31 March, 2008

Dexter (on CBS) - Neil Perry

current song: With You by Chris Brown on Hot 93.9 FM

how much longer will this song be played on the radio?

at the end of tonight's ep Neil Perry asked Dexter 'who are you?'. now who could the Ice Truck Killer be? I want to yet don't want to go to online and find out.

I watched a few eps of Oz... and a few of the actors on that series star in Dexter too.

30 March, 2008

Aquatic Wildcats 2

current song: Give It by X-Press 2

Arizona won the 2008 men's NCAA swimming & diving championships. only 6 Pac-10 schools field men's teams and 3 of those teams finished in the top 4 at the championships w/ Arizona #1, Stanford #3 and Cal #4. so far this season 16 championships (well 15 cuz the NCAA does not recognize or include football) have been contested... and the Pac-10 has won 8 national titles. I know the Pac-10 will win the women's NCAA water polo title like it does every year (Cal won the men's title last fall) to make it at least 9 national titles this season. I wonder if the Pac-10 will also win the rowing titles to sweep all aquatic events.

24 March, 2008

Dexter (on CBS) - Happy Birthday

current song: The Creeps by Camille Jones

Dexter's at his girlfriend's house... he finished flushing down a goldfish down the toilet, he's about to eat breakfast... when he gets a call. he goes back to his crime scene only to see his victim, Mrs. Castillo at the scene. his killer friend retrieved her from the bottom of the ocean. not only that but the cops find a little boy in the trunk of the Mercedes.

Dexter's freaking out cuz it's like his secret world's about to be exposed. he goes back to the junkyard, gets into the Mercedes, looks through the keyhole and freaks out more cuz he knows the boy saw him. he panics (though he looks very cool and calm... sweat must be from the Miami heat and humidity) and starts getting rid of all his tools and equipment.

on his boat before he gets rid of his blood slides he looks back and remembers his victims. the last slide of Mrs. Castillo has a bloody smiley happy face. it's the blood of her husband Jorge Castillo. w/ the blood Dexter plants it in the evidence to frame Jorge to keep his secret a secret for who knows how much longer. so he's enjoying his girlfriend's daughter's birthday party and plan to enjoy life. whew!

23 March, 2008

Lost - Michael / Kevin

current song: Girls by Calvin Harris

obviously the show films in Hawaii... but in this ep nothing familiar stands out except for one of the side streets in downtown Honolulu.

basically this ep explains what happens to Michael when he left the island.

what I don't know though is who really is behind the fake crash... is it Whitmore or Ben? one of Ben's people, Tom tells Michael that Whitmore planned it... but the helicopter pilot Frank tells Micheal his boss Whitmore wants to find out who staged the crash. or is Whitmore really behind all of this and Frank doesn't know?

and who shot the French woman? she must have a bullet-proof vest. she must know Ben wants to get rid of her and so she's pretending to be dead so that when the shooter reveals himself... or shooters reveal themselves... she'll kill them or at least injure them to extract information.

Aquatic Wildcats

current song: One Cup Of Coffee by Damian Marley on Island 98.5 FM

Arizona won the 2008 women's NCAA swimming & diving championships... the school's 1st championship in that sport and 16th overall national title. including Arizona at #1, a total of 3 Pac-10 schools finished in the top 5 w/ Stanford #3 and Cal #5. w/ this latest national championship, the Pac-10 has won a total of 7 national titles in the 2007-2008 season. the conference should win at least 8 national titles this year because the Pac-10 will definitely win women's water polo... and since the NCAA recognized women's water polo the Pac-10 has won every title.

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Triceps

current song: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson on KSSK 92.3 FM

none. 0 calories burned. I can drink my can of Coke since it's Saturday.

lateral raises 2
  • 10 / 60 avg (55, 60, 65)
plate loaded rear delt
  • 10 / 160 3x
rotary extensions
  • 10 / 70
  • 7 / 85 2x = 78 avg
see-saw press
  • 10 / 15
  • 9 / 20
  • 8 / 20 = 18 avg
front dumbbell raises
  • 10 / 15
  • 10 / 20 2x = 18 avg
pushdowns - bar attachment
  • 10 / 60
  • 10 / 65 2x = 63 avg
overhead extensions
  • 10 / 90
  • 10 / 100 2x = 96 avg
  • 7 / 70
  • 10 / 65
  • 6 / 65 = 66 avg
plate loaded extensions
  • 9 / 25 3x
pushdowns - vbar attachment
  • 10 / 65
  • 7 / 70
  • 10 / 55 = 62 avg
Shoulders Goals
  • lateral raises 2 - start at 60 lbs
  • plate loaded rear delt - start w/ 160 lbs
  • rotary extensions - start at 85 lbs
  • see-saw press - start w/ 20 lbs
  • front dumbbell raises - start w/ 20 lbs
Triceps Goals
  • pushdowns (bar attachment) - start at 65 lbs
  • overhead extensions - start at 100 lbs
  • extensions - start at 70 lbs
  • plate loaded extensions - start w/ 25 lbs
  • pushdowns (vbar attachment) - start at 65 lbs

22 March, 2008

Animal Planet - Big Cat Diary

current song: Make Me Better by Fabolous on Power 104.3 FM

next day after the storm the crew busy at work looking for the big cats. Jonathan explains that they do not tag or collar the cats... so finding them can be difficult, well except for the Marsh Pride of lions.

here's how Jonathan's search for Toto goes:
he spots a cheetah, compares the spot patterns... nope this female cheetah isn't Toto's mamma.

he spots Duma. he hears her chirping (like how Toto chirped) calling for mamma. either she lost mamma or mamma decided to separate from Duma. Duma looks too young to be on her own. but a mamma cheetah knows best... one day she will just leave her cubs, find a male cheetah and raise a new litter.

he comes across Kike. she comfortable in front of the camera and climbs the vehicles with ease. her swollen nipples and a horny male cheetah nearby means that she lost her litter and is in heat again. so Kike's playing hard to get w/ this male cheetah.

the next day Jonathan sees Duma again. she still calls out for mamma. she's hungry. she sees gazelle. she chases one but does not make a successful kill. no sighting of Toto yet. he also comes across Kike and her male cheetah friend. he says that cheetahs mate at night, if successful then they go their separate ways. sure enough Kike sneaks away from the male cheetah. so in 3 months she will give birth to cubs.

