30 September, 2008


current song: Sex And Candy by Marcy Playground on Star 101.9 FM

breaststroke to life guard station 2... sand run to station 3 back to station 1. 4 laps.
46 minutes and change. 2 cans of Coke reward.
3.06 miles (estimate)

massive Cylon triathletes invasion... led of course by D'Anna. who knows how many miles they swam? who knows how many miles they ran?

Push Ups
1,124 so far... 376 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08.

the SS 15 minutes freestyle and SS 15 lbs weight gain may not be realized... but I have to look at the positives from my Spartakiads (hmmm... Spartakiaden?). after the 1st Spartakiad I thought I would be done w/ the bike machine... but I still go on it every now and then. after the 2nd Spartakiad I know I will continue to do push ups. I already have plans for my 3rd Spartakiad.

Sportline pedometer - 6.28 miles = 9.34 miles

1,357.56 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

29 September, 2008

Amazing Race 13 - Salvador, Brazil

current song: Billy Jean by Michael Jackson on KSSK 92.3 FM

single released in 1983. UK #1 25 cycles ago... Karma Chameleon by Culture Club

I finally get to travel the planet again via the Amazing Race. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to travel. I already have my top 3 teams who I want to be in the finals... brother/sister Nick & Starr, mamma/son Toni & Dallas, and frat boys Andrew & Dan.

the race starts at the LA Coliseum... where a few weeks ago former #1 USC defeated then #5 Ohio State 35-3. awesome football game. teams get their 1st clue... go to Salvador, Brazil. pic from wikipedia.org. Terrence, from the usual 'newly dating' couple irritates me already. to his girl Sarah, he's like: I've lived in LA before... I know what traffic's like on the freeways... I'm glad we took the surface streets... don't you agree?... gimme some love. translation: I'm the man of the relationship... I make all the decisions cuz I know everything... I'm in control... love me... please don't leave me. while they cruise the surface streets, actual road race going on the freeway above. the usual 'married but separated' couple Ken & Tina overtakes everyone on the freeway... except for the usual 'dating long distance' couple Aja & Ty who beat every team to LAX by driving in the carpool lane.

2 flights to Salvador... w/ an American Airlines flight scheduled to arrive 1st. it seems that the past few seasons the producers tell the teams what flights to take rather than let the contestants figure out flights for themselves. anyway... confusion at the airport. Aja & Ty don't see any flags at the counter cuz they're in the general ticket line. oops. several teams stand in line behind them. oops. the usual 'best friends' team Mark & Bill along w/ Ken & Tina decide to look around... they see the marked American Airlines counter. mad dash for flight seats.

1st teams arrive in Salvador. clue instructs them to go to a coffee shop and deliver a cart w/ supplies to Praca Da Se, a popular plaza... where a local will give them their next clue, which instructs teams to go to a military base to stay the night. at the base teams sign up for 3 staggered departure times for the following morning. teams get to socialize their 1st night in Brazil. Sarah's very friendly, while Terrence's very insecure. he's like: Sarah's talkin' a lot to the other teams... I want to be w/ her... I want her to hold me... I want her to connect w/ me. translation: love me, love me, love me... please don't leave me.

next morning 1st teams that depart at 09:00 find out they have to go to Pelourinho... Salvador's historic center. running around trying to find the next clue, insecure Terrence's like: Sarah, I love you... I love your speed... but you out-lapped me... can you not outrun me? translation: I'm the man of this relationship... follow my lead... I want to control you... love me... please don't leave me. Terrence coaches runners... but his long distance running will do him no good considering everyone sprints in the race.

1st detour of the race... either hard way up... or soft way down. frat boys Andrew and Dan only team to do hard way up. they go to a cathedral... they get on their hands and knees and climb doggie-style up the stairs... meet a local who asks them a mystery question: how many steps did you climb? they didn't count the steps and so had to do the detour all over again... losing valuable time.

all other teams did soft way down... teams go Elevador Lacerda and climb down a 200+ feet cargo net to the street. the alliance of Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina are 1 - 2. bro and sis team complete the detour... they're in 1st place. clue instructs them to go to the pit stop... Forte de São Marcelo... a military fort that protected Salvador from pirates. Ken & Tina complete the detour... they're in 2nd place... they're off to get a cab. Nick & Starr ask locals directions to the fort. they could actually walk/run to the pit stop... they get there 1st and win a trip to Belize. cab ride proved costly to Ken & Tina. the alliance works so far.

while going down the cargo net, Sarah & Terrence catch up w/Mark & Bill. friendly Sarah's like: hey guys... can you believe we're doing this? insecure Terrence's like: Sarah!... don't talk to them... talk to me... let me do the talking to them. translation: Sarah... you're my girl... love me... please don't leave me... back off boys... she's mine... I own her.

mad race to the pit stop. the usual 'hippy' team, married beekeepers Anita & Arthur, arrive last... they're eliminated. too bad they didn't make it farther into the race. they could have educated people about about bees... inform the world about the mystery of disappearing bees.

28 September, 2008

Pac-10 Volleyball: ASU 3 - WSU 0

current song: Hotel California by The Eagles on KPOI 105.9 FM

1st of several Pac-10 vball matches I hope to watch this season. new head coaches at each school. Karch Kiraly explained the Washington State offense: to compete w/ the taller teams in the Pac-10, Washington State runs a quick offense... and even though at times the team may not be in system, the coach wants the setter to set the middles rather than the outside hitters no matter what... making the offense less predictable.

wearing a revealing outfit that showed her personalities, Holly McPeak interviewed ASU head coach Jason Watson. he too wants to run a quick offense. rather than setting the outside hitters 2/3 of the time, he wants all hitters to be involved. Watson coached at BYU for several cycles... and his team upset Washington at the NCAA tournament last season. announcers are like: look at what he did at BYU w/ all their restrictions... imagine what he can do at ASU now that he can recruit nationally.

anyway... ASU swept Washington State. the night before ASU lost in 5 sets to #9 Washington. now... is ASU good or is Washington over-ranked? Washington will play the Bay Area schools this weekend. its match against #6 Stanford will be televised.

AVP Manhattan Beach: May-Treanor/Walsh

current song: American Boy by Estelle on Hot 93.9 FM

this single must be in high rotation.

Misty & Kerri won over Boss & Ross. Chris McGee introduced Misty as the next Dancing w/ the Stars champion. I still await moderator approval to officially become a May-niac.

I wanted Boss & Ross to win this match... get their 1st AVP win. still though... by coming in 2nd lots of times... and by playing beach vball every weekend... they each have earned hundreds of thousands of $s. they've beaten Misty & Kerri a couple times... but today April's like: they came in attack mode... they kept swingin' away... we weren't prepared for that.

AVP Manhattan Beach - Dalhausser/Rogers

current song: American Boy by Estelle on Hot 93.9 FM

Dalhausser & Rogers won over Lucena & Scott. w/ the win the Thin/Beijing Beast and the Professor split $100K... damn. for coming in 2nd, Lucena and local boy Sean Scott split $75K... damn. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win thousands of $s.

when Dalhausser started playing beach vball he pocketed $780 his 1st season. his overall winnings?... closing in on $700K. damn.

