31 May, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - President Apollo

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in the previous ep, Sharon shot the Six. Six rushed to the emergency room. why waste limited medical supplies on a machine? supplies must be finite. what world can the fleet visit to restock? how can there be an infinite supply of dranks and alcohol? why does the prisoner Six need to have the light on in her cell?

Adama finds out Sigh's been spending way too much time w/ prisoner Six... and she's pregnant. how can Cylons reproduce? hmmm... then again why not? I have not watched BSG in its entirety... but didn't prisoner Sex recreate w/ Baltar? he must have gotten her preggers. if or when prisoner Six gives birth then the child will look like Hera... all Cylon girls will look like Hera... all Cylon boys will look like Tyrol's son.

Adama loves Laura. he can't think clearly. he steps down and now Sigh heads the fleet. prophecy about 5 Cylons leading everyone to Earth coming true. I still think it's the doctor.

Exercise Statistics as of 05.30.08

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151 solar days

exercise = 78
51% or 1 out of every 1.93 solar days
I still live an overall active lean lifestyle this cycle... exercising every other solar day.

aquatic = 63
41% or 1 out of every 2.39 solar days

swimming = 49
32% or 1 out of every 3.08 solar days
I need to swim rather than chillax and talk story. get this figure to 33% or 1 out of every 3 solar days.

24 Hour Fitness = 45
29% or 1 out of every 3.35 solar days
improve these numbers as well... similar to that of swimming. hmmm... I can have a routine... aquatic, swimming, 24 hour... aquatic, swimming, 24 hour. work out 2 solar days... chillax and talk story on the 3rd.

sand running = 9
5% or 1 out of every 16.7 solar days

walking = 7
4% or 1 out of every 21.5 solar days

running = 5
3% or 1 out of every 30.2 solar days

185 calories = 1 can Coke reward
next workout = chest & triceps

KDrama: On Air - Episode 14

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this KDrama different from the ones I've watched before. I keep thinking of the Seinfeld season where Jerry and George pitch to NBC their show about nothing... basically that season explained the premis of Seinfeld. On Air does the same thing showing celeb egos, the drama between celebs, an overseas shoot, what goes on abroad, etc.

in this ep the KDrama goes abroad to Taiwan. at the airport, drama between uber-celeb Seung-ah and rising star Cherry. basically Seung-ah throws a glass of water again at Cherry's face. total seki.

in Taiwan, everyone's on a tight schedule cuz they only have a few days to film the overseas scenes. director Lee wants everything to be perfect. he has Seung-ah redo her scenes over and over. he shows and plays back her scenes so that Seung-ah can take a look at herself. she's like: why don't we just cut this scene? he's like: ok... let's just use this... everybody... get ready for the next scene. she knows she sucks as an actor and realizes that director Lee will keep the scene and so she reluctantly does to do her scene again.

drama w/ the overseas/local (depending on perspective) workers. by law, the Taiwanese staff can only work 8 hours a day. again because the Koreans pressed for time, they work non-stop. director Lee asks writer Suh to re-write her script to accommodate the situation. she's like: you're kidding me. originally her scene called for the use of a gay rainbow. her change now deals w/ shadows. she tells director Lee: the mentally retarded character acts like a 7 year old... but when her sister sees her shadow, she realizes that she's an adult... the brighter the light, the darker the shadow... the more she realizes her sister's an adult. well that's what I thought she tried to convey in the scene. director Lee's like: I love it. in her suite, Seung-ah's like: what the frell?... writer Suh changed the script. president Jang's like: I love it... it's more powerful.

during the filming of that scene, again director Lee wants everything to be perfect. he has Seung-ah do take after take. visibly upset, she's like: can we take a break? tight schedule... no break. president Jang takes her off the set. he grabs Seung-ah by her hand (scandalous) and they head towards her suite. everyone's bug eyed. director Lee and writer Suh chase after them. they have a shouting match. in the end though they all work together and finish what they had to do in Taiwan.

back in Korea, they all take a break before filming resumes. Seung-ah offers to give director Lee a ride home. everyone's shocked. will they recreate? no... she's just giving him a ride home. president Jang and writer Suh talk over a cup of tea. she's like: you should apologize to director Lee. he's like: uhm... dummy... idiot... what do you think we did on the plane?

what else happened? director Lee's oma doesn't want to babysit writer Suh's kid anymore. I still don't see the big deal behind this. oh... after the shouting match they all take an hour break. president Jang and uber-celeb Seung-ah talk story in her suite. she's sitting on the bed, she pats the bed motioning Jang to sit next to her. didn't get a scandalous vibe... so this wasn't a Korean version of sex... just 2 people talking story. at the same time director Lee and writer Suh talk story. he tells her that they will end up together. I don't think so though.

curvaceous Lee didn't make an appearance in this ep until the closing credits. curvaceous Lee = hot.

I should start exercising tomorrow. I will update my exercise statistics. I know my numbers will reflect and prove that I've been a sedentary obese person for most of May.

30 May, 2008

Lost - Season Finale

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flaked out on yoga at 24 Hour Fitness today. sedentary obese lifestyle tonight. watched Lost finale and pigged out on Paula Deen inspired spaghetti... basically cooked bacon in olive oil, dumped al dente pasta in all that greasy goodness, and added a lot of butter. mmmmm.

I looked up my 1st Lost entry. it is Locke in the coffin. this blog does come in handy. remember, if you read this blog... make sure to click on the various Google ads... gotta make some extra $.

after watching this ep I cannot get the idea of out my head that the island is a peacekeeper weapon... like an aircraft carrier, without planes of course... but other peacekeeper weapons. how can the Others be so skilled w/ guns and fighting? gotta be from peacekeeper training. what's the significance w/ hottie Charlotte being able to speak Korean fluently? it must be from her peacekeeper linguistics training. if the (non) aircraft carrier island goes to Korea, her language skills will come in handy.

speaking of Korean, what's Sun up to?

the funeral home w/ Locke's coffin looks like a building on Liliha Street. other than that, no familiar places.

29 May, 2008

KDrama: On Air - Episode 13

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check out On Air - Episode 13 on www.mysoju.com

the eps from www.mysoju.com differ by a few scenes from those aired on KBFD.

everyone goes on location to film the 'Ticket to the Moon' promos. after dinner and dranks rising star Cherry wants to play truth or dare w/ uber-celeb Seung-ah, writer Suh, director Lee, president Jang, and hapa Aidan. Jang asks Seung-ah why she signed on w/ his management company. she's like: if you don't know... then you're an idiot. did they recreate? did she sign on w/ him cuz she's thankful for all his advice? I must be an idiot cuz I too don't know why she signed up w/ his company. in a previous ep Jang told Seung-ah that he liked someone but feelings not reciprocated. at 1st I thought he meant writer Suh... but now I think he meant Seung-ah.

next morning everyone... the actors, production team, management, etc... play a game of soccer. curvaceous Lee makes an appearance. curvaceous Lee = hot. she played goalie. she blocked a goal attempt w/ her apple bottom in her apple bottom jeans. curvaceous Lee = hot.

they have a ceremony in front of the press. they make offerings. on the table, a pig head. the actors, production team... basically everybody involved, put envelopes in the pig's mouth and nose. they do a ceremonial bow, light incense and pour dranks. thought this to be interesting.

1st day of shooting, the 2 female leads wear the same outfit. they each act like a seki. director Lee tells Seung-ah to change. she's like: whatever. Jang tells her that the press will write all these stories saying how she's such a seki and difficult to work w/. she changes only if Cherry changes. then Cherry's like: whatever. then her assistant tells her that she'd be a royal seki compared to Seung-ah.

director Lee's stressed out cuz it's only the 1st day of filming. to cheer him up writer Suh brings him a cooked meal (from her oma's restaurant of course) and gives him a personalized director's chair.


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chillaxed at the beach today. stood in the water, talked story and people watched. plan to go to a yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness tomorrow since I may not be able to go to the beach cuz of the expected jellyfish invasion.

28 May, 2008

Aquatic - The Secret (Confusion)

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this single a former UK #1 for 4 weeks early this cycle.

I went to Ala Moana today. got my aquatic on. totally chillaxed. had a good time talking story and people watching at the beach. 1 lady swam in the shallows. how dare she invade my territory. thinking about it... I imagine her to be an orca hunting seals. I would compare my style to be like that of a crocodile hunting wildebeests on the river bank getting a drank. she splashes around in while I glide through the water. she breaststroked in knee high depth water like I do. what impressed me though... she actually freestyled in the shallows. she kept swimming back and forth. gotta love shallow water swimmers. seki triathlete invasion. these sekis set up their buoys where people chillax. total sekis. they should have set up more towards the end of the beach.

at vball people still talked about the drama Friday night. 4 solar days have already passed and they still laugh at my lucky injury. lucky cuz I could have punctured my eye itself rather than my eyebrow. there's always a blessing in disguise. I always see myself as a source of positive energy (whether other people believe it to be true or not does not matter because I myself believe this to be true).

I can also be a source of negative energy... extremely negative energy. uber-negative energy. tonight I hate, loathe and abhor myself for having negative thoughts. totally surprised by friend (I have to remain positive) Almaden... not so much by friend (again I have to remain positive) Calais. I regret thinking, even for a nanosecond, that something terrible will befall them that will make my physical injury insignificant in comparison.