Jonathan comes across a female cheetah and her cub... but the female has a tag on her ear. some scientists are monitoring this female. the lion and leopard teams help out... but Toto and mamma no where to be found. find out that mamma cheetah ok... Toto dead. he says that not every cat can have a happy ending.

but the Marsh Pride thrives. what ever happened to the Ridge Pride? Bella and Chui are doing well too.


current song: Photograph by Nickelback on Star 101.9 FM

24 Hour Fitness - Chest & Calves
none. the gym installed all these new awesome cardio machines from Precor. new treadmills and elliptical machines. ooooo can't wait to try them. I hope they also install new bikes and climber machines.

0 calories burned off from cardio since I didn't do any. but today is Friday and so I can reward myself w/ a can of Coke.

rotary machine
  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 85
  • 10 / 100
  • 4 / 115 = 88 avg
press machine
  • 10 / 60
  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 75 = 68 avg
modular dip
  • 10 / 58 avg (48, 58, 68)
incline press machine
  • 10 / 60
  • 10 / 75 2x = 70 avg
donkey machine
  • 10 / 230
  • 10 / 250
  • 10 / 260 = 246 avg
seated raise machine
  • 10 / 75
  • 10 / 85
  • 10 /90 = 83 avg
press machine
  • 10 / 230
  • 10 / 250
  • 10 / 260 = 246 avg
standing raise machine
  • 10 / 210
  • 10 / 240 2x = 230 avg
breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2.
breast stroke back to station 1.
2 laps.

I should mix things up. since the sun sets later, instead of being aquatic 1st and then going to the gym, every now and then I should go to the gym 1st and then be aquatic

Chest Goals
  • rotary machine - start at 85 lbs
  • press machine - start at 70 lbs
  • modular dip - start at 58 lbs
  • incline press machine - start at 70 lbs
Calves Goals
  • donkey machine - start w/ 250 lbs
  • seated raise machine - start w/ 80 lbs
  • press machine - start w/ 250 lbs
  • standing raise machine - start at 225 lbs

21 March, 2008

The Aquatic Pac-10

current song: Elevator by Flo-rida on Power 104.3 FM

at the end of the 1st day of the NCAA women's swimming & diving championships 3 Pac-10 teams currently in the top 5 w/ Arizona #1, Cal #3 and Stanford #5.

Water Polo
in the CWPA rankings released 03.12.08, all 5 Pac-10 women's water polo teams rank in the top 8. the top 4 all come from the Pac-10 w/ UCLA #1, Standford #2, USC #3 and Cal #4.

6 Pac-10 women's varsity 8 rank in the top 16 w/ USC #4, Cal #9, Stanford #10, UCLA #12, Washington State #14 and Washington #16

20 March, 2008

America's Next Top Model - You Got Served

current song: Closing Time by Semisonic on Star 101.9 FM

photo shoot in this ep... head shots w/ paint dripping on their face... but highlight of show had to be the posing battle.

show opens w/ trannies... Fatranny's shocked at being in the bottom 2 last week. what's shocking is that Amis got robbed last week. Fatranny stays instead of Amis? c'mon. so Fatranny's working it on the catwalk trying to improve herself for the competition. Dominique and Tranny Ann are talking about something. enough focus on the trannies already. again... it's Top Model... not Tranny Model. Tranny Ann calls Whitney (finally a girl contestant) fat. Whitney's like: I don't believe I'm fat... I'm plus-size... I'm Phat. Tranny Ann's like: whatever... I don't wanna eat whatever you're gonna eat.

Tyra mail. hopefully the girls will get a 'how to read something out loud' challenge. the message starts off 'you know your ABCs'... and I'm thinkin: hey maybe it will be a reading out loud challenge. end of message asks if 'do you know your 3 Cs?'

girls find out Benny Ninja and ubermodel Vendela will teach them catalog, commercial and couture poses. Benny tells Whitney that she looks like Anna Nicole Smith. Vendela likes Marvitranny, Fatranny, Tranny Ann and Dominique. I'm shocked. no positive comments on hotties Anya, Claire or Katarzyna?

back at the apartment Whitney explains how she came up w/ times when the contestants can use the phone. I'm thinkin': damn... no phone drama like in previous cycles. I was wrong. everyone sticks to the schedule... except for of course one of the trannies... this time it's drama tranny Dominique. she missed her time and basically blames Whitney for this. Claire backs Whitney up and tells Dominique that she needs to be aware of her time slot.

so Dominique can't shut the frell up and take the blame for her stupidity. she says that Whitney's disrespectful. Whitney scratches back saying 'I have no reason to respect YOU'. Dominique goes off and calls her a racist. I too don't have any respect for Dominique. so according to Dominique's logic I'm a racist. Heil Hitler!

the next day the girls have a posing battle. ooooo!!! there's all these drags and Dominique says 'this is where I fit in'. thought this to be funny. so the contestants will be split in 2 teams. would've been funny if it were girls vs trannies. winning team gets to go to a swag tent. best battle had to be between Fatranny and Whitney. at one point Fatranny had her mutilated female body part in Whitney's face... but Whitney won their battle. the winning team gets their bag of goodies from Backstage Creations. Claire got a trip to Bora Bora for being the challenge winner.

back at the apartment Fatranny's still practicing and working on the catwalk. Marvitranny and Lauren have some dranks. Marvitranny burps like Adrianne. I kinda like her a little now. but Fatranny calls Marvitranny ghetto. what? dissension among the trannies?

Peter Buckingham will be the photographer for the photo shoot. basically a head shot w/ paint dripping all over their faces. again girls look hot and trannies look like trannies. at judging best photos show girls looking hot and trannies looking like trannies. what else is new? oh... Fatranny has hairy pits. and she's not ghetto?

Tyra gives her '10 beautiful girls stand before me... but I only have 9 photos in my hands... and these photos...' speech. Tranny Ann's called 1st. what? Dominique's called 2nd. what the frell? Marvitranny and Whitney in the bottom. Marvitranny goes home. whew! now it's 6 girls vs 3 trannies.