27 September, 2008


current song: Disturbia by Rihanna on Hot 93.9 FM

breaststroke and sand run between life guard stations 1 and 3.
22 minutes and change. 1 can Coke reward
1.12 miles (estimate)

started to rain like cray-zay when I went to the beach... also last day of jellyfish invasion... but none at Ala Moana beach. what do these conditions mean? EMPTY BEACH! awesome. w/ no one frolicking in the shallows, water very clear... and I got to swim in less than knee high water depth.

bumped into friend Cy(c)lon(e) Andrew. he saw friend Ann during lunch. I haven't seen her at the beach for some time. small talked for a bit. he didn't swim today... he only ran for 10 miles cuz he's training for the marathon. I asked him about his swimming routine and he does 2 laps... 1 lap for him being a mile. 1 lap for me would be swimming to life guard station 2 back to station 1... about .25 miles. he met up w/ other Cylon triathletes in the parking lot. they make exercise look so easy. love and loathe them.

24 Hour Fitness - Quads & Triceps (attempt)
Cardio 2
Precor EFX 546i - interval program, 21.51 minutes, level 4 start (gradual increase to end at level 6)
228 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.99 miles

smith machine squat
  • 10/100 avg (90, 100, 110)
abductor - glutes machine
  • 10/75
  • 10/80
  • 7/85 = 9/79 avg
abductor - inner thighs machine
  • 10/110
  • 10/115
  • 6/120 = 8/114 avg
extensions machine
  • 10/70
  • 9/75
  • 8/80 = 9/74 avg
overhead extensions machine
  • 10/90 avg (80, 90, 100)
  • 10/50 avg (45, 50, 55)
Push Ups
1,008 so far... 492 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08. I need to average 41 push ups for the 12 remaining solar days. totally doable.

Sportline pedometer - 12.40 miles = 15.51 miles

1,366.90 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

Pac-10 Football: OSU 27 - #1 USC 21

current song: Two Princes by Spin Doctors on Star 101.9 FM

$3.849 per gallon for regular gas at Costco

awesome game. awesome conference... well, except for its non-con results. is it 1999? that season, like this one... disastrous non-con record... conference teams beat each other up. in 1998 UCLA won the Pac-10 title w/ a perfect record and almost made it to the 1st BCS title game... but in 1999 I remember UCLA placed 2nd to last in the conference... and Stanford... Stanford of all teams... went to the Rose Bowl.

the past 2 seasons... co-Pac-10 champions. in 2006 USC and Cal... in 2007 USC and ASU. parity again in the Pac-10? I hope so. then again since the BCS began the Pac-10 has been the most balanced conference... balanced meaning that 9 teams have won or shared the conference title... and 7 went on to BCS Bowl games.

who knows what's gonna happen this season? maybe Arizona's gonna party like it's 1999.

26 September, 2008

America's Next Top Model 11 - Eyes

current song: Pony by Genuwine on Hot 93.9 FM

miss J gives the wannabe models walking lessons. Korto's still competing on Project Runway and so miss J still has her Top Model job. she's like: precision is the key... you girls will walk on all types of surfaces... this time it's a bowling alley... I don't want you to slide... but to glide.

transgender Isis' like: oh my gawd... I'm totally confident... this is sumthin' I've been waitin' ta do for sooo long. she almost trips. Hannah walks more manly than Isis... like a soldier. miss J imitates Hannah and looks like Frankenstein. Hannah should have goose-stepped... that could have been her signature walk. Sheena... mmmmm. she's wearing short short shorts and a tight white top that shows off her personalities. walkin' her walk, her personalities got some bounce to them. miss J's like: ooooo... shake it but don't break it cuz da boyz won't take it.

back at the establishment what do the girls do? walk walk walk walk... and walk. there's also some loathin' goin' on. Clark's like: Isis and her man hands should just go home already. Isis, McKey and Joslyn are in the bathroom talkin' story. wearing short shorts and only a bra for a top, while combing her hair and lookin' nasty, Isis' like: other women feel intimidated by me. shyeah. McKey or Joslyn's like: you go girl. ok... whatever.

for this week's challenge, the wannabes will participate in a fashion show for designer Jeremy Scott, who looks like Travis Barker. event held in a bank vault... girls will be cat burglars. backstage the girls practice their walk. it seems that's all they do... walk walk walk walk and walk. watching Samantha, Jeremy tells her: DO NOT raise the dress... DO NOT model like that. what does she during the show? she lifts up her dress of course. Jeremy's like: I told her 15x not to do that.

challenge winner will get to wear Kira Plastinina designs and have the photo shoot appear in Seventeen mag. gal w/ the worst walk will be sent home. more pressure when the wannabes find out that they will have to go down the runway blindfolded. don't care for Joslyn... but she did have a sexy walk. she wins the challenge and picks Sheena and Isis to go along w/ her to the photo shoot. I wondered if Joslyn chose Isis so that she would make herself look relatively better in the pics next to Isis.

poor Hannah has to pack her belongings and go back to Alaska. pobrecita. she should have goose-stepped... that signature walk would have stood out. Hannah, come to Hawaii... help the V-PILF's campaign here in this pro-Democrat state.

mr. J wakes the girls early morning. he's like: today we'll be doing the photo shoot in the pool... and you know how we keep telling you to smile w/ your eyes?... well, we're gonna do that today... you ladies will submerge yourself from the eyes down... and who's gonna be your photographer?... why it's Nigel Barker.

Isis, who has yet to receive an endorsement deal from a duct tape manufacturer, is nervous. she doesn't want her caterpillar swimmin' around in the pool. she had to wear 3 undergarments in case her tape came off. cue Butterfly by Mariah Carey... spread your wings and prepare to fly... for you have become a butterfly...

McKey's like: I only have 2 looks... squint and wide open... I could twitch... but that won't look attractive. Clark's like: I'm thinkin' I'm layin' in bed. mr. J's like: her eyes stayed sexy the entire time... it's obvious she was flirting w/ Nigel. the judges felt she had the best pic. my fav pic... Marjorie. I agree w/ Paulina... the photo does look like she's headless, holding her own head in a pool of blood. pic from cwtv.com.

at judging Jeremy Scott goes off on Samantha. she's like: Samantha, you do have one of the best photos... but you did the worst in my show... I know you were blindfolded... but did you see a pole at the end of the runway?... the way you touched your body and raised my dress?... you're representing me... not you... you're not a rock star. ok Mary... relax. while discussing w/ only the judges present, Jeremy again goes off on Samantha. she's like: she walks like a truck driver... she's like a stripper... the way she pulled her dress up... it's was a fashion show... not a strip show. relax Mary.

like I wrote earlier, Clark gets called 1st. her flirting payed off. to please Mary... I mean Jeremy, Samantha is in the bottom along w/ Isis. standing next to Isis, Samantha looks obese. I wondered when and how Isis would get eliminated. Tyra is clever. the past several photo shoots Isis' pics showed that she has a 'weak' or 'sleepy' eye. Tyra must have came up w/ this challenge to specifically send Isis home this week.

25 September, 2008

Project Runway 5 - LL Cool J

current song: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis on KSSK 92.3 FM

$3.819 per gallon for regular gas at Costco

Heidi lets the ladies choose the models they want to work w/. silent fashion assassin Leanne ditches curvaceous Karalyn. Korto's like: you're a heartbreaker Leanne. Karalyn wants to cry. poor hottie. Leanne opts to work w/ Suede's muse Tia. I don't really care for Suede... and so I haven't really noticed her model... but Tia must have really worked the runway to make Suede's rags look amazing.