I remember once I had a shouting match w/ an AT&T wireless rep. things resolved to my pleasing. negative thought: bastard customer service rep will lose his job cuz of his attitude. sure enough the call center moved to India. I remember a client ripped me off and I didn't make any commissions. negative thoughts emit from me. what happened to her? her son died. I remember a fallout w/ friend Ovum. negative thoughts emanate out of every pore. friend Ovum, from what I understand, cannot conceive children. who thinks like this? what kind of (d)evil person am I?

I tried to understand the power of my thoughts. I watched The Secret and actually got turned off by its message cuz it doesn't explain the negative side of positive thinking. say an infant needs a heart transplant, the baby's parents will be positive that they will get a heart for their child... then they can see their baby grow up. however, in order for their infant to receive a heart, another child must die.

I have been thinking positive thoughts regarding friend Almaden and friend Calais. but if the Law of Conservation of Energy applies to positive and negative thoughts, w/ the positive energy I've been sending out since my nanosecond negative thoughts at vball, does this mean indirectly I'm wishing something negative on someone else?

26 May, 2008

KDrama: Happiness - Episode 14

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I love you www.mysoju.com. check out Happiness - Episode 14.

wedding day. bride Seo-yun gives her oma Sae-young more grief by going into the office to help w/ a project deadline. the department boss went to the hospital and only Seo-yun knows what to do. she gets the job done. gotta love the Korean work ethic.

gotta love Korea. modern and at the same time rooted in its past. men wear tuxedos and women wear traditional dress. at the wedding the family and guests wait. scion Sang-wook and his wife Ha-kyong comment on their in-laws. they're like: why do they have to be so loud?... it's like a marketplace in here.

Jong-ah and nymphomaniac Eda wonder if poor boxer Kang-suk will attend the wedding. apparently the jacket Eda gave him meant she wanted him to attend her sister's wedding. Jong-ah's like: maybe he'll come to the wedding... he knows the groom's family and Jun-young. Jun-young blows Jong-ah a kiss. scandalous. he still doesn't know her real name. he's like: Nam... one day I can't wait until you and I get married.

Kang-suk goes to the wedding. chief Lee, who kicked his ass the other night, takes the poor boxer away. Lee's like: I told you never to see miss Eda again. Kang-suk's like: I know she's from a rich family... I don't want the money you gave me... I want more. he throws the envelope back at chief Lee.

nympho Eda sees the 2 guys. chief Lee's like: I cannot allow this... if you see him again I have to report this to your oma. Kang-suk's like: let's get some coffee. they talk on the building rooftop and he tells Eda that he can't see her for a while. he has a purpose in life now... to make money so he can see her. he wants to seriously train to become a boxer, enter his 1st amateur fight and win thousands of won. I thought they would kiss (the Korean TV version of sex). instead he leaves and she goes back to the wedding ceremony.

earlier, oma Sae-young tells her chairman husband to be careful and not to step on Seo-yun's wedding dress. oma's like: the train must be the longest in Korean wedding history. Here Comes The Bride plays... gotta love how Westernized the Koreans have become. groom Jun-su rushes to the altar. oma Sae-young looks disgusted. in walks bride Seo-yun. everyone gasps. she wears a scandalous (I assume by Korean standards) short (above the knee) laced dress... not the wedding dress her oma picked for her. oma Sae-young almost faints in shock. Jun-su's legs about to buckle cuz his bride looks hot.

they wed. I laugh to myself. what no kiss? well, if kissing = Korean TV version of sex... then they can't kiss/recreate in front of everybody. oma picked a tenor to sing to the newlywed couple. instead Jun-su's artist brother sings. youngest brother Jun-young's cheering: encore... encore. and what does the artist do? he sings a rock song. totally ghetto. oma totally disgusted.

no scenes showing wedding party. would have been nice to see some food. scion Sang-wook sees his lover manager Kim Ji-sook. she's talking to the oldest Lee brother, her buddy from the orphanage. Ha-kyong sees her husband looking at them. she's like: who's that guy Ji-sook's talking to?... is that her boyfriend? Sang-wook's like: yeah... how pathetic... he's a single father... and you're worried that I'm seeing her?... she has a boyfriend.

later that night instead of going to bed Sang-wook tells his wife that he needs to go to the office. she suspects that he'll go to Ji-sook's place and so she goes to her apartment. she's like: oh... is this not a good time?... do you have company?... let's be friends and hang out. Sang-wook shows up. Ji-sook sees him on the video monitor. she immediately goes out the door to make him go away. she tells Ha-kyong: damn salesman.

Ha-kyong sees the pic of Ji-sook's son. Ji-sook tells her that he's her son. she's like: oh don't be silly... I know you don't have a son... he must be your foster son... I can't get pregnant... maybe I should adpot him. I'm bug eyed.

the newlyweds go to the hotel. scandalous. he carries her to their room. I laugh to myself. I always thought that when a guy piggybacks a girl, that's another Korean TV version of sex. he's not piggbacking her but actually carrying her... they're doing another position. how raunchy. Seo-yun wears lingerie. risque. it's like she's naked cuz past KDramas, lingerie = duster. Jun-su's moronic brothers show up at the hotel room to see how they're doing and bring them a cake.

the couple go to her house the next day. Seo-yun tells them that they'll spend 1 weekend night there. everyone's happy. hottie mrs. Ahn makes the couple a meal. they even get to have kalbi. they all have a good time. oma Sae-young fantasizes about telling off her son-in-law and her daughter. in her fantasy she's yelling at him, calling him names, and hitting him... her daughter's on her knees begging for forgiveness. Sae-young looks at peace in her seki fantasy.

UK #1 single Mercy by Duffy getting airplay on Star 101.9 FM. love this song.

everyone's having a good time. they're all laughing, pigging out, playing cards. chairman comes home and joins in the card game.

chairman talks to his son Sang-wook and tells him that he wants to give his new son-in-law a promotion. Sang-wook's like: he's only been w/ the company for 4 years... you want to promote him to an executive position? chairman's like: he's your college alum... besides, you've only been w/ the company for 4 years too.

Sang-wook and his paranoid wife talk to Jun-su. they're like: hey... why don't you and Seo-yun go abroad and study?

the couple goes to his place. they have a party. Jong-ah and nympho Eda go there too. they wonder if Kang-suk will be there. they all have dranks. the 2 girls had way too many dranks of soju. later in her room, Eda's crying her heart out. she's like: boo hoo hoo... I miss Kang-suk... boo hoo hoo... it hurts so much... boo hoo hoo. Jong-ah's like: stop crying... boo hoo hoo... you're making me cry too... boo hoo hoo... why'd we have to drank so much?

back at the office everyone in Seo-yun's PR department excited and glad to see her. they couldn't make it to the reception and so she wants to take them all out for food and dranks. Jun-su goes to his office and gets a different reception. he's basically their boss now. he's stunned. he meets w/ Seo-yun to wants to tell her how uncomfortable he is w/ this... but she has a different reaction. she's like: what?... you got promoted?... what about me?... shouldn't we have both been promoted? she storms off.

did I tell you I love you www.mysoju.com? now I can watch Happiness -Episode 15.

Aquatic - Lantern Floating Hawaii

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love Jack Johnson.

went to Ala Moana beach today to get my aquatic on. I needed the ocean water to heal my aging/not so invincible body. 1st... I have this huge gash (well to me it's huge considering I normally don't have any open wounds on any part of my body) by my eyebrow. the lower part of my eye looks like it's turning black/blue. being in the water helped clean the wound... and since I stayed in the water a long time I think the cold helped w/ the swelling. 2nd... my fragrance reaction. I have healed and don't show any side effects. I know the saltwater helped. 3rd... the bug problem at the estate. I have all these flea bites on my legs. the saltwater takes away the itchy feeling. I totally love the ocean and its healing properties.

I really stayed in the water a long time. my left hand started to turn blue and I couldn't feel my fingers. I didn't officially burn off 169 calories to reward myself w/ a can of Coke... but I know I must have burned off more than that cuz of the onset of hypothermia in my hand. I should, however, stick to the official calorie burn count via the cardio machines at 24 Hour Fitness.

I managed to watch the entire Lantern Floating Hawaii rehearsal. it airs tomorrow night on KGMB from 18:30-19:30. love the taiko drums. one set the drummers played sounded very modern. another set sounded more traditional. Raiatea Helm also performed. she's related to some people I play volleyball w/. I wonder if she met Rihanna... who by the way has the current UK #1 single w/ Take A Bow... love that song... especially when she says: puh-leeze.

after I got out of the water... still more rehearsals. this time w/ flames and torches lit. looked like something out of Nazi Germany... like a Nuremberg Rally. people held torches along the path to the water. to make it more dramatic, I think when the people walk down the ramp w/ their lanterns... all the spotlights should be turned off. w/ the spotlights off, an aerial view of the water w/ all the lanterns would be awesome too. so I'm gonna watch it on TV tomorrow. besides I don't know if I'll be on TV. I kept yelling: cameraman... cameraman.