Exercise Statistics as of 03.19.08

current song: Pop Lock & Drop It by Huey F on Hot 93.9 FM

79 solar days into 2008.

exercise: 44 = 55.69% = 1 out of every 1.79 solar days

aquatic: 31 = 39.24% = 1 out of every 2.54 solar days

24 Hour Fitness: 24 = 30.38% = 1 out of every 3.29 solar days

walking: 5 = 6.32% = 1 out of every 15.8 solar days

running: 3 = 3.79% = 1 out of every 26.33 solar days

back = 8
chest = 5
quads = 12
shoulders = 8

biceps = 10
calves = 9
triceps = 9

Goals until next update either 19.04.08 or 25.04.08:
  • exercise - remain active to improve the numbers to 1 out of every 1.5 solar days... basically exercise 2 out of every 3 solar days
  • aquatic - continue to go to the beach and enjoy life as much as possible... improve the aquatic frequency to 1 out of every 2 solar days... attempt to go to the beach at least 15 days in a row to beat the 14 consecutive days set in 01.08
  • 24 Hour Fitness - improve frequency to 1 out of every 3 solar days
  • running - continue to run on prime number days (except for Tuesdays)... this statistic does not include running on the sand
  • soda - except for prime number days and weekends (Fridays and Saturdays), burn off 140 calories until the end of March and 154 calories for April doing cardio at the gym so I can reward myself w/ a can of Coke
  • next workout -chest and calves

hmmm... w/ all this activity perhaps I can finally look like a pre-teen Matt Biondi... HA HA HA!!!

Aquatic & Running

current song: Missing You by Luckie D on KSSK 98.5 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2.
breast stroke back to station 1
3 laps. 29 minutes and change.

1 lap around Ala Moana Beach Park. 18 minutes and change.

19 March, 2008


current song: Straight Up by Paula Abdul on KSSK 92.3 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2.
breast stroke back to station 1.
3 laps. about 32 minutes and change.

I want to get rid of my gut. I think my body has adjusted to being aquatic. prime number day tomorrow and so I will swim my 3 laps and run 1 lap around the park. I know I've only officially ran twice this year on pavement... and it has been less than a week... but I still have my little pooch. I can't expect results right away.

I need to be anal again and do a calorie count when I do cardio at 24 Hour Fitness. for the remainder of the month I will reward myself w/ a can of Coke only if I burn off 140 calories... the number of calories in a can. I will have a can though on prime number days and Fridays and Saturdays (the weekend). looking at the calendar that means I will not have a can of soda 6 of the remaining 13 days... unless I burn off 140 calories that day. I thought about drinking diet Coke... but gimme a break... soda is soda. the propaganda of diet soda actually helping keep off unwanted pounds actually sank into the minds of Americans. if I really wanted to drink something that's 0 calories I would drink water. if people who drink diet soda cut their soda intake in half I know they would lose weight.

if all goes well the remainder of the month, next month I will increase the amount of calories I have to burn off on a cardio machine to 154 calories (10% increase) to reward myself a can of Coke. I should see results by the end of this month.

18 March, 2008

Aquatic & Running

current song: Love Letter by Katchafire on Island 98.5 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2.
breast stroke back to station 1.
3 laps.

took about 32 minutes. next time I will either aim for 30 minutes or swim 4 laps in less than 45 minutes.

1 lap around Ala Moana.

I will try to maintain running on pavement on prime number days (except on Tuesdays cuz of volleyball... gotta have my hops). so far 2 for 2 since I labeled my running posts. I still prefer running on sand. less stress on legs and it feels like I get a better workout.

17 March, 2008

Dexter (on CBS) - Jorge Castillo

current song: I'm Not Jesus by Apocalyptica on Star 101.9 FM

Dexter gets sloppy in this one, meaning he doesn't complete his task. he planned to kill human trafficker Jorge Castillo... but his wife comes to the car junk yard. so Dexter doesn't have enough time to properly dispose of Jorge's wife. I assume in his routine he chops up his victim and dumps the body parts into the ocean. but because time ran out... meaning it's daylight... he didn't have time to dispose of the wife like he normally does. as he's leaving the junk yard, someone in the trunk of a Mercedes looks on through the keyhole. what did this person see?

before he kills the couple Jorge tells his wife he loves her... and she tells him that she loves him. Dexter's baffled. he's like: why do you love each other? and they're like: cuz we share the same goals and dreams. Dexter thanks them for their insight and kills them anyway.

15 March, 2008

Animal Planet - Big Cat Diary

current song: Umbrella by Rihanna on Power 104.3 FM

Big Cat Diary kicks ass. gotta love them big cats... especially the leopard.

the show begins w/ Jonathan Scott introducing Toto, a cute kick ass cheetah male cub. some baboons chase after him. oh no!!! Toto hides in the tall grass... baboons go away. mamma cheetah comes back looking for her cub... where is he?... she calls for him. Toto calls out for his mamma... he sounds like a bird chirping. totally cute... an AWWWE moment. seriously.

Toto and his mamma chillax but not for long cuz a lion comes closer and closer to them. he's roaring like a bad ass. Jonathan's like: when a lion roars I can feel the vibrations... imagine what it's like for a cheetah cub... he must be in pure terror. the lion came w/in 10 meters of Toto and his mamma.

the following day Jonathan and his crew come across 3 lions. he says that these bad ass guys are new lions in the area heading for the Marsh Pride. the lions stop at a little hill where Toto and his mamma hang out... the 3 lions stop, they smell the area, they make a stinky face... something's there. out comes lionesses. whew.

where's Toto and his mamma? apparently mamma cheetah has been moving around her area. at the end of this ep it storms and mamma cheetah's on the move w/ Toto trying to find shelter and safety.

Jonathan also comes across cheetah female Duma. she's still w/ her mom... but one day her mom will leave and Duma will have to fend for herself. at the moment Duma's being harassed by a jackal. on another day Duma and her mom chillax on 2 separate mounds, a growing sign of Duma's independence.

hottie Saba Douglas-Hamilton reports on leopards Bella and Chui. it's migration time and Bella has her eyes on some wildebeests. hottie Saba has the hardest big cat to track cuz the leopards' terrain is so varied compared to the other big cats. the wildebeests and zebra grazing around... chaos... animals running in every direction... there's Bella... she's chasing a wildebeest calf. but no kill.