Tim tells the ladies that for their challenge they will have to design an outfit for each other inspired by a genre of music. another idea ripped off from America's Next Top Model?... last cycle the wannabe models had a photo shoot (ep titled House of Pain) where they represented different genres too. anyway... urban chick Korto designing a punk outfit for poser Suede?... purrty vanilla Kenley creating a hip hop outfit for even more vanilla Leanne? should be interesting.

love Korto. she's like: Suede... you betta tell me to my face before Tim gets here whether or not you like your outfit... I don't wanna (bitch) slap you in front of him. trying to rap, Leanne's like: yo... Kenley's gonna make an outfit fo me... betta not make it like it's from 19-50. Jerell wants to transform Kenley into Kenley Spears... bring out the sex goddess in her... fishnets and all... mmmmm. loved the outfit best. pic from bravotv.com. damn's she's purrty.

purrty Kenley picked out a floral patterned fabric, which she told Tim looks like graffiti. huh? when Tim checks on her progress, he's like: hello Kenley... let's pretend that I'm from the moon... talk to me... I'm an old fart... but shouldn't hip hop be oversized? Kenley's like: oh Tim... that's '80s hip hop... I don't wanna make Leanne look stupid. hmmm... Leanne did that herself trying to rap. basically Tim's like: I'm not dissin' you... listen bitch... it would be betta for you to drop the sarcasm. poor Kenley.

on the runway Korto has a fierce walk... totally worked it. she could be a runway coach and replace Miss J on Top Model. did I mention Kenley looked good in Jerell's design? it pained me to watch Leanne on the catwalk. Kenley's like: she's not sellin' it... she's a poser... oh shit... LL Cool J, the king of hip hop is a judge... Leanne's embarrassing.

during judging it pained me to hear Kenley defend herself. I did enjoy looking at her though. anyway... it pained me to hear Kenley defend herself from vindictive Heidi, who still must be furious at Kenley for making her look stupid in front of Diane von Fürstenberg. Heidi looked pleased and smug when the other judges loathed on Kenley's fugly design.

Heidi can be a bitch. I remembered how she treated Jay McCarroll like shit. after he became the 1st Project Runway winner, Heidi wanted him to design an outfit for her for a red carpet event. she's like: I want red... I'm gonna wear red. he worked so hard... giving in to all her demands to make his client happy. at the very last minute, Heidi's like: oh... I hope you understand... but my people advised me not to wear red... I'm gonna go w/ another designer... I hope you understand... this happens a lot in this business. poor Jay.

Korto deserved to win this challenge. she created an outfit for a (wo)man for the 1st time and pulled it off. Suede... she's finally off the show. in next week's preview it showed Heidi still being vindictive towards purrty Kenley.

24 September, 2008

Dancing With The Stars 7 - Misty May's Mambo

current song: Forever by Chris Brown on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

the announcers called Misty and Maks 2nd tonight. Misty's like: Maks... was I girlie enough for you? ooooo... Misty... behave... you're married. Maks' like: that was all the girl I wanted in the fox trot. Misty's purrty.

behind the scenes Maks teaches Misty the mambo for their next performance. the mambo's 'all about the hips'... 'hip action'... 'big circular motions'. critiquing Misty, Maks' like: hmmm... that was an awkward sexy dance. he compares Misty's legs to those of Stacy Keibler's. mmm... Stacy Keibler... legs so long its like they start from her shoulders. Stacy's sexy.

before her performance, Misty's like: I'm gonna shake what my mamma gave me. ooooo... Misty... shake it... shake it like a salt shake-ah.

Misty's all dolled up again. pic from abc.com. she does her performance... power and grace in one sexy package. she even blew a kiss to the camera. Matt... that kiss was meant for me. ha ha ha. in the audience more beach vball players... this time Nicole Branagh and Holly McPeak... lookin' good all dolled up too. I wonder if the contestants can only invite 2 guests at a time.

Carrie Ann, who looks like friend Shin, comments: you attacked the mambo... it totally worked this time... your legs are fierce. damn right. Len's like: I loved your solo. Bruno's like: relax your shoulders... they kept going higher and higher as your performance went on. May-niacs, how dare he compare our beloved Misty to Frankenstein.

back in the waiting room Misty's like: if I wore a heart rate monitor it would be broken right now... oh... we got a 21... that must be our lucky number.

Misty, I tried to vote for you online tonight... but I forgot my username and password. I'll vote 13 times for you as soon as ABC sends me my login info.

Costco Gas - $3.819 per gallon

current song: Dangerous by Kardinal Offishall on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

I actually paid less than $4 per gallon for regular gas at Costco for the 1st time in months. the price of oil shot up $25 per barrel yesterday, which means gas prices will increase again. but how soon?... tomorrow? Costco must constantly buy gas to supply its customers... and so it must have a lot in its reserves. so... shouldn't Costco charge its customers less than $4 per gallon until its entire inventory that it bought for a cheaper price runs out? I know more people would want to fill their tanks since its relatively cheap now... and so Costco's supply will run out faster than usual... but wouldn't its reserves still last several solar days or even a few weeks?

when the price of oil started to go down, gas prices remained high because suppliers said that they have to get rid of its older supply reserves 1st before savings can be passed to consumers. so wouldn't the opposite be true as well? shouldn't prices remain low until its inventory bought at a lower price runs out?

I will win the Mega Millions. I will earn extra $ that will be used to pay for gas that will surely increase in price in a few solar days. I should drive by Costco daily to see how soon it will raise its gas prices.

23 September, 2008

Dancing With The Stars 7 - Premiere

current song: What It's Like by Everlast on Star 101.9 FM

single released in 1998. UK #1 single 10 cycles ago... Millenium by Robbie Williams.

I actually watched Dancing w/ the Stars... just to see Misty May get her groove on. pic from abc.com. check out her guns... check out her flat stomach... check out her guns again. I think I may be a May-niac. blond vball goddess Kerri Walsh in the audience along w/ her vball stud husband Casey Jennings. different seeing them all dressed up... especially Kerri in her black dress. she looked demure and purrty.

speaking of vball... Pac-10 conference play begins this weekend. in the latest CBS college sports/AVCA poll released 09.22, 6 Pac-10 teams rank in the top 11. should be yet another exciting season of Pac-10 vball.

Misty intro clip showed her all dolled up in a yellow gown, jumping on the beach, spiking vballs over the net. she cracks me up. she skipped the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony to come back home and practice w/ her dance partner Maksim (Maks) Chmerkovskiy. I don't know anything about ballroom dancing... but she looked good. power and grace.

I thought I could call in and vote for Misty as many times as I could during the voting period... but apparently I could only call in 13 times. I think I am a May-niac cuz I even voted for her online. thinking about it... good thing a limit placed on the number of votes... otherwise who knows how long I would have been on the phone or online voting?


current song: A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson on KSSK 92.3 FM

breaststroke and sand run between life guard stations 1 and 3
22.92 minutes. 1 can Coke reward.
1.00 mile (estimate)

Sportline pedometer - 2.69 miles = 3.69 miles today

1,382.41 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

Push Ups
759 so far... 741 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08. I reached half the goal today.