25 May, 2008

KDrama: On Air - Episode 12

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I love you www.mysoju.com. here's a link to On Air - Episode 12. I included this link because I know this will be a short entry. I plan to go to the beach, chillax in the cool waters, and watch the Lantern Floating Hawaii rehearsals.

uber-celeb Seung-ah and president Jang each argue their case to an officer at the police station. the cop basically tells them to stop wasting tax wons. as they leave the station director Lee and writer Suh show up. Jang's like: hey... let's all get somethin' to eat.

at the restaurant (I noticed it's been used in several scenes) writer Suh takes charge. total seki. the reading has been delayed and Seung-ah acts like a seki too. she's like: oh... I don't have to go to the reading... it's only for new actors... I wanna film my commercial... besides I didn't give my approval to work w/ a new actor... did you forget that part of my contract? Suh's like: look seki, you make me sick... your contract states you have to do a drama... if you don't like the fact you have to work w/ a new actor... pay the financial penalty... you make me sick, seki. president Jang tries to smooth things over. but writer Suh's like: hey this is business... I've had enough already.

president Jin barges into the office of curvaceous Lee. curvaceous Lee = hot. Lee's like: what's wrong this time mr. drama queen? Jin doesn't like the fact that mixed-blood actor Aidan will get the male lead. curvaceous Lee and PD Yoon laugh it off. Lee's like: do you know what writer Suh said when I told her Cherry will get the part?... 'Cherry... is that a Popsicle'?... gimme a break Jin. so now Jin wants Cherry to sing the soundtrack for the drama. curvaceous Lee tells PD Yoon not to worry cuz writer Suh will have the final say and Suh will not approve anyway.

Suh has a young son. apparently her son's baby sitter is director Lee's mom. I don't know why Lee's mom, Ok-shim, panics and gets dramatic when she finds out her son and writer Suh work together.

at the reading Seung-ah proves to be difficult. she's like: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. no one can get a feel for her mentally retarded character. president Jang defends her. he's like: she just filmed a commercial and besides... she has the flu. but Seung-ah's like: I know everybody here knows I can't act... and I was afraid that you'll all laugh at me... that's why I didn't give it my all... can we start again?

24 May, 2008


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24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Biceps (attempt)
Precor EFX546i - gluteal 1 program, 14.2 minutes, level 9 start (level 10 max)
170.1 calories officially burned.

prime number day and weekend too... I would have drank a Coke anyway. it took me 14:12 to burn off more than 169 calories. starting in June, in order to reward myself w/ a can of Coke I will need to officially burn off 185 calories (10% increase from May)

front cable raise
  • 10/20
  • 9/25
  • 8/25
see-saw press
  • 10/15
  • 5/20
plate loaded curl machine
  • 10/50
  • 6/50
  • 3/50
  • 17/30
not feelin' it today... stopped after attempting to do see-saw press. next workout will be chest and calves.

breast stroke to life guard station 2 back to station 1. 1 lap.

USC - NCAA Women's Golf Champions

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USC wins NCAA women's golf championship. Pac-10 rival UCLA 2nd. Arizona State 5th. a Sun Devil won the NCAA individual title. Pac-10 sweep. the Trojans win gives the Pac-10 its 11th national championship this season.

23 May, 2008


current song: I Do by 98 Degrees on KSSK 92.3 FM

this single released in 2000. UK #1 single 8 cycles ago this time... Day & Night by Billie Piper.

24 Hour Fitness - Back
Precor EFX546i - cross training program 3, 12 minutes, level 11 max
143.6 calories burned

rotary lat machine
  • 10/105
  • 10/115
  • 10/130 = 116 avg
  • 17/70
seated cable rows
  • 10/100
  • 9/110
  • 8/120 = 9/109 avg
  • 17/80
wide-grip lat pulldown
  • 10/90
  • 8/100
  • 4/110 = 7/97 avg
  • 17/70
seated cable rows - bar attachment
  • 10/80
  • 10/90
  • 7/100 = 9/88 avg
  • 17/60
v-bar pulldown
  • 10/100
  • 7/110
  • 5/120 = 7/107 avg
  • 17/80
extensions machine
  • 10/105 avg (100, 105, 110)
  • 17/65
dorsi flexor machine
  • 10/105
  • 9/120
  • 6/135 = 8/117 avg
  • 17/75
underhand cable pulldowns
  • 10/80
  • 8/90
  • 5/100 = 7/87 avg

last time I worked out only doing back exercises... 26.04.08... 25 solar days ago. I have to start all over again to get to the heavier weights. I need to get away from the cable exercises and the dorsi flexor machine. I tried to go all out as best I could today. I also managed to do 1 set of 17 reps at 60% max weight for all back exercises except for the last exercise cuz time ran out... had to do more cardio.

Precor EFX546i - cross training program 3, 13 minutes, level 9
293+ calories officially burned off > 169 calories for 1 can Coke reward.

I feel good about the time spent on the cardio machine. 1 can of Coke = 140 calories. I burned off more than 2 cans today. this makes up for at least 1 solar day of living like a sedentary obese person the past 16 solar days.

breast stroke to life guard station 2... half a lap. sand run to station 3 back to station 1. 1 circuit.

water really rough today. couldn't make out the sky. vog? rain clouds? who cares cuz beach empty except for hardcore triathletes. I managed to swim in the shallows. cuz of the waves, what would normally be knee high depth water turned into waist high water. next time I go to the beach... tomorrow... I will either swim 1 lap or do 2 circuits. I need to build up my endurance again.

KDrama: On Air - Episode 11

current song: I Don't Wanna Know by Mario Winans on Power 104.3 FM

president Jang Ki-soon tells uber-celeb Seung-ah that her hapa friend Aidan will play the lead male in 'Ticket to the Moon'. she freaks out and acts like a seki. Jang's like: aren't you happy for your friend? she's like: you must really be stupid... I told you I didn't wanna work on the drama w/ a new actor... I wanted an A-list celeb so I can ride his coattails cuz I can't act... not only do I have to act now... but I have to let Aidan ride my coattails... you're so stupid.

Seung-ah = uber-seki in this ep. in the beginning she and Jang attend a meeting to go over details of a cosmetics commercial. their nemesis president Jin and his rising star Cherry join in. the 2 sekis will be in the commercial together. the cosmetics rep explains that the 2 of them will be fighting in thier commercial over the makeup. Cherry loves the idea. Seung-ah's like: hmmm... I don't like the concept... do you think anyone will notice Cherry anyway?... let's do something else. she explains that celebs use makeup anyway, so why show them fighting over it? to get the every day woman to use the cosmetics she wants to portray a woman on her honeymoon cuz that's when she'd wanna look her best. she tells the rep to think about it and leaves the meeting.

writer Suh wanted to teach president Jang and director Lee a lesson. she allowed them to hold a casting call for the male lead. all these wannabes put on a show to the dismay of everyone. writer Suh tells the guys: see how terrible these new actors are?... why don't we just go w/ an A-list celeb? director Lee thinks the mixed-blood actor Aidan did well. Jang tells them that he's one of his actors. the guys tell writer Suh: let's use him. she's like: whatever.

Suh wants to meet w/ Aidan. she asks him all these questions and she conducts her interview in English. she's like: when you meet w/ your co-worker's daughter for the 1st time, why didn't you smile?... don't you know how to read?... the script tells you to smile in that scene. he's like: here's my interpretation... in Korea it'd be polite... but I didn't even know my co-worker that well... I'd be irritated... so why would I be happy after a long plane ride? she tells one of the assistants to go w/ Jang's actor.

so writer Suh and Seung-ah meet. at the time they each think the other went back on their pact of not working w/ a new actor. Seung-ah's like: how could you hold a casting call? Suh's like: as if you didn't know Aidan would have the male lead... didn't you know he's part of your company? Seung-ah tells Suh: I just found out earlier today... I won't work on the drama w/ this new actor. Suh's like: I already told director Lee and president Jang to do whatever they want... you can do whatever you want too... I'm sick of all you guys. so Seung-ah will do whatever she wants cuz Suh gave her permission. total sekis.

Cherry drops in writer Suh's apartment. Suh looks disgusted. she's like: why don't you cut your hair?... I can't have you playing a doctor w/ that hairstyle. Cherry's like: I've been growing my hair long for some time... besides I need my long hair so I can do commercials. Suh's like: cut it or else... I'm sick of you too.

in a scene from any cycle of Top Model's makeovers, Cherry's getting her hair chopped off and cries profusely. she tells her boss president Jin that they should call reporters cuz it's newsworthy. he's like: gimme a break seki. Jin gets a call. he finds out that the cosmetics company will go w/ Seung-ah's idea. Cherry cries more.

at the apartment, writer Suh and director Lee argue over episodes 5 & 6. Lee normally marks his scripts w/ big red circles if he finds something interesting. in one of the scripts he didn't mark or circle anything except for writer Suh's name. she thinks that he finds her interesting. ooops. when he circled her name, he meant that he trusts her to rewrite the entire script cuz it seemed unbelievable. uncomfortable moment.

writer Suh becomes a seki. she tells him: I will not change my script... you will shoot the scenes exactly as they are written... can you handle that junior director?... otherwise I will have this project cancelled.

drama on script reading day. Seung-ah feels like she can do whatever she wants and so she decides to go and shoot the commercial the same day. Jang goes to her establishment to take her to the reading and then to the commercial. she's like: leave my property or I'll call the cops. she did.

this KDrama getting to be interesting. reminds me of the Seinfeld season where Jerry and the gang pitched an idea to NBC about a show about nothing. so this drama shows what goes on behind the KDramas... the current trends where they shoot some scenes in a foreign country, the use of English, dealing w/ celeb egos, contract negotiations, etc.