Bella hunts again in a rocky area of her territory. some gazelles come to get a drank of water. the hunt begins. the gazelle she wants to kill hits a rock and lands in the water. Bella goes after it. hottie Saba's like: look at her go... she didn't even think if there'd be crocs in the water... what a successful kill. Bella then hauls up the gazelle carcass out of the water. totally awesome... such power and grace.

Bella still provides for her adolesent son Chui. hottie Saba mentions that the resident male leopard in the area would have chased Chui away. hmmm... perhaps something happened to that male leopard and so Chui stays in the area.

MPSF Volleyball - UC Irvine 3, Hawaii 1

current song: Your Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan on Star 101.9 FM

UC Irvine beat Hawaii in 4 games. 1st game I've watched on TV in some time. Hawaii lost 28-30, 30-25, 32-34, 29-31. disappointing cuz they could've (but didn't) win the match. so close. hopefully Hawaii will win tomorrow's match.

in the latest CSTV/AVCA rankings released 03.10.08 Hawaii ranks #14 after not being ranked in the last poll. all 3 pac-10 men's volleyball teams rank in the top 10 w/ Stanford #6, UCLA #9 and USC #10. earlier this evening #9 UCLA upset #1 BYU.

Aquatic & Water Polo

current song: Low by Flo-rida on Hot 93.9 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2. breast stroke back to station 1. 3 laps.

Water Polo
in the latest CWPA rankings released 03.12.08, all 5 pac-10 women's water polo teams rank in the top 8, w/ the top 4 coming from the pac-10... UCLA #1, Stanford #2, USC #3 and Cal #4.

#8 Arizona State will host #4 Cal.
#1 UCLA beat #3 USC today. UCLA remains perfect at 21-0 overall and 7-0 in the MPSF.

14 March, 2008

Lost - Ji Yeon

current song: Midnight Hour by SDIB on Island 98.5 FM

the only familiar place seemed to be Chinatown in downtown Honolulu. it doubles, I assume, as Seoul cuz Sun's about to give birth and Jin's running around the city looking to buy a stuffed panda. the end surprised me cuz when Jin's at the hospital he's dropping off the doll to someone else and tells some hospital worker he's been married for only 2 months. meanwhile Sun and Hurley bring her newborn daughter Ji Yeon to the cemetery to visit Jin. I'm like: what the frell? then I'm like: oh... Jin - flashback while Sun flashforward. clever... but why?

is Jin one of the Oceanic 6? why go through this elaborate hoax that he's dead? shouldn't Sun and Hurley be at her home looking through albums and pics of her dad? I didn't see any reporters at the cemetery. if Sun's superstitious talking about baby names before she gives birth, wouldn't she be superstitious about bringing a newborn to a cemetery?

I also guessed correctly Ben's mole. he must have Michael's son hostage and in a preview of next week's ep it mentioned about how he would do anything to protect or get his son. speaking of Ben, what does he do? he has enough money and power to stage a fake plane crash. the captain tells Sayid and Desmond this. he's like: what kind of man can make 300 families suffer?

on the island Juliet tells Sun that in 3 weeks she's gonna have all these complications and eventually die. so... over the course of the next several seasons will less than 3 weeks pass? why would the network want to show her pain when we know she's fine?

Aquatic & Running

current song: Buy U A Drank by T-Pain on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2 then back to station 1. 2 laps.

new label. on prime number days... Run Freckles Run. today I planned to alternate between 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking... but I ended up running around Ala Moana Beach.

only rested when I got out of the water to shower and put on my shoes.

  • aquatic - use my damn kickboard or chillax w/ my noodle chair
  • running - 1 lap around Ala Moana Beach
  • next workout - chest & biceps

13 March, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Meat Is Murder Photo Shoot

current song: This Is Why I'm Hot by Mims on Power 104.3 FM

Fatranny, who acts like her mutilated female body part, says that Amis is a joke. perhaps she's just jealous cuz Amis is actually attractive, meaning she doesn't look like a tranny like half the contestants in this cycle. I noticed during the show that all the trannies have formed a tranny clique.

the reading of the Tyra mail really irritates me this cycle. why can't they read it normally? the girls and the trannies arrive at a fire station. sirens going off, firefighters slide down the pole, quickly change into their gear, and drive off. Miss J compares this quick change to how it will be like at a fashion show, which I thought to be funny. hmmm... saving lives versus walking on a catwalk? c'mon. so the girls and the trannies have 90 seconds to change into their outfit.

Fatranny's the only one who doesn't complete this challenge, meaning she wanted to wear her heels rather than the ones she was supposed to wear. Miss J doesn't like this. the girls find out they have to walk in front of some firefighters. Claire = hot. Katarzyna = hot. Whitney comments: I know drag queens who can walk better than Dominique. Anya not so hot. Miss J says she looks like she's walking on coals. Fatranny = Clydesdale. Amis' signature walk includes some skipping. lame. this wasn't a competition.

back at the apartment Aimee wants to take a shower in private cuz she's not comfortable being naked in front of the contestants. I understand she wants some privacy... but she has to get naked in front of other girls if she does fashion shows. then I'm thinkin: oh... she must mean she's uncomfortable being naked in front of the trannies. the trannies then gang up on her. Marvitranny starts yelling at her. Whitney defends Aimee. Fatranny gets involved and somehow says that it's Whitney's fault. again Fatranny has a problem w/ contestants who don't look like a tranny.

the girls and the trannies find out that they'll be walking in a Tuleh fashion show. Jaslene, winner of America's Next Tranny Model cycle 8, will help decide the winner of this challenge. girls quickly change into their outfits. Whitney forgot to put her left boob in her top. I thought only Katarzyna looked relatively fierce. relative cuz none of the other girls nor the trannies have a fierce or signature walk.

and I'm right. Katarzyna wins the challenge. Jaslene lashes out at Lauren, the punk girl. Jaslene asks her if she really wants to be there. again a tranny lashing out on an attractive girl. Lauren's shocked and she later cries. that's right Lauren... you're so hardcore punk. now when I see a crybaby on the streets I'll stay away cuz I don't wanna mess w/ a punk and get beaten up.

so Katarzyna wins. she gets to pick 2 friends who will pose w/ her and Jaslene in a Lot 29 photo shoot for Seventeen mag. she picks Amis and Marvitranny. I honestly thought she would have picked 2 trannies... that way in the photo shoot she'd stand out. Jaime Welles, some marketing director should have been in the photo shoot cuz she looked hot.

for the photo challenge the girls go to the meat packing district. they will wear meat and pose w/ meat. Trevor O'shana will be the photographer for this shoot. Claire's 1st. not bad. Fatranny looks on. Anya = hot. Katarzyna = hot. Lauren = hot. trannies look like trannies.

at judging trannies really look like trannies. Anya = hot. Claire's body pose looked kinda funky. judges like it too. but no emotion in her eyes though. Lauren = hot. judges comment on Whitney having stage presence and Anya being very versatile. at this point I realized I haven't heard a word from her this ep.