22 September, 2008

Battle Of The Bulge: Coke 1 - Cardio 0

current song: Owner Of A Lonely Heart by Yes on KSSK 92.3 FM

Battle of the Bulge
very pleased I've kept my Coke habit under control. at this rate I will have a surplus of 9 cardio exercises starting next month. then I can decrease the calories I need to burn off by 9% from 223 to 202 calories to earn 1 drank of my nemesis. I'll have to wait for the final numbers.

  • 15 minutes freestyle - 3 minutes and change
  • 1500 push ups - 708 so far... 792 more to go
  • 15 lbs weight gain - 2 lbs
the push ups challenge may be the only one I will complete. I have to average 46 push ups each remaining solar day until the 10.08.08 ending date for this SS Spartakiad. as for my 15 minutes freestyle challenge... I have to get over my paranoia. I still freak out when I breaststroke in murky less than knee high depth water. there are no sharks in Ala Moana... there are no sharks in Ala Moana... there are no sharks in Ala Moana.

I do like my little Coke pooch... but I still look like a flat chested girl. I've been piggin' out like crazy to gain weight... I've been exercising like crazy to add muscle mass and bulk up... but yet I still do not have my Sean Scott beach vball bod. today I had 4 huge meals and snacked all solar day. I will weigh myself 1st thing tomorrow morning. hopefully I gained at least 1 pound.


current song: Paper Planes by M.I.A. on Hot 93.9 FM

breaststroke (arms only) to life guard station 3 back to station 1.
23.58 minutes. 1 can Coke reward
0.50 miles (estimate)

in the parking lot spotted Cylon Zipp w/ a human friend. jellyfish invasion supposed to begin on Tuesday... hopefully no early arrivals tomorrow... I wanna get my aquatic on. SS 15 minutes freestyle challenge will resume after the invasion.

24 Hour Fitness - Calves
Cardio 2
Precor EFX 546i - interval program, 20.26 minutes, level 4 start (fluctuate between levels 4 and 9)
230 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.98 miles

press machine
  • 10/250 3x
donkey machine
  • 10/230
  • 10/240 2x = 236 avg
standing raises machine
  • 10/225 3x
seat raise machine
  • 10/65 avg (60, 65, 70)
Cardio 3
bike - manual program, 23.16 minutes, level 4 start (fluctuate between levels 4 and 6)
229 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
8.68 miles

Sportline pedometer - 1.20 miles = 12.36 miles today

1,386.10 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09.

AVP San Francisco: May-Treanor/Walsh

current song: Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

single released in 2005. UK #1 single 3 cycles ago... Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls

I finally watched this match today. Misty and Kerri swept Branagh and EY in 2 sets. Misty = digging machine. John Deere should sponsor her. the company should name a line of its equipment after her too. tomorrow night I'm actually gonna watch Dancing w/ the Stars to see Misty get her groove on. remember to vote... vote for Misty.

clip shown of Kerri visiting Stanford. in the latest CBS CS/AVCA poll released 09.15, Stanford ranks #6... behind Pac-10 foes #4 UCLA and #5 USC. half of the conference teams rank in the top 10. should be another awesome Pac-10 vball season.

21 September, 2008

AVP San Francisco - Gibb/Rosenthal

current song: Man! I Feel Like A Woman! by Shania Twain on KSSK 92.3 FM

single released in 1999. UK #1 single 9 cycles ago... We're Going To Ibiza by Vengaboys. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to go to Ibiza one solar day. for my fav song about Ibiza... click here.

AVP still in Pac-10 country... this time in San Francisco. Gibb and Rosenthal won. they beat Olympic gold medalists Dalhausser and Rogers in the final. highlight of the match... a powerful spike that hit the Beijing Beast's bald head... shattering his shades in the process. Sinjin Smith's like: that was spectacular.


current song: What You Got by Colby O'Donis on Power 104.3 FM

breaststroke to life guard station 3 back to station 1. 0.50 miles (estimate)
22.28 minutes. 1 can Coke reward

24 Hour Fitness - Chest & Biceps
Cardio 2
AMT 100i - fat burner program, 18.73 minutes, level 9 start (fluctuate between levels 4 and 10)
231 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.97 miles

incline press machine
  • 10/85 avg (80, 85, 90)
fly machine
  • 10/30
  • 10/35
  • 10/40
  • 5/45 = 8/36 avg
machine bench press
  • 10/110 avg (90, 110, 130)
cable hammer curls - rope attachment
  • 10/45
  • 10/50
  • 10/55
  • 10/60
  • 10/65
  • 4/70 = 9/56 avg
reverse cable curl
  • 10/60
  • 10/65
  • 6/70 = 8/64 avg
standing cable curl
  • 10/70
  • 10/75
  • 10/80
  • 4/85 = 8/76 avg
Cardio 3
rowing machine - level 9
224 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
3,831 m = 2.38 miles

Sportline pedometer - 3.09 miles = 7.94 miles

1,398.46 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09. under 1,400 miles to go. I need to average a little over 5 miles each solar day. totally doable.

Push Ups
638 so far... 862 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08... an average of 47 each solar day. totally doable.

20 September, 2008

Samantha Brown - Passport to (Xian) China

current song: With You by Chris Brown on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

miss Brown takes a train to Xian... the ancient capital... from Beijing. she describes the enormous station in Beijing as the Grand Central Station of Asia. it handles 122,000 people daily. Westerners recommended to take the 'soft seat' cars for the 12 hour ride. once in Xian, a city of 8 million people, she feels as if she's in a small town... considering she came from Beijing, which is twice its size in area and in population.

English speaking guides take her on a tour. one guide takes her to what's left of the City Wall... built 1,400 cycles ago... that protected Xian from barbarians. only 8 miles of the Wall remain. I remember seeing this Wall in an ep of the Amazing Race. the guide suggests riding the Chinese Mercedes... a bicycle... atop the Wall. cost to rent a bike? $3. thick cloud of pollution shown over Xian.

another guide brings her to a restaurant to pig out on dim sum... or dumplings. she could choose from a selection of 200 types of dim sum. the guide orders 20 dishes. fish shaped dim sum w/ fish filling... bird shaped dim sum w/ chicken filling. other shapes and filling shown... frog, pigeon, and walnut. she totally pigged out. I know I would.

she gets a calligraphy lesson from master calligrapher Yuan Gao, who knows 10,000 characters. damn... I would be illiterate. to this solar day, after working in downtown all these cycles, I still have not memorized the Braille numbers in the elevator.

another guide... she mentions that guides can make $20 a solar day... takes her to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. standing 7 stories high it was built around 650 during the Tang Dynasty. she later goes to the Bell Tower, the center of the ancient capital. she says: it's the equivalent to Times Square.

what else did she do in the ep? hmmm... after walking around the city she wanted to get a foot massage, which actually turned out to be a full body massage, costing her only $17. she also went to the Great Mosque. she's like: a mosque in China? Islam introduced in China via the Silk Road... and currently Muslims in China number in the millions.

highlight of her trip to Xian? the Terracotta Army. I also saw this in the Amazing Race. an estimated 700,000 people worked on the 1st Emperor's tomb, taking 38 cycles to complete. legend says everyone who worked on the project had to be killed to protect the secrecy of the tomb's location.

back in her hotel room she pigs out on hamburger and fries. her hamburger has an egg on the beef patty. it's like a haole style loco moco... bread substituted for rice.

