't survive the Beijing leg we'd bring shame to our family. Victor: we'd bring shame to the Chinese people.

teams arrive in Beijing... race to taxi cabs... race to foot massage establishment. Beijing looks ultra-modern w/ all its neon lights and skyscrapers. is this really Communist China? looks very Western.

roadblock. 1 team member drinks an awful cup of tea... get a foot massage... has another drank of tea. foot massage = painful. team member must endure 10 minutes of pain... or cry uncle... and start from beginning. Cara's 1st... screaming in pain. Kisha watches in terror. she's like: I'm afraid. Cara's crying. she's like: this should be illegal... shut the frell up Jaime.

all teams complete challenge and head to swimming complex. detour... sync or swim. in sync... teams jump off 3m springboards... must penetrate water in unison... score at least a 5 from 2 judges. in swim... teams get their Phelps on. they need to swim 400m (200m each)... relay style. Phelps' world record shown in comparison. Jaime & Cara: do we have to beat his record?... no... otherwise we would be in the Olympics.

Jen breaks down cuz she doesn't wanna drown. they're in last place. Margie & Luke: Kisha and Jen may be a force on land... but we kicked their ass in the water. Jaime & Cara arrive at pit stop 1st... but this grueling leg's not done.

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