Tyra actually gives her entire speech this ep. Anya's 1st followed by Whitney, Katarzyna, and Claire. my top 3 in the top 4. Amis and Fatranny the bottom 2. like Fatranny's getting eliminated this early. show needs her to create drama for ratings. one less girl in the house. at this rate the number of girls will equal the number of trannies in the apartment.

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Triceps

current song: Take You There by Sean Kingston on Hot 93.9 FM

treadmill - 7 minutes, level 3.2 max walk speed

lateral raise machine 2

  • 10 / 50
  • 10 / 60 2x = 56 avg
front dumbbell raise - hammer grip

  • 10 / 20 3x
dumbbell shrug

  • 10 / 60 avg (55, 60, 65)
dip machine

  • 10 / 120 2x
  • 10 / 135 = 125 avg
extension machine

  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 75
  • 7 / 75 = 73 avg
overhead extension machine

  • 10 / 90 3x
pushdown - bar attachment

  • 10 / 60 avg (55, 60, 65)
modular extension machine - bar attachment

  • 10 / 40
  • 6 / 50 2x = 45 avg
pushdown - vbar attachment

  • 10 / 60
  • 10 / 65
  • 6 / 70 = 64 avg
  • lateral raise machine 2 - start w/ 55 lbs
  • front dumbbell raise (hammer grip) - at least 1 set at 25 lbs
  • dumbbell shrug - start w/ 60 lbs
  • dip machine - at least 2 sets at 135 lbs
  • extension - start w/ 75 lbs
  • overhead extension - at least 1 set at 100 lbs
  • pushdown (bar attachment) - start w/ 60 lbs
  • modular extension (vbar attachment) - at least 2 sets at 50 lbs
  • pushdown (vbar attachment) - start w 65 lbs
  • aquatic - use kickboard depending how shoulders & arms feel
  • running - attempt to run Ala Moana Beach Park & Magic Island... alternate between 4 minute run & 1 minute walk
  • next workout - chest & biceps

11 March, 2008


current song: Yeah by Usher on Power 104.3 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2.
sand run to station 3 back to station 1. 2 circuits.

24 Hour Fitness - Back
elliptical machine - hill (Kilimanjaro), 19 minutes, level 9 max

wide-grip pulldown
  • 10 / 100 avg (90, 100, 110)
seated cable row - close-grip bar attachment
  • 10 / 80 avg (70, 80, 90)
rotary upper back machine
  • 10 / 70 2x
  • 9 / 85 = 74 avg
underhand cable pulldown
  • 10 / 80 avg (70, 80, 90)
seated cable row
  • 10 / 100
  • 8 / 110
  • 6 / 120 = 108
extension machine
  • 10 / 105 avg (100, 105, 110)
dorsi flexor
  • 10 / 105
  • 10 / 120
  • 5 / 135 = 117 avg
v-bar pulldown
  • 10 / 100
  • 8 / 110
  • 6 / 120 = 108 avg
  • aquatic - use kickboard or chillax w/ noodle chair to give shoulders and arms a rest
  • running - attempt to run Ala Moana Beach Park & Magic Island... alternate 4 minute run & 1 minute walk
  • wide-grip pulldown - start w/ 100 lbs
  • seated cable row (close-grip bar attachment) - start w/ 80 lbs
  • rotary upper back machine - start w/ 85 lbs
  • underhand cable pulldown - start w/ 80 lbs
  • seated cable row - start w/ 110 lbs
  • extension machine - start w/ 105 lbs
  • dorsi flexor - start w/ 120 lbs
  • v-bar pulldown - start w/ 110 lbs
  • next workout - shoulders & triceps

10 March, 2008

Dexter (on CBS) - Tucci... Trick or Treat

current song: Won't Go Home Without You by Maroon 5 on Star 101.9 FM

I really like this show. I know I can watch seasons 1 and 2 of this show on DVD... but I will wait until my tenants go on vacation. this way I can still try hard to limit my TV viewing to 1 prime time show a night.

Dexter's friend the ice truck killer takes him on a trip down memory lane. the ITK keeps Tucci alive, chops up parts of his body, and places them in places where Dexter's dad took him to growing up.

it's Halloween and Dexter's girlfriend dresses up as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. they recreate.

24 Hour Fitness - Calves

current song: Clumsy by Fergie on Hot 93.9 FM

treadmill - fat burner, 9 minutes, level 3.2 max walk speed

donkey machine
  • 10 / 230
  • 10 / 250
  • 10 / 260 = 246 avg
seated raise machine
  • 10 / 45
  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 80 = 65 avg
press machine
  • 10 / 230
  • 10 / 250
  • 10 / 260 = 246 avg
  • rest shoulders
  • aquatic - use kickboard or chillax w/ noodle chair
  • donkey machine - start w/ 250 lbs
  • seated raise machine - start w/ 70 lbs
  • press machine - start w/ 250 lbs
  • next workout - back

09 March, 2008

Pac-10: Swimming & Water Polo

current song: My Moon My Man by Feist on Star 101.9 FM

Pac-10 Swimming
Stanford won the Pac-10 men's swimming championships for the 27th consecutive cycle. final team standings:
  1. Stanford
  2. Cal
  3. Arizona
  4. Arizona State
  5. USC
  6. Washington
Water Polo
#1 UCLA beat #2 Stanford 9-7. the UCLA women's team remains perfect at 19-0 overall and 5-0 in the MPSF.
#4 USC upset #3 Cal 8-7. the USC women's team improves to 11-4 overall and also remains undefeated in the MPSF w/ a 4-0 record.