America's Next Top Model 11 - The Swan

current song: What I Got by Sublime on Star 101.9 FM

single released in 1997. UK #1 single 11 cycles ago... Drugs Don't Work by The Verve

Tyra throws a princess pizza party for the contestants. they all wear tiaras and receive a goodie bag. even though Tyra ordered several boxes of 'smokin' hot extra fierce' pizza the girls share 1 slice.

next morning, girls taken to Neil George Salon for their makeovers... from fugly cygnets to swans. Marjorie goes from blond to brunette. stylists chop off Samantha's hair... she begins to cry... Sutan's like: girl... are you cryin' cuz of yo boyfriend?... girl... dump da guy. Clark's dark hair makes her look like hottie Angie Harmon. Angie's purrty... love her. Lauren Brie becomes a platinum blond. Sheena... hmmm... w/ her highlights she looks like a typical Asian girl here in Honolulu. although not a drastic transformation, I like her makeover photo best. pic from the cwtv.com site. weave master Kiyah (love this name) Wright brought in to work on Elina. Miss J's like: girl... you should be scurd... girl... you... should... be... scurd. Elina becomes a red head... reminds me of Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats. Isis... well, nothing's chopped off... she still has her caterpillar. cue Butterfly by Mariah Carey... spread your wings and prepare to fly... for you have become a butterfly...

wannabes taken to Wal-Mart for a CoverGirl challenge... impromptu 30 second commercial. Hannah's win includes a $1000 Wal-Mart gift card. I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to shop at Wal-Mart and pump $ into the US economy. Isis looks nasty... Marjorie gives a shout out to Walgreens... Analeigh gets all ghetto... before Elina uttered a word, her time ran out.

girls taken to Malibu for the photo shoot. photographer Russell James takes pics of the wannabes wearing swimsuits designed by supermodel Susan Holmes. I liked Samantha's photo the best. again... pic from cwtv.com. Sheena's swimsuit kinda matched her skin tone making her appear nude. Hannah had eye problems. photographer's like: relax your eyes... you look schizophrenic... relax your eyes... you look psycho... relax your eyes.

Isis... hmmm... Mr. J's like: are you comfortable?... the photographer and Susan don't know. Isis again goes off about how she's physically born a male... blah blah blah. after her shoot, Russell James' like: I'm not convinced she has the potential to be a model... it's the physical structure of her face. Isis should get a contract to endorse duct tape. spread your wings and prepare to fly... for you have become a butterfly...

at judging, panel likes Sheena's pic. she tells the judges that she's been practicing how to smile w/ her eyes. Isis is told that she has a weak eye. Tyra's like: I love this photo. huh? Paulina looks confused too. they love Joslyn's pic. Tyra's like: you're posing... but there's motion. creating wind... smiling w/ your eyes... now, posing to create motion? fascinating.

Elina's racially ambiguous pic gets her called 1st. Britranny, who looks like Isis, is eliminated.

18 September, 2008

Project Runway 5 - The Swan

contestants challenged to give recent college grads a fashion makeover to help them enter the workforce of the resilient US economy. tonight's ep begins w/ more footage of Kenley applying makeup. does Bravo want to show viewers her fugly side? don't think so... she's so purrty. Kenley mentions she comes from Florida... oh no... sec country... and for a brief moment I don't like her. but she's so damn purrty.

Heidi introduces the designers to some special (older) ladies. Korto's like: it's the mom challenge... I'm gonna slap somebody if I hear dem talkin' bad 'bout my momma. after seeing all the special (white, older) ladies Jerell's like: this ain't the momma challenge.

designers and their clients meet. purrty Kenley's muse, mini-Kenley's like: I get to work w/ the cutest girl... and I'm an assistant buyer for women's accessories. Korto, who I learn has a daughter, wants her muse to look classic yet funky. I liked her design best. photo from bravotv.com. silent fashion assassin Leanne's muse = Hedda Lettuce for this challenge. I can understand where Joe's coming from... he goes for a traditional, conservative business suit... but since his model is non-lean, she will look like a sausage spillin' out of its casing. he wants to give her some flair by adding a pocket square.

Tim says the he has an announcement to make. (she thinks she's interesting) Suede's like: I'm gonna jump out the window if I have to design a dress for the mom. I'm hoping he would just jump anyway. contestants find out that the winning look will be in Elle magazine. I had a feeling whoever had the skinniest muse... in this case Jerell... would win. Elle will not feature a full figured girl in its magazine. I also had a feeling whoever had the non-leanest muse... in this case Joe... would be eliminated.

this ep filled w/ Kenley being all bitchy while still looking purrty. when Tim checks on her progress she's like: I don't change anything for Tim... what-everz Tim. she also loathes on Suede: I don't think she's a good designer... she's a poser... I don't understand her aesthetic. when the judges comment on Joe's pocket square, she and mini-Kenley laugh out loud.

as expected... Jerell, who has the leanest muse, wins the challenge. Leanne's in the bottom 3 along w/ Joe and Suede. Leanne gets bug eyed and looks like Sissy Spacek in Carrie, ready to kill everyone in the room. she's in. whew. I hoped Suede would finally be eliminated... but as expected... Joe, who has the non-leanest muse, is out.

I thought of FOX's reality show The Swan while watching tonight's ep. all these girls look so happy and pleased w/ their makeovers... and yet they're not good enough to be featured in Elle.


current song: Pride (In The Name Of Love) by U2 on KPOI 105.9 FM

breaststroke to life guard station 2. sand run to station 3 back to station 1.
23 minutes. 1 can Coke reward. 1.13 miles (estimate)

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders (attempt)
Precor EFX 546i - interval program, 19.68 minutes, level 9 start (gradual decrease to end at level 5)
228 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.96 miles

rotary machine
  • 10/70
  • 9/85
  • 5/100 = 8/81 avg
upright cable row
  • 10/60 avg (55, 60, 65)
lateral raise machine 15
  • 10/50
  • 6/55
  • 6/60 = 7/54 avg
Push Ups
84 today. 516 so far... 984 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08

Sportline pedometer - 2.80 miles = 5.89 miles today

1,406.40 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

17 September, 2008


current song: With You by Chris Brown on Power 104.3 FM

24 Hour Fitness
Cardio 1
Precor EFX 546i - interval program, 19.68 minutes, level 4 start (gradual increase to end at level 7)
230 calories burned off > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.97 miles

dorsi flexor machine
  • 10/120 avg (105, 120, 135)
seated cable rows
  • 10/100
  • 9/110
  • 5/120 = 8/107 avg
wide-grip lat pulldown
  • 10/90
  • 10/100
  • 5/110 = 8/98 avg
v-bar pulldown
  • 10/100
  • 7/110
  • 6/110 = 7/105 avg
pushdown - vbar attachment
  • 10/65
  • 10/70
  • 5/75 = 8/69 avg
  • 16/45
overhead extensions machine
  • 10/60
  • 10/80
  • 10/90
  • 6/100 = 9/80 avg
seated dip machine
  • 10/105
  • 10/120 2x = 115 avg
modular dips machine
  • 10/61 avg (51, 61, 71)
Cardio 2
Precor EFX 546i - cross training 1 program, 17.98 minutes, level 9 start (decrease by 1 level every 6 minutes ending at level 7)
230 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
1.96 miles

breaststroke to life guard station 2 back to station 1. 2 laps. 0.50 miles (estimate)
22 minutes swim. 1 can Coke reward

spotted Cylon triathletes OMA and yellow striped shirt Asian dude in the parking lot. also spotted Cy(c)lon(e) friend Andrew. he said that friend Ann, her husband and their kids are doing great.