22 May, 2008


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I went to the beach for the 2nd solar day in a row. I literally chillaxed. I just stood in the water, talked story and people watched. instead of swimming, I watched others swim... especially the triathletes. they set up 3 markers 100 yards/meters apart and swam laps like crazy. I listened to their coach give them instructions. he would tell them when to speed up, slow down, rest. I noticed the ladies would take about 2 minutes to do a lap... guys about 1.5 minutes. they swam and swam and swam. how inspiring.

I didn't label this entry under exercise cuz I only exercised my eyes today. pigged out today too. for breakfast bacon and eggs of course. also ate a plate lunch. snacked on coffee/chocolate chip cookies in the office as well. went to Safeway to buy a chocolate chip cookie. decimated a bag of sour Skittles from Longs. at Costco I had a pepperoni pizza slice, hot dog, soda, and a berry sundae. for dinner, a can of Coke.

I'll start exercising like crazy to make up for my sedentary obese lifestyle. it's been 16 solar days since I worked out at 24 hour fitness. disgusting.

21 May, 2008

Aquatic & Pac-10 Rowing

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14 solar days since I got my aquatic on. very glad went to Ala Moana Beach. when I arrived at the estate, I had to battle the fleas. I find that baby powder works. I put so much powder on my legs that it seems as if I have white nylons on... but it does help repel the fleas. the few fleas that don't mind the powder I can easily spot. kill them... kill them all. as soon as I entered the establishment I started sweatin' like a pig. took a cold shower to refresh, cool down and rinse off the baby powder. as soon as I finished showering though... started sweatin' like a pig again. tried to take a nap... but too frellin' hot. chillaxed and refreshed at the beach for a little more than half an hour. awesome. I want to go to the beach daily before the jellyfish invasion next weekend.

Pac-10 Rowing
the Pac-10 will send 3 full teams to the NCAA women's rowing championships. Cal, Washington and Washington State will compete for the last aquatic national title this season. I know Stanford placed 2nd at the Pac-10 women's rowing championships... but why the Stanford team didn't get invited to the championships... only its varsity 8 boat did. Pac-10 duped again. hopefully a Pac-10 team will win the team title and make it a perfect 5 for 5 in aquatic sports this academic season.

20 May, 2008

NCAA Women's Tennis Championship - All Pac-10 Final

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the NCAA women's tennis championship will be an all Pac-10 final between conference rivals Cal and UCLA... the 7th time the title contested between 2 Pac-10 schools. Cal won over Baylor and UCLA won over Florida. I knew the Pac-10 would win the NCAA title... I assumed it would have been Stanford. then again the conference is deep in basically every sport. the school that wins tomorrow's final will earn the Pac-10 its 10th national title this academic season.

Pac-10 still contending for championships in other spring NCAA sports... softball and men's & women's golf. tomorrow the teams that will compete in the women's rowing championship will be announced. Cal won the Pac-10 women's rowing championship and gets the conference's automatic berth. I think 4 conference teams... 5 may be a stretch... will compete to make the Pac-10 5 for 5 in the aquatic sports this season.

19 May, 2008

KDrama: Happiness - Episode 13

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as of today KBFD decided to air 1 hour of the 127 episode KDrama Scary Girl (ep 76 tonight) on Sundays, and so hopefully this entry will be brief.

rich oma Sae-young still can't believe that her daughter will actually marry hard working manager Lee Jun-su and move into his family's establishment. hmmm... I should just skip to the more interesting parts.

scion Sang-wook's wife Ha-kyong and manager Kim Ji-sook stuff envelopes w/ the wedding invitations. Ha-Kyong asks Ji-sook: why were you crying the day the families met?... and why were you talking to the driver the other day?... were you asking him if I was asking about you and my husband? Ji-sook's like: you should ask your husband... I have nothing to say. an upset Ha-kyong goes on to say: how could you?... how could you do this after all the favors all these years? Ji-sook replies: I don't owe you any favors. what a seki. Ha-kyong's like: be careful... the dog that bites the owner goes to the pound. since female dogs called bitches, did Ha-kyong just call her a seki? such foul language on Korean TV these days. during this time I loved looking at Ji-sook's eyes. she looks relieved rather than surprised. at the same time she looks like she's giving Ha-kyong the stink eye thinking to herself: whatever Ha-kyong you seki... at least I gave birth to a son for Sang-wook.

Ji-sook called Sang-wook. she wants to eat sushi... but he brought some to her office. how thoughtful. looked good too. she tells him what happened w/ Ha-kyong. she also asks Sang-wook why his wife doesn't get pregnant and have kids. he tells her Ha-kyong's barren. in an earlier scene w/ his wife he tells Ha-kyong she shouldn't worry about anything else except getting pregnant. ouch.

so Ji-sook asks him if he would like her to bear him a son. he's like: we talked about this before... I don't want you to be a single oma... besides, I don't want the responsibilities of being an abeji. since Ha-kyong knows about her and Sang-wook, I thought Ji-sook would have told him about their son too... but she gets upset and leave the office.

poor boxer Kang-suk got beat up by one of the family's drivers. he gave Kang-suk some punches to his head as well as an envelope full of won, which of course he won't accept. he tells his boxing coach that if Eda comes by the gym, tell her to beat it. Eda goes to the gym w/ Jong-ah. coach yells at her: Kang-suk's gone... he went back home... don't ever come back here again... this isn't your personal playground. he tells Jong-ah not to come there ever again too.

horny and in shock Eda can't believe Kang-suk's gone home cuz he told her he doesn't have a home. she thinks driver Kim told the poor boxer to back the frell off. Jong-ah figures out it was another driver but doesn't tell Eda of her suspicions. a horny love sick Eda still goes to the gym every day and waits on the building rooftop. Kang-suk finally approaches her and tells her that she's stubborn. she's like: what happened to your face?... did someone from my family tell you to back off? he's like: no... I'm a boxer... I lost badly... I'm too embarrassed to show face. they kiss. when watching an American show, say Nip/Tuck... and its simulated recreation scenes it doesn't bother me... but whenever I see kissing (no tongue) on a KDrama, I get bug eyed cuz I equate that to Korea's TV version of sex. when the young couple kiss I keep thinking: Eda = nymphomaniac. she can't get enough kissing.

Seo-yun and Jun-su try to sneak a kiss at work too. raunchy. scandalous. so the families exchange pre-wedding gifts. rich oma goes to the Lee's establishment to check out the newlywed's room too. Jun-su's brothers made a mess of the attic while trying to put up new wallpaper. Sae-young looks disgusted. Jun-su looks embarrassed, he faces his back to the room and just looks out the door. Seo-yun's polite and say's she loves it. the Lees humbly give the wealthy Parks a chest full of goodies too.

at the end of this ep, it's wedding day Jun-su's at work. gotta love the work ethic. gotta love how wealthy and Western the Koreans are too. Seo-yun's getting ready... but she gets a call. I assume from work. she rushes out.

18 May, 2008

AVP Charleston - Branagh/Youngs

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Nicole Branagh and EY won in 2 games to 0 over Boss & Ross.

I find myself liking Elaine Youngs more and more. while interviewing Jeniffer Ross, she mentioned that EY said: I'm gonna kick your frellin' throat. EY = bitch... well EY describes herself as kinda bitchy. she's 38 years old... and yet she plays as if she has a young shoulder. gotta love the way she sets too. what blasphemy. forgive me Kerri & Misty.

April Ross kicks ass. I wanted her team to win. so close in game 1. they lost 22-20. game 2 they fell apart. loved watching her play at USC. she had a killer indoor jump serve. I always thought she looked like Chelsea Clinton.

and why would Jennifer Ross tell the planet she has a 3rd nipple?

AVP Charleston - Dalhausser/Rogers

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this song released in 1997. nothing original on radio anymore. UK #1 single 11 cycles ago at this time... You're Not Alone by Olive.

Stein Metzger played in his 1st final this season w/ new (or is it temporary until vball stud Mike Lambert heals?) partner Mark Williams. both UCLA grads. game 1 score tied at 19-19. thin beast Phil Dalhausser came up w/ 2 blocks in the end to win game 1 for him and his partner Todd Rogers.

another former UK #1... Barbie Girl by Aqua.

in game 2 Dalhausser & Rogers scored the 1st 4 points. they went on to decimate Stein and Williams in that game 21-12. love this headline Thin Beast, Professor Prevail. who came up w/ the name thin beast? Chris McGee?

as I write this I see on my calendar that I have been sedentary for 12 solar days. it will be illegal to show my pre-teen Sean Scott vball body on any beach in Hawaii and all the coastal states including Alaska. the vog should clear out today... should be a nice day at Ala Moana Beach.