24 Hour Fitness - Quads & Biceps (attempt)

current song: Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth on Island 98.5 FM

step machine - speed training, 8 minutes, level 4.6 avg / 6 max

thigh abductor - glutes machine
  • 10 / 85 avg (80, 85, 90)
smith machine squat
  • 10 / 90
  • 10 / 110
  • 10 / 120 = 106 avg
close-grip standing barbell curl
  • 10 / 50
  • 10 / 60 2x = 56 avg
reverse cable curl
  • 10 / 57.5 avg (50, 55, 60, 65)


  • next work out - shoulders & calves
  • glutes machine - start w/ 85 lbs
  • smith machine squat - start w/ 110 lbs
  • standing barbell curl - do 3 sets of 10 @ 60 lbs
  • reverse cable curl - start w/ 55 lbs

08 March, 2008

Lost - Hester Prynn Juliet flashback & Tempest Station

current song: John Crow by Jimmy Cliff on Island 98.5 FM

no familiar places this ep. flash focused on Juliet. she recreated w/ a married man. his wife, the island shrink, knows this and tells her to keep things on the down low so that Ben does not find out cuz he loves Juliet.

on the island Charlotte and Faraday head to the tempest station. Juliet and Jack go into the jungle to find the 2. it's pouring rain and yet somehow the torches remain lit. Juliet hears voices and all of a sudden the island shrink appears telling her that she must go to the tempest and kill the 2. Ben used the tempest station to release gases/chemicals to kill most of the Others in the purge. Charlotte and Faraday plan to disarm the tempest.

hmmm... not so interesting ep. found out that Penelope's dad is the dude in charge of the freighter off island. Ben tells Locke some story about how some mold looked like the Virgin Mary and thousands of people went to see it. so if people know of the mysterious powers of the island then who knows how many people will go to it. I assume Penelope's dad wants to profit from this by making the island a tourist destination. Ben tells Locke who his plant is. at 1st I assume it's Ana Lucia cuz if I remember correctly, she killed Juliet's lover. then I remembered Michael shot Ana Lucia. so I assume Michael's Ben's mole.

Aquatic, Pac-10 Swimming & Water Polo

current song: If I Had Eyes by Jack Johnson on Star 101.9 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2 back to station 1. 1.5 laps.
sand run to station 3 back to life guard station 1.

Pac-10 Swimming
at the Pac-10 men's swimming championships Stanford leads the 6 team field heading into tomorrow's final solar day. current standings as of 03.07.08
  1. Stanford
  2. Cal
  3. Arizona
  4. Arizona State
  5. USC
  6. Washington
Water Polo
in the latest CWPA rankings released 02.27.08, the top 4 women's teams in the country come the Pac-10 w/ UCLA #1, Stanford #2, Cal #3, and USC #4. this weekend #1 UCLA will host #2 Stanford... and #3 Cal will host #4 USC. the Bruins remain perfect... 18-0 overall record and 4-0 record in the MPSF.

07 March, 2008

Project Runway - Christian Wins

current song: Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds on KSSK 92.3 FM

after Chris got robbed all of his winnings last week, I didn't feel like watching the finale. didn't know what to expect from him and so would have been a treat to see his entire collection. I should do an online search. wasn't looking forward to seeing more of sister Christian's jackets and pants, Rami's draping, and Jillian's coats.

like previous seasons, the designers eye out their designs, model casting, makeup consultation, hair consultation, last minute preparations, models arriving late. only thing missing this season... cat/bitch fight.

the final 3 show their collection. I have to admit I liked Christian's the best. I actually watched his runway show 3 times. she deserved to win.


current song: Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac on Oldies 107.9 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2 back to station 1. 1.5 laps.
sand run to station 3 back to station 1.
breast stroke to station 2.
sand run to station 3 back to station 1.

24 Hour Fitness - Shoulders & Biceps (attempt)
elliptical machine - gluteal, 18 minutes, level 9 max

lateral raise machine 2
  • 10 / 50
  • 10 / 55
  • 8 / 60 = 54 avg
rotary machine
  • 9 / 85 3x
modular chin-ups
  • 10 / 52
  • 10 / 62
  • 6 / 72 = 60 avg
cable hammer curls - rope attachment
  • 10 / 55 avg (50, 55, 60)

06 March, 2008

America's Next Top Model - Makeover

current song: Break It Off by Sean Paul & Rihanna on Power 104.3 FM

the model wannabes each receive a brand name white bag w/ brand name goods inside including Apple Bottoms jeans. the girls put them on and Allison gets annoyed. Fatranny tells Allison that she's fat. whatever. I wonder what Whitney must have been thinking since she's this cycle's token plus-size contestant.

Tyra mail will be irritating this cycle. why can't the girls read it normally? at 05:30 the girls get into their limo and arrive at Wal-Mart. some CoverGirl execs inform the girls that each Wal-Mart store will have a CoverGirl Cosmetics wall. the winner of this cycle will have her picture up in this section in all of the thousands of Wal-Marts.

for this makeup challenge the girls have to use 3 products. Claire and Whitney look good. no shots of hotties Anya or Katarzyna. Claire wins. she will have her pic up on the Wal-Mart site.

back at the apartment Allison plays w/ her dolls. she acts out what happened earlier in the morning. the black doll tells the white doll that she's too fat. Fatranny clearly becomes upset. she tells the viewers that Allison needs to deal w/ her anorexia. I still do not see what the judges see in Fatranny. I think she's a plant, a mole. she creates all this drama, all for ratings. Fatranny acts like her mutilated female body part.