Sportline pedometer - 7.29 miles = 11.72 miles

1,412.29 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

Push Ups
48 today. 432 so far... 1,068 more to go to complete 1,500 push ups by 10.08.08

I pigged out on pepperoni pizza at Costco before heading to volleyball. who did I see w/ toilet paper in her cart? Cylon D'Anna. she is human after all.


current song: When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls on Hot 93.9 FM

breaststroke from to life guard station 2 back to station 1. 2.25 laps. .56 miles (estimate)
23 minutes swim. 1 can Coke reward

1,424.01 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09

15 September, 2008

The SS

current song: Ride by Ace Hood on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

24 Hour Fitness
Cardio 1
Precor EFX 546i - heart rate program, 111 bpm target, 22.66 minutes, level 9 start (end at level 1)
230 calorie burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
2.03 miles

I tried this program for the 1st time. I don't like it... but I will do it again in the future. program started w/ a 3 minute warmup. I hit my target heart rate w/in a few seconds. I have a certain pace on the elliptical machines. in order to lower my heart rate it decreased the level automatically... but even at level 1 my heart rate averaged above 130 bpm. what normally takes me about 18 minutes on the elliptical machine to earn a drank of Coke took me almost 23 minutes.

Cardio 2
AMT 100i - interval program, 22.98 minutes, level 9 start (fluctuate between levels 4 and 12)
229 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
2.02 miles

Sportline pedometer - 2.14 miles = 6.19 miles today

1,424.57 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco (today's link reports on the AVP San Francisco final... won of course by Olympic gold medalists Misty & Kerri... love them).

  • 15 minutes freestyle - 3 minutes and change
  • 1500 push ups - 384 so far (70 today)... 1,116 more to go
  • 15 lbs weight gain - 2 lbs... I seriously gotta eat more
Battle of the Bulge: Coke 5 - Cardio 0
I have been limiting myself to 1 drank a solar day. I hope to have a cardio surplus by the end of the month. that way I can decrease the target calories I need to burn off and earn my 1 can Coke reward. if I have a surplus of... say 4 cardio... then I will decrease my calories target by 4% next month. that way I can spend less time on the cardio machines. if I have a surplus of... say 4 Coke... then I will increase my calories target by 4% next month. I have to get a cardio surplus... I have to get a cardio surplus... I have to get a cardio surplus... I am so sick of the cardio machines.

14 September, 2008

24 Hour Fitness - Calves (Full Body)

current song: She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 on KSSK 92.3 FM

24 Hour Fitness
Cardio 1
bike - hill program, 25.83 minutes, level 9 start (fluctuate between levels 6 and 10)
228 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
9.57 miles

donkey machine
  • 10/180
  • 10/250 2x = 226 avg
press machine
  • 10/230
  • 10/250
  • 7/260 = 9/245 avg
standing raises machine
  • 10/210
  • 10/225
  • 7/240 = 9/223 avg
seated raise machine
  • 10/45
  • 9/70 2x = 9/61 avg
v-bar pulldown
  • 10/90
  • 10/100
  • 7/110 = 9/98 avg
underhand cable pulldowns
  • 10/80 avg (70, 80, 90)
modular extension machine
  • 10/40
  • 10/50
  • 9/50 = 9/46 avg
pushdown - bar attachment
  • 10/45
  • 6/50
  • 5/55 = 7/48 avg
pectoral fly machine
  • 10/75
  • 9/90
  • 5/90 = 8/83 avg
Cardio 2
rowing machine
224 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
3.905 km = 2.42 miles

36 today. 314 so far... 1,186 more to complete by 10.08.08

Sportline pedometer - 1.54 miles = 13.53 miles today

1,430.76 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09.

College Football: #1 USC 35 - #5 Ohio State 3

current song: American Boy by Estelle on Hot 93.9 FM

USC decimated Ohio State. I expected USC to win... but what the frell happened to the rest of the teams in the conference? the Pac-10 had a disastrous weekend. when I got up this morning I expected to find California winning at maryland. not so. I expected Oregon to dominate Purdue. not so... the Ducks had to win in 2 OT. w/ BYU escaping Washington last weekend, I expected UCLA to sneak a win today. not so... at least UW scored some points. I expected Arizona State to win at home. not so. ASU may be unranked next week... but it will be awesome when ASU routs georgia.

13 September, 2008

America's Next Top Model 11 - Hot Air Balloon

current song: Smooth by Santana on KSSK 92.3 FM

Marjorie had the best pic at the 1st judging and it will be on display at the establishment for the week. trans Isis got called 2nd. imagine if she got called 1st? girls all across America w/ image issues would have been more confused. trans Isis wants: to keep my face soft and pretty. ok.

wannabe models meet w/ irritating Benny Ninja and Aussie model contortionist Bree Robertson for posing lessons. the ladies ask: who's the most flexible? in unison the contestants shout out: Sheena! Sheena! Sheena! sexy Sheena shows off by standing spread-eagle. in future photo shoots Sheena wants to be 'model sexy vs hooch sexy'. Benny's most memorable critique: Isis... be aware of your facial expression... change your face... in fact, fix your face or go home.

for the challenge the wannabes will model for jewelry and handbag designer Tarina Tarantino. Tarina's purrty. Tarina doesn't know what to make of the contestants: when 1 girl uses her toes to hold a bag... the other girls started to use their toes too. as soon as her turn comes, Nikeysha professionally announces: I have to use the bathroom... I have to pee. spread-eagle Sheena sits on the sofa, puts one leg over her head, and places the bag in front of her va-jay-jay. Tarina's like: that's so disrespectful... no respect to the product. Elina won the challenge.

back at the establishment the contestants play truth or dare in the jacuzzi. the wannabes dare Clark to kiss Elina. Elina's excited. beaming, she's like: I saw fireworks... she has the softest lips. Clark has turned into a lesbian. Hannah feels out of her (tundra) environment. she explains: no way would I see myself hanging out w/ Elina, Clark or trans Isis... I come from a small town. trans Isis is in the middle of the jacuzzi and backs towards Hannah who innocently pushes her away. trans Isis acts as if Hannah powerfully shoved her. awkward silence.