17 May, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Guess What's Coming To Dinner? ep

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the baseship successfully jumps and appears right in the middle of the fleet. the humans freak out and all ships ordered to jump at the emergency rendezvous. baseship communications down. Adama orders fighters to attack vessel. Galatica's weapons ready to fire. Tigh's like: something's not right. he overrides Adama's orders at the last second. Demetrius arrives. traitor Agathon's like: yes we have control of the baseship... officers on board... stand down.

the humans interrogate the hottie Six. she tells them of the Cylon civil war. Adama asks: why's it split 3 to 3?... isn't there a 7th known model? hottie Six explains about boxing the D'Anna model cuz she knew the final 5 models. she wants to resurrect the model to discover the final 5 cuz they're somewhere in the fleet... and they'll lead them to Earth. hottie Six also needs the humans' help in destroying the resurrection hub.

humans discuss the plan. I don't understand why traitor Agathon's part of the debate. they could have gotten rid of all the Cylons w/ the virus and from what I understand he thwarted that plan. I haven't watched any previous seasons in its entirety so I don't know the order of certain storylines... but if they got rid of all the Cylons w/ the virus, humanity could have lived in peace on New Caprica.

at this time I remember Rene Mancho, who basically killed mass transit cycles ago... and an incident in downtown the other day getting lunch. if Mancho voted for mass transit, it would have cost taxpayers about $1.5 billion at the time. now it's estimated to be over $3 billion. on my way to lunch I got accosted from this lady who wanted me to sign a petition to have the public vote on the mass transit rail in the upcoming election. I politely told her that I'm for mass transit. she kept insisting I should sign the petition. I told her again politely that I'm for mass transit. giving me attitude, she's like: you should still sign the petition and then during the election you can vote that you're for it. I really wanted to go off on this bitch. I should have told her: look cunt... get a life... don't you think more people would ride the rail since gas is approaching $4 a gallon. instead I politely told her again that I'm for mass transit.

so now all of a sudden traitor Agathon wants to get rid of the Cylons? what an idiot. he should have done that cycles ago.

Apollo tells the hot bald President she should speak to the people. the President also found out that naughty nympho Tory has been recreating Baltar... and she basically tells Tory to frell off. naughty Tory behaved in this ep... Baltar wants to recreate... but she just wants to talk.

the President brings in the hottie Six to talk to the leaders. the Six gives a passionate speech about death and says: w/out the resurrection hub Cylons can now die and so our existence will have meaning. Kara remembers what the hybrid told her about the dying leader and the opera house.

she later goes to see the President and tells her this. the President freaks out and wants to talk to the hybrid and ask about the visions. the rebel Cylons plan to double cross the humans too. the Six goes back to Galactica to speak w/ Adama to stall the initial plan. at the same time Sharon's running around Galactica to find offensive Hera. Hera meets up w/ an excited Six model happy to see the offensive child. Sharon shoots the Six and at the same time the hybrid's plugged into the baseship, she orders it to jump.

interesting ep. none of the moronic scenes w/ people worshipping Baltar. ala Dexter (on CBS) I think the doctor is the final Cylon. oh... in next week's ep I assume Tigh got the imprisoned Six pregnant. hmmm... then again as I write this how can she become pregnant if they're both Cylons? anyway when I 1st saw the doctor in this ep, I predict him to be the final Cylon. I mean he's w/ humans and so can study their bodies and understand their minds. perhaps he did something to the imprisoned Six allowing her to become pregnant.

and I still don't understand certain things. Tory find out she's a Cylon. wouldn't she have memories of her childhood? then again those memories could have been downloaded into her. and if she's the President's aide... wouldn't there have been an extensive background check on her past? and the Cylons could not have made up her past cuz they don't know she's a Cylon.

KDrama: On Air - Episode 10

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this single released in 2001. play something new 101.9!!! UK #1 single at this time 7 cycles ago... It's Raining Men by Geri Halliwell. she looks good as a blond in the video. remember to click on the ads in this blog so that I can go to the UK one day. and again, since this entry's about the KDrama On Air I'd also like to mention that I'd love to see the ROK... so click away on those ads. :)

writer Suh gets a call from president Jang to come to her oma's restaurant. she sees director Lee drunk. it's still day and he's wasted. Suh's like: how much did he drank?... only a half a bottle of soju?... hmmm... he can't handle his liquor. she tells Jang that he needs to carry him back to the apartment. in the KDramas I always thought that when the guy piggybacks the gal home, it's the Korean TV version of sex. Jang looks disgusted when Suh suggests this... basically I've watched gay sex for the 1st time in a KDrama. scandalous.

at the apartment Suh tucks Lee into bed. president Jang wants to keep her company. she's like: you can go... I'll be fine... he sleeps here all the time. bug eyed, Jang asks her if there's something going on between her and director Lee. she's like: stop being silly... what's this bag you've been carrying around w/ you all this time? Jang tells her that it's a gift. she opens her present and sees a tea set. she's like: wow... are these diamonds on the cups? Jang's like: oh... I gave you the wrong gift. she's like: stop being silly.

another former UK #1... Can We Fix It? by Bob the Builder.

director Lee's yelling on his phone and he storms out of the apartment. he found out that part of the production team bolted to work on another project. he goes to the studio building and barges in on the set. he starts yelling at the lighting director... why'd you flake out on me?... is it because of my status? the director then tells Lee: hey... you can't come in here and cause a scene!... stop glaring at me!... show some respect to your seniors!... hmmm... what's the smell?... have you been drinking?... ha!... junior director's drinking on the job. an embarrassed director Lee leaves.

uber-celeb Seung-ah sits on a park swing to think. some kids approach and glare at her. she's like: I don't give any autographs. the kids are like: ajima... beat it... we wanna play on the swing. Seung-ah's stunned. she's like: ajima?... don't you know who I am? kids are like: no... we're not supposed to talk to strangers... beat it ajima... we wanna play on the swing.

she starts asking the kids some questions... especially a 7 year old girl. Seung-ah actually does some research for her character she has to portray. she promises the girl an autograph from her favorite actor. she's like: yeah right ajima... you don't know him. they chase her away.

another former UK #1... Another Chance by Roger Sanchez.

Seung-ah meets w/ an irritated president Jang. she's late for her coaching. she has to learn how to make soap cuz that's what her mentally retarded character does for a living. she's like: get a double to do it... the viewers only care if I look think or fat... or whatever else happens in my private life. Jang yells at her: how can you act like this?... if you were a guy I'd knock you out. she storms outta the place.

she's in her Lexus convertible thinking about the past. when she 1st met president Jang cycles ago she told him in front of his staff that she would do anything to become a celeb. scandalous. he then makes a point. he brings her to a hotel to recreate. scandalous. he offers her a drank... his favorite wine. he asks: before we start, would you like to shower 1st or should I? scandalous. this KDrama must have had an X rating in Korea. I don't think they recreated though... they probably just became good friends afterwards until they lost touch w/ each other.

another former UK #1... Let's Dance by Five.

Seung-ah goes to meet her hapa friend Aiden. he has a difficult time getting work in Korea cuz of his mixed ancestry and plans to return to the US. Seung-ah likes talking to him because he can tell it to her like it is. weird when I watch these KDramas and I start hearing English... I can't understand what they're saying. so used to reading the subtitles. basically Aiden says something positive to Seung-ah... but she takes it negatively... and she goes off to get a drank.

another former UK #1... Can't Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue.

she's at a hotel bar and writer Suh meets her. Suh thinks Seung-ah wants to back out of the drama... but Seung-ah only wants some company. they drank wine and have grapes and cheese for food. how Western. Seung-ah goes on to brag about her best actor award, how 9 million people watch her movies, and that a 3rd of the population watches her dramas. writer Suh's like: so what... you have nothing... the worst thing about female actors, they get old... and you can't act. at 1st I thought Suh acted like a seki, but she meant it in a nice way cuz she really wants Seung-ah to succeed in playing the mentally retarded character. Seung-ah cries and gets wasted.

Suh calls director Lee to take them home. at Seung-ah's establishment, she plays a video she received in the mail w/ no return address. it shows her how she acts off camera. she's always apologizing for her bad acting or she tells the directors to cut certain scenes cuz she can't act them out.

another former UK #1... Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedingfield. hmmm... I always thought a woman sang this song. I don't like this song as much now.

director Lee leaves and outside the establishment he sees president Jang pulling up. awkward moment for them cuz Jang did piggyback Lee. Jang asks Lee if there's something going on between him and Seung-ah. there isn't.

not so flashy ending. writer Suh finishes episode 5 and tells director Lee that she has to meet someone. obviously she's gonna visit her son. Aiden stops by Jang's office... I assume to tell Seung-ah goodbye. Aiden gives the other actors some tips. Jang watches him from the door.

so here's what may happen. Aiden will get the male lead in the drama 'Ticket to the Moon'. since Seung-ah can't act he'll be there to support her and give her positive encouragement while filming. Seung-ah will blow everybody away w/ her acting... taking the spotlight away from Cherry. Cherry's boss, president Jin and his company will fall apart. writer Suh and president Jang will get together. Seung-ah will become more famous and will give that little girl in the park the autograph of her favorite actor. oh... and if the illness or dying theme's still popular in Korea, it'll be director Lee who gets sick or dies.