Tyra mail informs the girls of their makeover. they arrive at Stephen Knoll Salon. Anya gets her hair dyed blond. Anya = sexy hot blond. Whitney also becomes a blond... not so good... I need to see how she works it at the photo shoots. Marvitranny gets a horse mane. equine in the house! the other trannies... Fatranny, Dominique, Tranny Ann... get their makeovers and still look like trannies. Katarzyna = sexy. Amis looks good... she reminds me of Heather from last cycle. Claire = hot. Fatranny gets a weave for the 1st time in her life. she cries in pain cuz it hurts so much. Allison the sadomasochist enjoys this. of course Allison's not actually smiling... but she's smiling w/ her eyes. too bad she didn't show any emotion in her eyes at the photo shoot.

at the photo shoot George Holz is the photographer. the girls pose on a yacht w/ NYC and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. on the yacht the girls get introduced to ubermodel Elle McPherson. she tells them they will be modeling Elle Macpherson Intimates. ooooo... a lingerie shoot.

Claire = hot. I'm thinkin' blond Aeon Flux. Anya = hot. Katarzyna = hot. Lauren = punk rock? pleeze... enough already w/ the "I'm punk rock this" "I'm punk rock that". gimme a break. the trannies look like trannies. this cycle will get things right again. the T in ANTM = Top... not tranny. Allison goes last. while waiting she practices pose after pose.

at judging Lauren's pic = kinda hot. Anya = not so hot. judges say Katarzyna's pic looks like one found in a Russian mail order bride catalog. Claire = damn hot. trannies? yeah they look like trannies.

very surprised w/ Tyra. she's like: 12 beautiful girls stand before me but I only have 11 photos in my hand. that's it. she didn't continue on and say: these 11 photos represent the girls who will still be in the running in becoming America's Next Top Model... blah blah blah. hmmm... maybe she might slip up and say America's Next tranny Model instead. now I see why she didn't give the whole speech.

Lauren gets called 1st. I'm shocked. thought it would be Claire... but she still gets called in the top half. Anya and Katarzyna get called in the bottom half. Dominique and Allison the bottom 2. Allison goes home. Allison over tranny Dominique? Allison has some modeling experience. perhaps ANTM does not want a Saleisha repeat this cycle and so eliminated her early in the competition.


current song: Make Me Better by Fabolous on Power 104.3 FM

breast stroke (arms only) to life guard station 2. sand run to station 3 back to station 1.
breast stroke (arms only) to station 2 back to station 1. total 1.5 laps.

2 laps around Magic Island

24 Hour Fitness - Triceps (Full Body)
elliptical machine - gluteal, 10 minutes, level 5 max

pushdown - bar attachment
  • 10 / 60 avg (55, 60, 65)
overhead extension machine
  • 10 / 90 2x
  • 10 / 100 = 93 avg
extension machine
  • 10 / 70
  • 10 / 75
  • 4 / 75 = 72 avg
pushdown - vbar attachment
  • 10 / 65 avg (60, 65, 70)
pushdown - rope attachment
  • 10 / 35
  • 7 / 40 2x = 37 avg
extension machine 15
  • 10 / 120 avg (105, 120, 135)
plate loaded 45 degree machine
  • 10 / 40 avg (35, 40, 45)
dorsi flexor machine
  • 10 / 120 2x
  • 8 / 135 = 124 avg
standing raises machine
  • 10 / 225 avg (210, 225, 240)

05 March, 2008


current song: I Won't Tell by Fat Joe on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

1 lap around Magic Island.

tomorrow will be the 1st day of being aquatic for this month. will also go to 24 Hour Fitness and attempt to do a triceps full body workout.

at Longs Drugs I bought Oreo Cakesters. each cake totals 125 calories. the past 2 days I ate 19 chocolate filled ones... or 2375 calories worth. I have 2 more left and I will try hard not to buy another box (1500 calories) tomorrow... OR... if I do buy a box, not eat all of the Cakesters in 1 day.

04 March, 2008

Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations in Hawaii

current song: Maggie May by Rod Stewart on Oldies 107.9 FM

so Tony came to town around the Christmas holiday as seen by the huge tree at what I assume to be the Kahala Hotel & Resort... cuz one of his lei greeters said: welcome to the Kahala. he said that he was excited to taste all the true Asian flavors here in America. yes even w/ the huge Asian population here, Hawaii is part of this great civilization. being a tourist he seeks out an Aloha shirt. he goes to some place and buys one for not $2000 as the owner of the shop 1st quoted him... but for $3000. I assume the shirt's being sold or has been sold on e-bay.

Tony's 1st seen going to a place called Puka Dog in Waikiki, which basically serves hot dogs w/ funky toppings like mango, pineapple, coconut or papaya relish and guava or passion fruit mustard. kinda sounds gross. well at least to me. sorta like pineapple on pizza or avocado in sushi. gross. then again I remember Papa John's serving Portuguese sausage pizza, which I have yet to taste. then I remember an idea I told a friend... spam pizza w/ nori!!! and I got to thinking about other ideas for pizza, like kalbi w/ kimchi... kalua pig w/ lomi lomi salmon. then again most of those foods I normally eat w/ rice. I remember a client I work w/ had an idea to sell poi dough to pizza places. I joked to her that it'd be like looking at the Philippines' flag... you know... purple (dough), red (sauce or pepperoni) and yellow (cheese).

Tony then goes Ono Hawaiian Food. he's expecting to eat all this Polynesian food... but the guy he's w/ explains that it's mostly Asian food cuz the Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, etc... came here to work on the plantations... and what we eat now is basically all these ethnicities' comfort food. they eat lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, pipikaula and poi. I never acquired the taste for poi... but Tony loves it. I've seen some guys put shoyu or Tabasco on poi. gross.

that guy he's w/ happens to own Side Street Inn. chefs like Alan Wong go there to chillax and pig out. they pig out on chicken gizzards, Portuguese sausage, pork chops, steak, fish and baby abalone, which I thought looked to be opihi. I guess w/ all the food he ate today Tony goes on to call my hometown the Singapore of America. to me it would have been funnier if he compared Honolulu to Hong Kong. whenever I'm at Ala Moana beach I laugh to myself that it's like I'm looking at the Kowloon skyline cuz of all the new buildings.

Tony then goes to the North Shore to surf w/ some dude. there are no waves... but at least he got to have fun on a jet ski.

he then meets up w/ David Choo, some food critic who has or used to have a column titled Choo On This, at Uptown Saimin Fountain. they eat spam. David explains that because Hawaii was in a war zone the locals ate what the soldiers and sailors ate... spam... and it stuck. something like 4 million cans were sold last cycle or about 4 cans per person here. they eat spam musubi (w/ fried rice), spam & eggs, spam saimin.