Britranny accuses Hannah of being a racist. Joslyn asks: are you prejudice? Hannah responds: I am not a racist... thank you for critiquing me. McKey tells Hannah that she fell into a trap. Hannah feels gang raped. so tired of false racist accusations. last cycle tranny Dominique accused Whitney of being a racist. Whitney won last cycle... and I hope Hannah makes it far into the competition.

for the photo shoot, w/ photographer Mike Ruiz, Mr. J planned on having the contestants pose on a ladder dangling from a hot air balloon. windy conditions changed things. a crane would hold the ladder and lift the wannabe models above ground and simulated the initial idea. sexy Sheena wanted to make her posing look flawless by hanging on to the ladder not w/ her arms or legs... but w/ her curvaceous butt cheeks.

at judging Analeigh looks hot. her pic looks ok. I like McKey's shot the best. photo from the cwtv.com site. only problem McKey had during the shoot... she would have an awesome pose but would quickly go into another before the photographer could take a pic.

sexy Sheena looks hot. Miss J's like: ooooo... Victoria Secret-licious. has she been hanging out w/ Blayne from Project Runway? Paulina asks Sheena if her personalities are fake. Sheena responds: no ma'am... I just have really big personalities. Sheena later tells the judges: I have to confess... I do have fake personalities... I was young back then. Tyra knew Sheena had fake personalities and she commended her for telling the truth. I don't understand the judges. Paulina and Nigel look disgusted that Sheena has fake personalities yet they don't look disgusted when it comes to fake girl trans Isis.

Lauren Brie gets called 1st. judges say that her pic's one of the best of ANTM history. it looked too weird for my tastes. Nikeysha packs her bags home.

24 Hour Fitness - Quads & Biceps (attempt)

current song: Aqualung by Jethro Tull on KPOI 105.9 FM

Cardio 1
bike - manual program, 23.16 minutes, level 6 start (fluctuate between levels 4 and 6)
226 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
8.51 miles

extensions machine 5
  • 8/100
  • 6/105
  • 4/110 = 6/103 avg
thigh abductor - glutes
  • 10/75 avg (70, 75, 80)
preacher curls - barbell
  • 10/50 3x
modular chin-ups
  • 10/41
  • 10/51
  • 4/61 = 8/48 avg
standing cable curls
  • 10/65
  • 8/75
  • 6/75 = 8/70 avg
Cardio 2
rowing machine
224 calories burned > 223 calories for 1 can Coke reward
4.008 km = 2.49 miles

48 today. 278 so far... 1,222 more to complete by 10.08.08

Sportline pedometer - 7.63 miles = 18.63 miles

1,444.29 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09.

11 September, 2008

Project Runway 5 - Astrological Signs

current song: Low by Flo Rida on Power 104.3 FM

I don't feel like blogging today. I don't know how this guy David Dust came across my blog. I find David's recap to be entertaining.

10 September, 2008


current song: Love Remains The Same by Gavin Rossdale on Star 101.9 FM

rested for 3 solar days... trying to heal myself from a fever. chillaxed today near life guard station 1. swam in the shallows towards Magic Island. spotted a rockfish. spotted a dead crab. spotted Cylon triathletes... OMA, yellow t-shirt dude... and 2 centurions.

Sportline pedometer - 8.62 miles

  1. 15 minutes freestyle - 3 minutes and change
  2. 1500 push ups - 230 so far... 1,270 more to go
  3. 15 lbs weight gain - 1 lb... I seriously gotta eat more

1,462.92 miles to reach the Babe Estate in San Francisco, by 07.11.09.

08 September, 2008

US Open - Serena Williams Champion

current song: Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz on Star 101.9 FM

single released in 2005. UK #1 single 3 cycles ago... DARE by Gorillaz.

Serena Williams won the US Open today. Serena defeated Jelena Jankovic in straight sets. 2 very long sets. awesome rallies. Serena wins her 9th major... and also regains the top ranking. USA! USA! USA!

other than her awesome style of power and grace... I noticed that her personalities seem bigger than ever. huge personalities about to explode. announcers annoy me when they talk about the Williams rivalry. cute cycles ago when they 1st started playing against each other in the majors... but c'mon... give it a rest already.

America's Next Top Model 11 - Political Issues

contestants move into the T (op/ranny/ransgender) Model establishment. Hannah's excited because she has electricity.

I think Isis will repeat this the entire cycle: I'm transgender... I want to get surgery done to become the woman that I is. don't worry Isis, Tyra will transform you in your makeover. I imagine Tyra's gonna be like: girl... not only are we cuttin' off yo hair... but we're gonna cut yo pee pee off... we're gonna make you the woman that you is. the girls bombard Isis w/ questions. Joslyn asks: girrrl... how did y ou pull it off wearin' a bikini? Isis responds: I di'int pull it off girl... I used tape. former Brit, newly named Sharaun's like: I am sorry... America's next top model ain't gonna be a drag queen. I'm thinkin': hmmm... she eliminated Isis as well as herself.

Isis takes a dip in the pool. she gushes: it's my 1st swim as Isis (oh no... I hope she doesn't start referring to herself in 3rd person). she tells former Brit, newly named McKey: girl... it's like I"m goin' thru puberty again... everythin's developin'. McKey responds: oh my God... you're like a butterfly. I expected Butterfly by Mariah Carey to play as background music: ... spread your wings and prepare to fly... for you have become a butterfly...

at another end of the pool Clark's like: I'm not closed minded... but I'm more traditional... I'm not used to seeing he-shes everyday in the south.

at the Magic Castle Hotel & Club the wannabe models have 1 on 1 interviews w/ the judges. when Sharaun meets w/ each of them she's like: hi... I'm Sharaun... and I am America's next top model. Nigel's like: who is this bitch? Joslyn and miss J act like old girlfriends. Joslyn asks: do you have any walkin' tips fo me? miss J responds: you betta keep yo day job... mmm hmmm... ooooo child. Nigel's impressed w/ Isis. he's like: she's the only girl who knows her stuff... but there's something about her that's a bit unusual. hmmm... perhaps it's because she has a caterpillar that's bigger than yours Nigel. spread your wings and prepare to fly... for you have become a butterfly...

photo shoot revolves around political issues. photographer Mike Rosenthal. McKey represents the environment. she starts to do boxing poses. hey... I'm fighting for the environment. looked odd... but the judges loved her pic.

Elina = foreign policy = hot. she smiled through her eyes.

while dolling Isis up, one of the make up artists comments: my my my... someone's been moisturizin'. Isis = privacy. watching her shoot, Sharaun's like: oh no she di'int... Isis is funny cuz she's tryin' to be sexy... in reality you a man... Isis you need to shave... you need some heat to burn off all that hair. Isis' like: oh don't go there... don't be hatin'. judges love Isis' pic. Tyra comments: I love the way you put your hand over your breast... you look so vulnerable.

Sheena = energy = hooch. she's like: mr. J... I didn't know I exude that much sexual charisma. favorite pic from Analeigh. she represented healthcare. too bad they didn't dress her in a skanky nurse outfit. pic from cwtv.com site.

at judging... what I've been missing and waiting to hear since the last cycle. Tyra: 14 beautiful girls stand before me... but I only have 13 photos in my hand... these photos represent... blah blah blah. I watch this show way too much. Marjorie's called 1st. her pic does look pretty cool. she's so pale that she looks like a white light glowing in the dark. Tyra calls Isis 2nd. what does this do to the other girls' egos? Sharaun totally devastated to be eliminated 1st.