KDrama: On Air - Episode 9

current song: Mercy by Duffy on Star 101.9 FM

this former UK #1 actually getting some airplay here in Hawaii... good for her... good for music. if you read this blog... make sure to click on some ads so I can get extra spending $ if I ever go to London one day. hmmm... since this entry will be about a Korean drama I currently watch, I should also mention I would like to travel to Seoul or Jeju Island.

late at night, uber-celeb Seung-ah memorizes her lines for the commercial. I assume she's speaking in Mandarin. hot. her manager, president Ki-joon's beat. he notices that she bought a cat souvenir on their day off. he asks her if she likes cats and she tells him she does. he calls writer Suh Minnie Mouse. so he tells Seung-ah: no wonder you 2 don't get along. she's like: huh?

next morning writer Suh and director Lee find out they have a 5 hour drive to a certain location. it's a chauffeur driven car... but writer Suh's upset cuz uber-celeb Seung-ah caught a plane instead. director Lee tells her that they need to take a car anyway so that they can scout other locations on the way to their final destination.

so this got me thinking about celebs. celebs like to preach about saving the environment... yet at the same time they do the most damage to the planet. w/ Seung-ah taking a plane, I thought of John Travolta and his personal Boeing. then I thought of MTV cribs. he and other celebs have huge establishments on huge estates. some of these palatial establishments have 20 car garages... the celebs decorate their establishments w/ leather sofas, expensive wood furniture, marble... it has air conditioning, may have an indoor or outdoor Olympic swimming pool and expansive garden. in other words they drive inefficient gas guzzlers that pollute the air, they sit on several dead cows, had forests cut down, mountains decimated, use up a lot of fresh water and dump chemicals into the ground... all to maintain their celeb lifestyles. I love our capitalistic society. I believe it to be the most efficient. and the $ they spend trickles down to every day working drones. but I can't stand when these celebs preach to us drones about saving the earth.

anyway... in the car director Lee asks writer Suh how she knows president Jang Ki-soon. I assume he thought they recreated. Suh tells him that she thought Jang worked as a road manager cuz he would buy a case of coffee every day. Jang asked her out to lunch one day. she told Jang that she loved all the rumours in the biz. at the time not knowing him, writer Suh asked him if he knew who Jang recreated w/ cuz rumour had it he recreates w/ one of his actors. Jang then tells her: I don't date any of my actors.

they arrive at the location and meet uber-celeb Seung-ah and president Jang. oh... they're at the base of a mountain, outside of a cave and Lee takes a pic of Suh. she freaks out. I remember something about bad luck having your picture taken... something like losing one's soul. Suh tries to grab his camera, the railing prevents him from falling off the mountain... but they're all of a sudden face to face. very risque position. full body contact on Korean TV. it's like I'm watching porn. bug eye moment.

writer Suh notices that Seung-ah has director Lee's cap on. she's thinking the 2 of them have a thing going on and that they recreated. she becomes upset. everyone wants to get a drank... but she's like: I wanna go to a spa. so they all go to a spa.

Jang's uncomfortable w/ getting a massage. Lee seems fine. directed at Lee, writer Suh tells everyone: hey... this isn't like Lily's Massage... so behave. bug eyed cuz of Suh's sexual comment. this KDrama actually showed the guys bare chested. shocked cuz since this is Korean TV... it's like full frontal nudity. Lee wonders if the 2 ladies will get into a seki fight. he's like: we can't stop them if they're naked. again bug eyed cuz of sexual comment on a KDrama. Jang's like: I didn't know you were a pervert. then again Lee did go to Lily's Massage.

so the ladies talk story. Suh asks: why did you get into acting? Seung-ah's like: I was lonely... and I did it for my mom... why'd you become a writer? writer Suh becomes defensive. she acts like a nice little seki and tells her: I only tell my closest friends... so we have to become friends. Seung-ah's like: then I'll never know. Suh's like: you really are a bad actor. scratch. so Seung-ah does want to befriend Suh.

at lunch writer Suh gets a call. they all find out that the lead male Choo Yun-woo bolted for the competing drama. they all head back to Seoul. finally... a curvaceous Lee makes an appearance. she, PD Yoon, and president Jin discuss the situation. he's like: I want to use one of my new actors. kinda cute hottie PD Yoon tells him: gimme a break... we already have Cherry... we need an A-list celeb like Choo. curvaceous Lee backs her up and tells Jin that they cannot give him what he wants cuz it's up to the writer and director to deal w/ casting. she also has an obligation to her investors. curvaceous Lee = hot.

Seung-ah goes to meet Choo. he's at a karaoke bar w/ all these young wannabes. seki moment. Seung-ah tells Choo to get rid of these kids. she asks him if he left for more money, a bigger role, or revenge. she then tells him that she can't work w/ him anyway cuz he's a shitty kisser. everyone wanted Choo on the drama cuz he can act... and so he tells Seung-ah: good luck w/ your acting... I won't be there to carry you. then she's like: who's the female lead of your drama?... is it Hazel? (I forgot her Korean name)... the headlines will read 'Hazel vs Seung-ah'... so good luck in carrying her. scratch.

when leaving the building, Seung-ah meets up w/ some dude. he's like: we meet again... do you want to go for another round?... oh, not like that... I meant dranks. Seung-ah's like: no thank you... I brought my pride today. bug eyed moment cuz I assume she prostituted herself w/ this guy.

president Jang Ki-soon meets up w/ the Korean actor who starred in the KDrama Phoenix and asks him if he wants to do 'Ticket to the Moon'. he has other plans. Jang gets a call and meets w/ writer Suh and director Lee. they ask him if has any other connections w/ any A-list celeb? he's like: I contacted them all... no one is available.

no dramatic ending in this ep. the 2 guys Jang and Lee eat and drank at writer Suh's oma's restaurant.

16 May, 2008

Lost - The Orchid

current song: In God's Hands by Nelly Furtado on KSSK 92.3 FM

places shown in tonight's ep include one of the airports... either peacekeeper station Barbers Point or Honolulu International Airport, inside the First Hawaiian Bank building in the financial mecca, and perhaps the house in Kahala on Onaha street.

I liked tonight's ep. interesting flash forwards and developments on the island. on a peacekeeper plane one of the pilots tightly holds his lucky rabbit's foot. his co-pilot's like: you're being silly. and he's like: no way man... look at the cargo. the lady actor on the plane looks so familiar. she goes to the back and there's the Oceanic 6. she tells them that they will arrive at a peacekeeper base outside Honolulu. reporters will be there. Jack tells the others that they should pretend they're in shock. and Sun's like: we are in shock.

reporters bombard them w/ questions. they're like: how do you guys look so healthy considering you've been on an island for 100+ days?... Sun, did you your husband survive the crash?... Kate, how old's your son?... were you preggers when the US Marshall apprehended you?... Hurley, what will you do w/ your $150 million? they all stick to their planned story.

outside the building Sayid meets up w/ a lady. in Sun's flash forward she goes to see her dad. she tells him that he's the reason why Jin died. he's like: how dare you disrespect me... I'm your dad. she's like: I got a lot of $ from the settlement... I own you now... you should respect me. the Korean seki in her came out. Hurley's mom throws him a tropical island theme party. his dad fixed up a car as a memorial. they planned to drive it... but the mileage numbers coincidentally were the his lotto numbers, which freaked him out. at his dad's funeral service, Jack finds out that Claire's his sister. I don't know if Kate overheard the conversation... but Jack must be freaking out cuz Claire must still be alive and he can't contact her ever again, which may be one of the reasons for his breakdown later on.

on the island helicopter guy Frank dropped a bag w/ a fancy phone in it on the beach. Jack's like: Sayid dropped this for a reason... he wants us to follow them. they turn the fancy phone on and they hear that the helicopter's heading toward the Orchid station. Daniel and hottie Korean fluent speaking Charlotte look at each other passionately. he tells her that they need to get off the island.

basically several groups heading toward the Orchid. at 1st Jack and Kate. but they meet up w/ Sawyer, cutie Aaron, and Myles. Jack plans to go to the Orchid alone. Kate has to bring cutie Aaron back to the beach. so Sawyer goes along w/ Jack.

Ben, Hurley and Locke off to the Orchid too. they stop off at the base of the mountain, he finds a box and opens it... Hurley eats 15 year old crackers... Ben uses a mirror to communicate w/ someone on the mountain. I assume some of his Others gang must be there. they arrive at the Orchid and peacekeeper guys already there. at the end of the ep, the peacekeeper dude w/ the serious shoulders knocks Ben out.

back at the beach Sayid tells them to get off the island and Daniel starts to bring people to the freighter. Sayid plans to go to the Orchid too. Kate goes w/ him cuz she's an excellent tracker. they meet some of the Others. so who did Ben communicate w/ on the mountain? one of his Others or the peacekeeper guys?

problems on the freighter. the Koreans see Michael. he gives them his story why he's on the ship. engine gets fixed... but vital machine not working. Desmond investigates and sees a room filled w/ explosives wired to the ship.

saw clips of the news afterwards. Daniel Dae Kim appeared in court for his DUI case.

15 May, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Whitney

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single released in 1985. UK #1 15 years ago... 19 by Paul Hardcastle.

I will win the Mega Millions. I will win currency to purchase an inexpensive underwater digital camera. I need to start adding pics to this blog. I need to become an awesome photographer so I can do an ANTM shoot.

at the apartment the girls and the tranny pig out on pasta. Whitney and Anya have become great friends. Whitney loves potatoes... gotta keep her curvaceous figure. she says that she hopes she and Anya make it to the finals. I hope so too.

the contestants get their lines to memorize for the CoverGirl commercial. hottie Anya says that she needs to work on her speech. background for the commercial... the Colosseum. prizes... CoverGirl print ad, Wal*Mart cosmetic display, Times Square billboard.

tranny Saleisha drops by and gives the girls and the tranny some advice. while getting her makeup applied, Mr. J notices Anya teary eyed. she blames it on nerves. Whitney sees this and she's like: it's strange seeing her cry. I wondered if Anya has ever been in the bottom 2. I don't think she has and Whitney confirms this later on in the ep.