Tony then goes to La Mariana, some tiki bar, to get wasted. he explained that at the end of the war there's this tiki bar craze that swept the mainland. then my mind wanders off about how I think the US has been great to Hawaii... basically keeping its culture alive. Hawaiian language is taught in schools here, there's all these hula halaus... well I guess na halau here and on the mainland, paddling... anyway that's another topic.

one of the morning DJs at Island 98.5 FM has a party at his house in awesome Kalihi. Lanai tells Tony something about how everybody in Hawaii's mixed up cuz of all the different ethnicities and intermarriages.... local food is basically whatever. they eat poi, beef luau, sashimi, ahi poke, tako poke (Tony calls it squid ceviche) and fish. oh... the guys put lop chong (Chinese sausage) into the fish... and I'm thinkin': lop chong pizza. then again I eat that w/ rice. why haven't I seen lop chong sushi? I've eaten kalbi & kimchi sushi. and how can these DJs not have kalbi at a BBQ?

I missed the part where Tony went to the Big Island and some luau at Paradise Cove. I haven't been to Paradise Cove... but I assume the food there would be more Americanized for mainlanders.

03 March, 2008

Dexter (on CBS) - Nurse / Lieutenant Yar

current song: Over You by Daughtry on Star 101.9 FM

Dexter's dad's in the hospital. his nurse, who I think played Yar on Star Trek Next Generation, believes she's freeing people from their pain and suffering. his dad believes that she's killing him and Dexter can see through her perty eyes she's a killer. his dad is like: remember all those lessons?... I give you permission to kill her... stop her from killing more people. at home nurse Yar calls out for her cat. her living room is covered w/ plastic. since it's his 1st time killing someone Dexter had a hard time subduing nurse Yar. he looks through her album of all her victims. I wonder when Dexter starts keeping his record of his victims.

I thought Dexter was gonna kill this teenager he sees at a swap meet who was buying a knife. apparently the teen killed a guy who raped him.

24 Hour Fitness - Chest (Full Body attempt)

current song: Can't Help But Wait by Trey Songz on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

treadmill - fat burn, 10 minutes, level 3.2 max

incline dumbbell press
  • 10 / 35 avg 3x (30, 35, 40)
pectoral fly machine
  • 10 / 75
  • 10 / 90
  • 5 / 90 = 84 avg
standing raises machine
  • 10 / 225 avg 3x (210, 225, 240)
extension machine 5
  • 10 / 100
  • 10 / 105
  • 8 / 110 = 104 avg

02 March, 2008

Modern Marvels - Superhighways

current song: Last Night by P. Diddy on Hot 93.9 FM

superhighways ep featured the H-3. all the freeways here on Oahu connect the military bases. the H-3 connects Pearl Harbor and Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe. a few years ago I remember an article about an original plan to have 9 freeways on Oahu, of course named H-1 to H-9. I just did a search on this but came up w/ nothing. the plan was to connect all the military bases... so are there 9 military installations on Oahu?

I remember watching an ep about the Autobahn. the Nazis basically built the autobahn for quick military mobilization as well as to employ millions of Germans. and I remember the autobahn was used for landing strips as well. instead though the Allies used the autobahns to their benefit and go straight to Berlin. I remember watching an older Modern Marvels ep about how in the US for every 5 miles there is 1 mile of straight roadway for emergency plane landings. so next time you're driving on the freeways, pay attention and you'll notice this.

when I started watching this ep, it showed China's superhighway system. the Chinese started building their superhighways in 1988 and currently total 28,000 miles compared to the US current total of 46,000 miles. currently the Chinese add an additional 3000 miles to its highway system each year. I remember reading an article in the Honolulu Advertiser about how in 1 year alone, in 2006, China built all these power plants that equal the total energy output of France. crazy. so at the rate China's building its highway system, its total miles is supposed to overtake that of the US in 2017. hmmm... how much would 46,000 miles pave? would this mean all of Oahu or all the islands in the state would be covered in concrete? crazy.

w/ the US highway system already in place the only place to go is up. in Dallas, there's a 5-level 12 story interchange called the High-Five. its the latest in interchange design cuz the cloverleaf interchange design cannot handle the amount of vehicles on the road. the show mentioned plans of even a 7-level interchange. crazy.

the show then showed some brains at MIT studying traffic patterns. they brains showed how 1 driver... say if he's talking on the phone and is driving slowly... he basically created a traffic jam. and there's also some traffic university where people attend to learn how to manage whatever scenario... say a truck explosion... in order to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Pac-10 Swimming & Water Polo

current song: 1, 2 Step by Ciara on Da Bomb 102.7 FM

Pac-10 Swimming
Arizona won the Pac-10 women's swimming championships. final team results:
  1. Arizona
  2. Stanford
  3. California
  4. UCLA
  5. USC
  6. Arizona State
  7. Washington
  8. Oregon State
  9. Washington State
Water Polo
all 5 Pac-1o women's water polo teams rank in the top 10 CWPA rankings released 02.27.08. will there be an all Pac-10 NCAA championship final? the top 4 come from the Pac-10 w/ UCLA #1, Stanford #2, Cal #3 and USC #4.

01 March, 2008

Exercise Statistics as of 02.29.08

current song: Suspicious Minds by Elvis on Oldies 107.9 FM

60 solar days into 2008.

24 Hour Fitness = 17 = 28.33% = 1 out of every 3.52 solar days

aquatic = 22 = 36.66% = 1 out of every 2.72 solar days

exercise = 30 = 50% = 1 out of every 2 solar days

walking = 3 = 5% = 1 out of every 20 solar days

back = 6
chest = 4
quads = 9
shoulders = 6

biceps = 7
calves = 6
triceps = 7

goals for March:

  • 24 Hour Fitness - go more often... increase the frequency I go there and bring it closer to 1 out of every 3 solar days by the start of April/next statistics update
  • aquatic - go to the beach at least 15 days in a row to break the official streak of 14 consecutive days set last month
  • continue to exercise every other day... or even improve the number to 1 out of every 1.5 solar days, which would translate to 2 out of every 3 solar days
  • start w/ chest and calves exercises