28 April, 2009

24 (Day 7) - 03:00 to 04:00

current song: I Love College by Asher Roth

in past 24 posts I asked: when will Chloe save America? in tonight's ep the hottie MILF makes an appearance. shout out to Mary Lynn Rajskub: when you come to Hawaii... let's chillax at the beach... get our spacer bronze on... get some dranks. love her.

ep starts w/ Tony bein' a bad ass... kickin' ass. Walker puts out an APB... 2 federales hear it... Tony shoots them... removes vehicle's tracking device... drives off... meets Galvez to pick up bio-weapon. Galvez wants more money... Tony kicks his ass. rewind scene several times.

hottie impostor lawyer meets Tony. Tony's like: Hodges presented us w/ an opportunity... strike the enemy when they're down. she calls a quorum. is this Battlestar? they all vote to speed up their plans. is Will Patton... who plays Alan Wilson... the main bad ass?

Jack questions Hodges. in comes Chloe to save America. Taylor orders the CTU servers to be up and running... w/ Chloe in charge. she can't believe Tony's a traitor. I don't believe it. Tony = deep deep deep undercover.

Janice gives some cuntitude to the operation. Jack snaps at her. basically he's like: look bitch... if you gots a problem... get the frell out... Palmer ordered these computers up and running. Chloe knows something's wrong w/ her bud.

I think at the end of this season Jack will be seen dying. explanation of how he survived bio-weapon will be explained next season. I assume the federales got an antidote from Starkwood scientists.

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