Fatranny's 1st to shoot the commercial. she's like: blah blah blah blah blah. Mr. J's impressed she memorized her lines... but he tells her that she's too robotic. he gives her some tips, pointers, direction... but she doesn't listen as usual. then I think and realize... hmmm... skeletons only made of bone. Whitney did a good job... at least better than the Italian commercial. CoverGirl rep totally in love w/ hottie Anya. he's like: damn you're gorgeous. Mr. J loves her energy. when she delivered her last line the wind blew her hair. she looked even hotter.

Jim De Yonker photographer for the print ad. Whitney looked like she had a good time. before her shoot Fatranny's like: I can relate to so may people. I don't think there are many mutilated female body parts and dicks out there. photog had to help her out... but she still looked like a tranny. CoverGirl rep must really love Anya. he's like: I love your model form... you model from your toes up. at this point I think... hmmm... hottie Anya's from Hawaii... yet she doesn't have a tan.

at panel mixed reactions from all the judges for all the contestants. Tyra likes Whitney's commercial. she says that Whitney can follow direction well... and yet Paulina doesn't like it cuz it seems too Miss America. Nigel likes her photo... says looks vintage. Miss J likes the way Whitney's chin rests on her shoulder.

Fatranny... nah. Nigel says her commercial seems like she's selling toothpaste. Paulina makes fun her. she's like: Fatranny... you're blah blah blah blah blah. Paulina doesn't like her photo as well. she's like: your eyes looking way too high... it's like you've seen God. Tyra again explains about squinting... and she shows the planet how to smile w/ your eyes. Tyra's like a human host w/ a Goa'uld in her... her eyes glowed.

Anya looked hot in the commercial. Tyra's like: it's like a train wreck... but when I dissect it, it's the best. Paulina says that she looks honest. Paulina's honest too when it came to evaluate Anya's pic. she's like: you look stupid. I didn't like the pic too. Whitney's photo looked the best.

the girls and the tranny find out that the final 2 will get to walk in a Versace fashion show. judges deliberate. hottie Anya gets called 1st. whew. Tyra then calls Whitney. whew. this cycle is America's Next Top (not Tranny) Model. Whitney's like: inside of me there's a model screaming to get out.

they get their pics taken by Nigel. it'll appear in the July issue of Seventeen mag. each girl looked good in their pics.

at the fashion show Mr. J worked hard to create the set... Imperial Rome. still liked the walk on water catwalk finale in South Africa best though. he tells the girls that men (this includes tranny Saleisha) will be in the show as well. all the women in gowns and all the men in bikinis.

judges walk down the runway to take their seats. Miss J wears a suit and a tiara... she's looking fierce. Paulina's in a floral dress, walking not so fierce. Nigel strutted his stuff like before. but Tyra... damn she looked good.

backstage every thing's crazy. fashion show begins. since it's Rome I expected to hear some awesome techno in the background... but music played so so. tranny Saleisha up 1st. some model after her looked like hottie Anne Hathaway. tranny Saleisha does have a runway presence though. Anya looked hot. Whitney came out w/ all this energy... but I noticed her belly jiggling. I'm bug eyed cuz she looks so different. then again she's normal. at the end the 2 girls posed. they looked good. backstage Tyra's like: damn... you 2 worked it.

at the final judging they watch the girls' walks. Miss J tells Anya that she didn't bring it. Paulina comes to her defense saying that Anya had this tight gown on. to Paulina, Miss J's like: girl... don't make me show you how to walk in a tight dress... I can slink my body to make it look elegant. Miss J says that Whitney delivered... but Paulina says that she hammed it up.

past photo shoots to compare the girls. ah... the memories. homeless photo shoot before their makeovers.... Whitney created wind. in the Fuerzabruta shoot Anya looked like a hot elf character... Whitney in her interesting fetal position.

at final deliberation Paulina summed it up the vast differences between the 2 girls. she's like: for Whitney... she's the one a man would like to take to his bedroom... but for Anya... she's the one who would make a woman buy a dress.

Whitney's pic pops up on the screen. Whitney wins America's Next Top Model. I really wanted Anya to win. disappointed and sad, Anya speaks clearly for the 1st time. she's hot. but Whitney deserved to win too. at the end she and Miss J strut their stuff on the catwalk. she and the judges pose and take goofy pics. Tyra corrects Whitney and tells her: the term's full figure model... not plus size. looking at Whitney, Paulina's like: this should just be called beautiful. and she is.

14 May, 2008

Pac-10 Rowing

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the last of the aquatic sports. the Pac-10 has won all the NCAA aquatic national titles this academic season. last aquatic NCAA title... NCAA women's rowing... as the NCAA does not sponsor a men's championship. the Cal women's varsity 8 boat ranks as the top boat in the country... and all 7 conference programs rank in the top 20... more than a 3rd come from the Pac-10.

I looked up the NCAA women's rowing championships history. the Pac-10 has won 5 out of the 11 national titles... the last w/ Cal in 2006. other than that the Ivy League has won it. it will be interesting to see how many Pac-10 teams will be invited to the championships this year.

I have to get my aquatic on soon. I have been sedentary the past few solar days.

12 May, 2008

KDrama: Happiness - Episodes 11 & 12

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rich oma Sae-young makes her eldest daughter Seo-yun sign an inheritance forefeiture agreement. rich oma... sly seki. she's like: I only want you to be happy... I know you don't want to be an heiress anymore... you're in love and that's all that matters. Seo-yun says that the document will not stand up in court... oma Sae-young tells her that she'll make sure the lawyers make it binding... Seo-yun signs anyway. I wonder if Koreans, when writing checks or documents, can add flair to their signatures cuz wouldn't it become another character? oma Sae-young can't believe that her daughter actually signed the papers. she freaks out. she always drinks ice water when stressed... helps maintain her complexion. hard working manager Jun-su also signs some papers. I don't know the exact honorifics... but I think he started calling Sae-young oma.

outside of her establishment Jun-su tells Seo-yun that they can live w/ his family... they have a large attic that they can fix up for themselves. she's like: huh?... I can't live in a room w/ an entire family. her room at her establishment isn't that big... but it is large enough to have a bed unlike Jun-su's family who sleep on the floor. she tells him that they'll just live in an apartment her parents will give them. he's like: I have my pride... I don't want to be indebted to your family... especially to your oma.

younger daughter Eda calls poor boxer Kang-suk on a date. he has to meet her at a subway. Jong-ah, the young girl Eda's age... another one of the staff, actually is a distant relative. she can't believe Eda actually will take public transportation. she follows them to the subway, while Jun-su's younger bro Jun-young... who likes Jong-ah, follows her. the couple plan to go to a theme park. it's a double date.

gotta admire the ROK's wealth. its citizens can afford to spend their hard earned money... and so they can build amusement parks for leisure. at the park Jun-young tells Jong-ah that he loves her... love at 1st sight. yet he doesn't really know her cuz he thinks her name is Nam... and that she's studying to be a ballerina.

Eda and Kang-suk think it's cute. they go to pay for lunch and sneak away. they watch the sunset and they kiss for the 1st time... no tongue... too risque for Korean TV. they kiss for a long time and he puts his hand a little above her ass. I'm bug eyed cuz I take this as the Korean version of teenage sex. scandalous.

they can't get enough of each other. Eda spends time w/ Kang-suk at the gym... helping him w/ his work. one day as she's leaving and walking down the stairs, she runs back up to give him a kiss. she's become a nymphomaniac.

one day her rich oma and sister in-law drop her off to school. in the chauffer driven car rich oma Sae-young tells her daughter in law: I do have the prettiest girl at this school... I'm glad she's not like Seo-yun... if Eda ever dated someone poor I'd kill him right away. the driver sees poor boxer Kang-suk in the side mirror to meet Eda. driver gets out of the car and pulls Kang-suk aside and tells him not to see Eda again.

Eda's been coming home late. one night driver tells Eda to come home right away. another staff member finds out what's been going on and kicks his ass... actually his shins. he then goes to the gym to kick poor boxer Jang-suk's ass. Jang-suk keeps getting up and keeps getting his ass kicked.

the 2 families have a formal meeting. the night before Jun-su has a very touching talk w/ his oma. grandma and dad hear him... they're moved... they're all crying. next morning grandma gets all dolled up for the meeting... she gets a perm and went to the sauna for a scrub. her grandkids make fun of her.

oh... in the beginning of this ep scion son Sang-wook asks manager Kim Ji-sook: why does this boy call you oma? poor adopted oldest son tells scion: he's my son... being close to Ji-sook, I wanted him to call her oma. later on scion tells him to back off... if you think of her as your sister, back the frell off.

also in the beginning hottie Mrs. Ahn rushes out of the Lee establishment. poor dad got angry. rushing out of the establishment he grabs her. later on in the ep I thought she would have thoughts about Jun-su's animalistic dad like the last time he grabbed her. she's a proper lady in this ep.

at the formal meeting rich oma Sae-young still being a sly seki. she's like: Seo-yun will move in w/ you... I want them to be happy. scion tells his wife and everyone that he has important business. Ji-sook's in the hallway and he sees her. they talk. he's like: I love you... I always loved you. hottie Mrs. Ahn overhears this... totally shocked. scion Sang-wook orders her to keep her mouth shut.

grandma collapses from the stress. they all blame Sae-young. they all rush to the hospital. in the hallway, scion wife sees Mrs. Ahn grab Ji-sook away. I find out that rich family has helped orphan Ji-sook all her life. Sae-young bought her new clothes every year, paid for her education, gave her an apartment, and hired her to work for one of their companies. Ji-sook wants to confess everything to hottie Mrs. Ahn. I thought she would tell her about her son w/ scion Sang-wook... but she doesn't. disappointed w/ hottie Mrs. Ahn though. she blames and scolds Ji-sook as if it's all her fault. but I think scion's wife is barren and so things will change when it's revealed that Sang-wook and Ji-sook have a son.

at the hospital the Chairman uses his clout and grandma gets immediate attention. she recovers. some touching scenes w/ her grandkids and Seo-yun in the hospital. Chairman visits poor dad at his business. they go for dranks and spill their guts out to each other. Chairman tells poor dad to take good care of his daughter... poor dad says he will.