07 September, 2008

America's Next Top Model 11 - Premiere

current song: Badlands by Bruce Springsteen on KPOI 105.9 FM

last cycle I joked, wondered if the T stood for Top or Tranny. this cycle the T now also stands for Transgender. drawn to fierce lookin' Sheena. I want her to win. I bet Analeigh and Elina will join Sheena in the season finale. Elina = hot... but she's a hypocrite vegan. where does she think the leather boots she wears come from?

catwalk analysis shows Isis moving like Donkey Kong. blond hottie Clark's like: I'm Clark w/out an e at the end of my name... every time I walk, I intimidate people. ok. sexy Sheena gets an 'oh no she di'int' from Mr. J when she unzips her top at the end of the runway.

Tyra and the Js interview the models. some revelations... Analeigh almost sold into white slavery under the guise of a Saudi dating service... Clark, who almost puts Mr. J to sleep, believes she's the prettiest of all the girls. Marjorie comes from France... and Tyra's all of a sudden speaking in French. Veronique's a Mormon.

Isis actually discovered from last cycle's homeless photo shoot. during that shoot Isis stole some of the contestants' thun-da. Isis explains: I'm a male... I'm a transsexual pre-op... if I could get an operation right away... I would. perhaps in the makeover ep Tyra will instruct the stylists to chop off Isis' hair as well as her thang. scratch. New Yorker Sheena has Isis' back: what matters is your spirit girl. Sheena = half Japanese, half Korean mix. all of a sudden miss J's speaking in Japanese.

other revelations... Hannah comes from Alaska, which provides the country w/ energy... and yet her own home didn't have electricity. Tyra pretends to be a moose and wants Hannah to run around fiercely. Joslyn tried out for the show 30x. Elina doesn't outwardly say she's a lesbian... but she does take a liking to Clark. so... at least to Elina, Clark's the prettiest of all the girls.

Nikeysha gets an 'oh no she di'int' from Tyra because she flashed her personalities in her audition tape as well as in the interview. Samantha wants to change the modeling industry and yet cannot name 5 working models. she should have told Tyra that she's on the show to promote world peace.

14 finalists chosen. Tyra calls Sheena 1st. she's like: thank you momma. Analeigh's 2nd. she created win in her best photo. will Elina be 3rd? no... it's Nikeysha... but Elina does get called. Isis gets called 3rd to last before Clark and Joslyn. how do Clark and Joslyn feel knowing that a dude got his name called before theirs? Tyra wants to help transgenders... but she must be making biological girls, who already have many image issues, even have more issues. should be an interesting cycle.

I hope Sheena wins. she's like: America.. you aint' ready fo this yellow fee-va... one time fo the Asians.

06 September, 2008

Project Runway 5 - Diane von Fürstenberg

current song: Faithfully by Journey on KSSK 92.3 FM

single released in 1983. UK #1 single 15 cycles ago... Red Red Wine by UB40.

I watched this ep at a friend's establishment starting when Diane von Fürstenberg walked down a white staircase and introduced herself to the contestants. friend remarked: that's nice of her to greet all of them. purrty Kenley cried. love her. she's purrty in every mood.

Diane wants the contestants to create a look for her fall collection based on the movie A Foreign Affair w/ Deutsche hottie Marlene Dietrich. winner will not get immunity... but winning design will be produced and sold to AMEX members w/ $ going to the CFDA. contestants are like: oh my God... it's gonna go to such a great cause. we wondered what CFDA stood for and assumed it to be Cystic Fibrosis D-something A-something. when I looked up a link to the CFDA, I find out it stands for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. oh... ok.

contestants go to Diane's sample room and pick out fabric. no budget mentioned for this challenge. purrty cryin' Kenley picks out a print that she loves. my friend and I wonder if she's crying because she got eliminated. Kenley helped weak Stella pull some fabric off the upper shelves. she even looks cute doing that. Terri falls in love w/ a fireworks print.

designers provided w/ a look book. lots of layered looks in Diane's collection. every designer, save for purrty Kenley, decided to do at least 2 pieces. still crying, Kenley's like: I really want to make a kick ass dress... THE dress.. I'm inspired by Shanghai. (she thinks she's interesting) Suede says something which I tune out. my friend's like: fuck you. hmmm... she read my mind and vocalized my thoughts. too bad I wasn't able to forward past the irritants like what I did while watching last week's ep.

I have to sit through irritant Blayne loathe on Terri: I'm gonna show my versatility-licious... I'm a risk-licious taker-licious... I'm not gonna make another pair of pants like some people. too bad my friend didn't vocalize my thoughts like how she did w/ Suede. yes Terri does create similar outfits each week... reminds me of Christian... and she won last season making pants and blazer outfits challenge after challenge. Blayne wants to be the urban black chick that is Terri.

Terri's in the lounge piggin' out w/ Stella and silent fashion assassin Leanne. they're asking each other about what they're doing for the challenge. Stella = secretive. comes off as bitchy. Terri mentions this to Korto in the sewing room. Korto's like: I'm tellin' y'all I'm makin' a vest... a bad ass vest... if you wanna make one, go ahead... we'll see who turns out the top on the runway... shootz. hmmm... she has been consistent in the challenges.

Tim checks up on the ladies and gentleman Joe. Suede's outfit looks like a camouflaged mu'umu'u. Leanne's dress looks kick ass. I think the dress itself would have won the challenge. to Korto, Tim's like: I like the yellow... it adds pop... wait... that part looks like a bra strap. Stella doesn't know what's going on. she's like: well I'm creating a look for this woman who's from Paris... and that judge (Rachel Zoe) from last week can go fuck herself in her over-sized mu'umu'u.

Kenley continues to cry: boo hoo hoo... I'm getting so emotional... boo hoo hoo... I feel a lot of pressure... boo hoo hoo... I've never done anything like this before... boo hoo hoo... I've always worked for myself... boo hoo hoo... or Wal-Mart or K-Mart... boo hoo hoo. at this point my friend and I wonder if she's crying cuz she won.

on the day of the runway purrty Kenley's takin' it easy: my garment is finished... it looks great... everybody else's still finishing up their work... I'm worried for Stella... why yes Stella, I can help you iron your outfit cuz I'm already done.

I liked silent fashion assassin Leanne's outfit best. photo from the Bravotv.com site. her model gots some curves. dress looked simple looking at it from the front. when model turns around, she reveals all these ruffles... as well as her curvaceous shapely glutes. I thought of a court jester looking at Blayne's outfit. Stella's looked okay. purrty Kenley's 1 piece looked okay too.

judges like Korto, Kenley, and Leanne. Kenley's like: I love my design... it's colorful... it's chic... it's Shanghai... I nailed this. Heidi's like: it doesn't look that difficult to make... I expected a more layered look. purrty Kenley interrupts her: oh... whatever Heidi... I'm sorry... but Diane... I thought you needed a dress... I wanted to do THE dress for your collection. Diane's like: oh... my dear... thank you for making that decision for me... I love the dress. Heidi looks stupid at this point. I thought Kenley would win the challenge. I assumed because she only did 1 piece it would be the cheapest to make... maximizing profits to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis D-something A-something cause. Leanna wins again. 2 pieces = double the profits.

judges loathe Joe, Suede and Stella. I honestly thought Suede would go home. in the drag queen challenge, Korto made an outfit for her obese muse Sweetie giving her the illusion she had a Heidi Klum body. Suede's outfit gave her anorexic painfully thin model the illusion she had a Sweetie body. sad Stella's out cuz she's less irritating than Suede.