UCLA - NCAA Women's Water Polo Champions

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this song came out in 1992? cycles ago. UK #1 in May of 1992... Please Don't Go by KWS.

UCLA won the water polo championship. UCLA won over Pac-10 rival USC. 3 of the 5 Pac-10 schools that sponsor women's water polo finished 1-2-3 in the country as Stanford placed 3rd. the national title gives the Pac-10 9 championships so far this academic year. it also earns UCLA its 101st NCAA championship. so far this season... Pac-10 4 for 4 in aquatic sports. Cal won the men's water polo title and Arizona won men's & women's swimming. only aquatic sport left... rowing. several Pac-10 varsity 8 boats ranked. only women's rowing officially recognized by NCAA. Pac-10 teams still alive in other NCAA tournaments... tennis, golf, softball.

AVP Gold Crown Championship - Branagh/Youngs

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Branagh & Youngs win via forfeit. vball goddess Kerri Walsh, still recovering from shoulder surgery, couldn't play w/ vball uber-stud Misty May-Treanor... and so they withdrew from the finals.

I watched the Huntington finals where the 2 goddesses won. I noticed that Kerri had all these finesse shots. should help w/ her overall game when she recovers cuz then she can also rely on her powerful attacks.

I love Misty May. gotta love her dance moves each time she steps on the sand. she threw the 1st pitch at an Angels baseball game. she threw to a catcher, also a Long Beach State alum. interesting conversation they had when the met near the mound. she's like: I've been following you... you're awesome. he's like: I've been following you... you're awesomer. then she's like: you're awesomest.

well my point of that conversation... they're pro-athletes... or non-drones like mostly everyone else on the planet. instead of joining MySpace or Facebook to get in touch w/ people... because they're always in the news... they can just Google each others' names to see what they've been up to. even if they have drone friends the drones can easily look up their famous friends.

I also like/kinda love EY. I always thought of her as a Fatranny mutilated female body part... but I should be nice and call her a bitch, like how she refers to herself. at least she admits it. in another one of the many finals she lost to Kerri & Misty... she got blocked by Kerri at a crucial time of the game/match, Kerri shouted through the net, and EY clapped. in an interview EY's like: I know I can be a bitch... Kerri's a bitch... at least I can admit to being a bitch. Kerri's called 6 feet of sunshine... but it's the 1st time I heard someone refer to her as a bitch. catty. scratch. like I said... I like/kinda love EY.

11 May, 2008

AVP Gold Crown Championship - Gibb/Rosenthal

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Jake Gibb & Sean Rosenthal won the championship as well as the $25K bonus. they beat John Hyden & Brad Keenan in 2 games. 1st time this season I watched a final in its entirety. love Rosenthal's line shots... especially the ones he hit within the (imaginary) 10 feet line.

other than that what did I learn (cuz one can learn by watching TV)? Rosenthal has a fan base called Rosie's Raiders. a clip shown where these guys making fun of a player's chest hair. one of the Raider's like: you need to shave your chest hair... it looks sickening. these fans have bios and info on the players so they can heckle them. Bran Keenan also worked as an accountant but found his job to be boring. Mike Lambert will be recovering from surgery and so will not be playing for a few weeks.

Battlestar Galactica - Alliance

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President Roslin looks hot bald. she has lengthy conversations w/ the actor who played a Bajoran in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. this bores me because they listen to Baltar and I assume they have deep conversations about the traitor. fast forwarding all these scenes and the commercials... viewing time totaled 26 minutes.

I have been looking up at past UK #1 singles and listening to them on YouTube. very eclectic list as opposed to all the hip hop that top the US charts the past several cycles. a recent UK #1... Mercy by Duffy.

so President Roslin looks hot bald. before going to sickbay she tells naughty Tory: when you took this job you seemed overwhelmed... nowadays you seem at ease. of course she's at ease... her robotic brain switched on and she can multi-multi-multi-task. another UK #1... Now You're Gone by Basshunter.

on the Demetrius Helo took control and wants to jump to meet w/ the fleet. Anders shoots the peacekeeper dude about to initiate the jump. I haven't watched the show in its entirety... but why haven't the humans killed Sharon? how can they trust a mole? who knows what will switch her on or off? look at Tory. mmmmm... she's so naughty. so Starbuck gives some speech and Helo allows her, his Cylon wife, Anders, Leoben and a female peacekeeper chick to go to the Cylon base ship to meet w/ the hybrid who has a message for Starbuck. they have an exact amount of time... 15 hours and change... to meet w/ the fleet before it makes its jump. I find these countdown scenes amusing in any show. it adds unnecessary drama cuz the time runs out and everything works out anyway. another UK #1... When You Believe by Leon Jackson.

when searching for the Cylons Starbuck discovers that the comet in her visions, actually is a base ship. they board the vessel and Sharon... I think they call her Athena... sees her models. she's like: I'm not like you... you need to pick a side and stick to it... otherwise you won't have anything to hold on to... like family. another UK #1... About You Now by Sugababes.

a hot Six model recognizes the female peacekeeper chick. apparently the peacekeeper chick killed one of her sisters... watching her drown. the Cylon does a Tory... meaning she kills the peacekeeper chick. everybody freaks out. Anders kicks her ass, has her on her knees, has his weapon on the back of her head, and wants to shoot her. Starbuck's like: everybody calm the frell down. another six model (french) kisses her sister goodbye, she puts her hand on Anders hand holding the gun. I assume she would take his gun away... instead she pulls the trigger. another UK #1... Grace Kelly by Mika.

Starbuck meets w/ the hybrid. the hybrid spits out all these coded messages. the other Cylons don't know what she means. I have to ask a friend what this hybrid does. she must be like a CPU cuz she seems connected to the ship. she lays in this tub w/ wires... when one of the Sharon models disconnects the wires she dies and the hybrid starts screaming. Starbuck lowers herself to face the hybrid who tells her something like: the 3 will lead you to the 5 to show you the 13th. another UK #1... Patience by Take That.

basically the 5 models will lead the humans to Earth. I assume the 3 to mean the 3 Cylons on the base ship... the Six, the Sharon and Leoben models. still wonder... like everybody else... about the last Cylon. oh... the hybrid also said something like: Kara... you are the harbinger of death... you will lead us to the end. another UK #1... I Don't Feel Like Dancin by Scissor Sisters.

death could mean anything. w/ this alliance between the humans and Cylons one would assume the end of humanity. I assume it would be the end of the Cylons. then again it could be an end to both. new beginning would be offensive half-breeds like Helo and Sharon's creation. or death could be end of the war... another 40 year truce. hmmm... maybe that way Sci-Fi can come up w/ another series. another UK #1... That's My Goal by Shayne Ward.

10 May, 2008

KDrama: On Air - Episode 8

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uber-celeb Seung-ah's manager Ki-joon meets w/ their nemesis president Jin. he tells Jin to solve his problems. Ki-joon tells him that he'll make sure Jin's rising star Cherry gets the main role for 'Ticket to the Moon' provided he takes care of all the financial matters.

I noticed a lot of shouting in this KDrama to make it more dramatic. love it when all the sekis and bastards yell at each other.

Seung-ah now actually has to act. she meets w/ a reporter. the reporter surprised that Seung-ah would actually play the role of a mentally retarded person. Seung-ah's like: shouldn't you say disabled? don't know the current PC term. last I remember, something like developmentally delayed... a change from mentally challenged. the reporter thinks Seung-ah to be a moron and asks her if she reads any books. reporter says she currently reads novels by 2 popular American authors. Seung-ah doesn't buy this and asks which books. reporter says she's read all of them. seki Seung-ah rolls off a list of titles and it's obvious that the reporter didn't read any of them. Seung-ah didn't read any of those novels too... she pretended respond to an incoming text on her mobile while actually looking up titles on the internet.

I love the curvaceous Lee... one of the higher ups at the studio. she tried to bribe director Lee at a dinner meeting. he didn't take the bribe and told curvaceous Lee not to do that again. unsure what she wanted to bribe him into doing... but I assume it to be that Cherry gets the main role for the drama cuz president Jin invested in the project and her company. I still think in the end the mentally retarded character that Seung-ah portrays will solidify her as a legit actor.

some lady asks Ki-joon if Seung-ah can do a commercial in Taiwan. apparently she's very popular there. it'd also be good for the drama cuz filming overseas is all the rage. I guess so cuz the other KDrama that I'm watching, Happiness, had some scenes in Hong Kong.

they all go to Taiwan to shoot the commercial and to scout some locations for the drama. Ki-soon still has feeling for writer Suh. will a romantic relationship develop between director Lee and uber-celeb Seung-ah? will anyone on this show recreate? will this KDrama have a surprise ending like 'Something Happened in Bali'?